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11 August 2022

The Professionals

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Sun 14 Aug
3:10am-3:55am (45 minutes)
3532 votes
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3532 votes
We cover a star salesperson who has worked at over 1,000 locations and proclaims she can sell anything. Behind her achievements are trial and error, and a past in which she nearly ended her own life.

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

This series never ages…
Marvellous   10:11pm Thu 30 Jun Report Abuse

Better in a mini cooper
Ford Capri with its long wheelbase skids about all over the road on fast car chases.
trev   1:48pm Wed 25 May Report Abuse

Actor ?
John Owens - according to IMDB
Johnson   1:51pm Tue 17 May Report Abuse

Unknown actor
One name missing from the cast list :- Who is the man with the prominant chin who knew Quinn from the past and supplied him with the car ?
Nosey   11:48am Sun 11 Apr Report Abuse

Great Movie
Very good western and I love this movie. Really good cast.
Seve.   5:48pm Fri 15 Jan Report Abuse

The professionals
I still love this program it had Bodie and Doyle being eye candy for the ladies .It had Diana Weston and other ladies as eye candy for the men and for everybody else it had a Ford Capri 3.0 s and a Rs 2000 mmm what more could you ask for lol
Ed de   4:51pm Mon 29 Jun Report Abuse

Go Dyylie
Top 70s action when men were men and chicks were always up for it ??????
Tomm0   1:48pm Tue 3 Jul Report Abuse

Two shows on itv4 ie,homes in winter sun and the professionals why??
Was looking for winter sun on iPad but only the professionals was showing!
Terry Des   4:37pm Wed 25 Jan Report Abuse

Ban the Cricket !
I grew up on shows such as The Professionals and would happily watch it all day every day. Love Doyle and Bodie to bits !
Malamutegal   12:40pm Tue 15 Apr Report Abuse

why pull 6 pm weekday showing?
hi, why have you pulled weekday showinfg of the professionals? great retro show.
jc   6:08pm Thu 20 Feb Report Abuse

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