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26 June 2022

Jeremy Vine

Category: News/Current Affairs
Episode 124 | Season 2022
Thu 23 Jun
10:15am-1:15pm (3 hours)
904 votes
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904 votes
23/06/2022 The broadcaster and guests discuss the issues of the day, with co-host Storm Huntley joining him for phone-ins and reading out viewers' correspondence

Category: News/Current Affairs

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Suffering suchertash   9:58am Wed 11 May Report Abuse

Great viewing.
The show was great today,love it when Carol is one of the guests,much better than last week,don't ever want to see and hear all that again.Storm is blooming and one of the discussions was about dogs,really entertaining.
Bella.   6:44pm Wed 27 Apr Report Abuse

Disgusting programme.
That's it my TV's going off and I'm not watching this programme any more and by the way that guest talks a load of crap.
Hickie.   9:01am Fri 22 Apr Report Abuse

Mike parry
Agreeing with scrapping self isolation. Is he crazy. 1000s more will die. It's not a bloody cold. Stupidity is alive and well.
Mind blown   11:44am Thu 20 Jan Report Abuse

Radio 2
Jodie   10:10pm Mon 10 Jan Report Abuse

Same as his radio 1 show. Always off!
Jodie   7:14pm Mon 10 Jan Report Abuse

terrible biased show
December 2021, this show is a discriminatory show towards unvaccinated people, i am vaccinated i have friends and family that arnt vaccinated, there some are religious some are unwell and can't take tge vaccine, these people are z list celebrities trying to insight hatred.
muss   3:11pm Tue 14 Dec Report Abuse

Knicker less me me me McLean
Me me me 5th rate wag.
Ceecee   10:36am Fri 3 Dec Report Abuse

Too one sided
This show has no proper debate especially on the covid vaccines and lockdownd and yes we should have beverley turner on every week in fact to have both sides of the argument debated which is not happening nowadays as both guests usually have the same views..Storm is soo boring I mean YAWN I turn off when she presents the show in Jeremy's absence..Thank god for GB News who debate on issues!!!
Surj   10:57am Fri 19 Nov Report Abuse

She's not impartial. So obvious she was on the side of the motorway protestors. What if it were her parents held up in an ambulance.
Brenda   9:07am Tue 5 Oct Report Abuse

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