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3 July 2022

Question Time

Category: News/Current Affairs
Mon 4 Jul
12:40am-1:40am (1 hour)
Starts in 6 hour(s) 27 minutes
Subtitles Repeat Sign Language
3537 votes
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3537 votes
Fiona Bruce presents the topical debate, inviting a panel of politicians and other guests in Inverness to answer questions from an invited audience on subjects that have made the headlines over the past week

Category: News/Current Affairs

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

This is pointless
More use getting a straight answer from an bill Bailey on a ostrich
I am not a robot   9:36pm Thu 10 Feb Report Abuse

From set up audience and questions to the wholly right wing nature of the guests, this tragicom continues to amaze in its awful establishment bias, a la BBC.
Gram   8:13pm Thu 7 Oct Report Abuse

Everyone on this program looks confused even the person who is asking the questions
Bob mac fadden   10:26pm Thu 15 Apr Report Abuse

Airtime fairness
There needs to be a limit on the number of questions the same person asks so that more people get a chance to speak,otherwise it gets boring.Some people need to be limited.
Fairs fair   2:56pm Thu 8 Oct Report Abuse

more women
What this show needs is more women on the panel, I saw a man there once!!
Bob   8:56pm Thu 7 Feb Report Abuse

My opinion
Most of the politicians look confused by the questions they get asked and the audience clap at anything like theirs a sign what tells them to clap
Hello   10:22pm Thu 17 Jan Report Abuse

Pants on fire
Dimbleby might as well ask the questions himself, there's no need for the "audience" to be there, apart from clapping like demented seals.
Bob   7:35pm Thu 10 May Report Abuse

Phart Time
The BBC are commys
Sandra G   10:35pm Thu 15 Jun Report Abuse

Not worth watching
No politician ever answers a question honestly and there is definite audience selection bias. Can't be bothered now.
DD   11:16am Thu 15 Jun Report Abuse

Wallasey council spending fiasco
Wallasey councilers complaining on the lack of money from central government yet the have recently spent £870,000 on a new fire escape on the council building for the councilers changing rooms which has not been required for the previous 400 years, so one why do they need changing rooms now as no fire escape would be
Mozzer M   8:09pm Wed 1 Feb Report Abuse

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