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23 May 2022

The Chase

Category: General
Episode 12 of 190 | Season 11
Mon 23 May
1:00pm-2:00pm (1 hour)
Starts in 1 hour(s) 21 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
3277 votes
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3277 votes
Bradley Walsh presents as contestants Rumman, Andrew, Eli and Clair pit their wits against ruthless quiz genius the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds. They work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught

Category: General

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David Mitchell
Kieran   3:37pm Tue 15 Mar Report Abuse

You're a good player .you're better than that. Never heard of it. Bradlley needs to change the record. Also Stop giving what you think is the answer. Most of the time you're wrong.
Mo.   5:28pm Fri 25 Feb Report Abuse

B ! tch for taking the low offer.
Deputy dawg.   6:07pm Thu 17 Feb Report Abuse

David Mitchell
Kieran you
Kieran   5:40pm Thu 27 Jan Report Abuse

Bradley ,Comparing Anne to pol pot. DISGUSTING!
Ceecee   5:07pm Tue 25 Jan Report Abuse

itv plus 1
the chase   6:52pm Mon 24 Jan Report Abuse

Impossible questions
Too many being knocked out before the final, makes it uninteresting so turn over to BBC
Royty   2:05pm Thu 6 Jan Report Abuse

Recent Chase
The Scottish doctor replied 'Christian' to a religion question which was disalloed as Bradley said it was 'Christianity'. How often do you here the the phrase 'the Christianity religion' compared to 'the Christian religion'? Much more wrong was Paul's answer to a 'What civilisation...?' question, he replied 'Egypt' which Bradley accepted when it defintely should have been 'Egyptian'? Not fair.
Chicmac   5:12pm New Years Eve Report Abuse

With 11 seconds to go Bradley had read half of the question before the clock re started. They should be given the money.
Kat   5:54pm Wed 29 Dec Report Abuse

The chase
Why does Bradley Walsh speed up to help the beast . Also if you do the maths 90% of the time only 2 or 3 in final . Thus at lease 1 or 2 should go low to get back Well done Ray for going low with £400 and answering the most in the final ... if Bradley had spoke the same speed as the team they would have won ...seemed like Bradley was helping the Beast speeding up questions!!
Wipeout   11:09pm Mon 22 Nov Report Abuse

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