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Category: Show/Game Show
Episode 49 | Season 2
Fri 20 May
6:00pm-7:00pm (1 hour)
Subtitles Repeat
4158 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
4158 votes
Cheri and daughter Rachel from Birmingham, Glasgow-based couple Mark and Dave, and London duo Mark and Alissa take part in Adil Ray's quiz. The last remaining team has the opportunity to win the money they've banked earlier in the show to potentially double their winnings, or leave with nothing

Category: Show/Game Show

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Hands in Pockets
The producers must have told Ray after the first season that it is really not professional to put his hands in his pockets while presenting, as in the second season he keeps them out.
Teddy Bear   3:57pm Thu 24 Mar Report Abuse

I like this programme but I feel the presenter only gives encouragement to the black race and think this unfair as all contestants try their best
Olli   6:04pm Thu 30 Dec Report Abuse

good show
I like LINGO
mike   9:29am Mon 13 Dec Report Abuse

Good show -Poor presenter
Enjoy the concept of the show but find the presenter really irritating. Would be a great show with a more professional presenter
Irritated   3:26pm Wed 10 Feb Report Abuse

Could be better
This show could be a lot better if the employed a professional presenter. The current one is poor at best.
Stan.   3:07pm Wed 27 Jan Report Abuse

Give Presenter a Bed
He talks so slow, perhaps to fill the time, they should give him a couch or bed to lay on instead of him having to fold his arms or put his hands in pockets. So BORING and too many idiot contestants
Teddy Bear   3:53pm Tue 26 Jan Report Abuse

Interesting Show
Interesting & Intriguing Show
Fee39   3:10pm Tue 19 Jan Report Abuse

Presenter looks bored
J   5:51pm Sat 16 Jan Report Abuse

Players Who Can't Spell!
Why contestants who can't spell would want to humiliate themselves by appearing on this show is beyond me. But why don't producers check if they can before accepting them?
Teddy Bear   3:50pm Thu 14 Jan Report Abuse

Boring Presenter
Talks so slow and states the obvious.
Teddy Bear   3:55pm Wed 13 Jan Report Abuse

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