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19 August 2022

A Place in the Sun

Category: Leisure/Hobbies
Season 2022
Fri 19 Aug
5:00pm-6:00pm (1 hour)
2265 votes
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2265 votes
2022: Algarve Steph and Ian are looking for their dream holiday home on Portugal's Algarve for an ideal budget of £280,000. With retirement fast approaching, the couple would love to find an apartment with a pool that's also in easy reach of the stunning sandy beaches of Albufeira, so that they can enjoy lots of time in the sunshine with their four grandchildren. Property expert Ben Hillman lines up five options for the pair to consider

Category: Leisure/Hobbies

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

The thing is,Patsy.How do we know,show by show,if we like it,or not,until we’ve watched it?And,we’re all entitled to review,that’s what the comment section is for,after all. I’m in the process of watching one,with someone called Leah Charles-King,(never heard of her),showing the properties.She’s guffawing,about everything,so she is very,very annoying.
Lizzie   2:19pm Thu 18 Aug Report Abuse

All that money to buy a beautiful home in Saint Lucia but can’t find one BIG enough, with the right shaped rooms, a big enough garden or pool, a bedroom for her 18 year old daughter (at the time of filming) that is en suite etc. etc. The list goes on…. Poor man along for the ride with his wallet!
Amerimum   4:48pm Sat 9 Jul Report Abuse

Agree with Lizzie. Not interested in these mansions but perhaps it helps them to sell.
Whizz   3:50pm Thu 9 Jun Report Abuse

Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton is a serious babe and is the main reason why most men tune in! Danni Menzies is always good value for her outfits too.
BeeBop   1:07pm Fri 20 May Report Abuse

Jean Johansonn
I can’t understand why people can’t understand Jean Johansonn as she speaks better than a lot of the presenters on this programme.
Wizzy   12:31pm Sat 14 May Report Abuse

How about all the moaners doing something really energetic like picking up a remote and changing channels. If you don't like it, don't watch it.
Patsy   12:40pm Wed 27 Apr Report Abuse

What a couple
Best property - cliff top apartment owned by the Germans. Boring couple old before their time. Waiting to retire to start living. Most interesting thing about them they weren’t married.
LiliBili   10:48am Sun 12 Sep Report Abuse

The millionaire properties they want us to drool over are,without exception,awful,pretentious,cold looking,overdeveloped frights.I wouldn’t have one given to me.
Lizzie.   2:49pm Tue 4 May Report Abuse

Clueless presenters
Luke Doonan states that Guernsey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands that would be correct if Jersey wasn't -dope !
Jerseygirl   6:01pm Wed 31 Jul Report Abuse

give us new programmes
ged rid of the repeats, PLEASE, give us more up to date shows,at the moment its like watching paint dry
paul   7:27pm Sat 8 Jan Report Abuse

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