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18 August 2022

Good Morning Britain

Category: News/Current Affairs
Season 2022
Fri 19 Aug
6:00am-9:00am (3 hours)
Starts in 14 hour(s) 14 minutes
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29180 votes
19/08/2022 Morning magazine featuring a lively mix of news and current affairs, plus health, entertainment and lifestyle features

Category: News/Current Affairs

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Watching panel on Good Morning Britain and not a laughter line, wrinkle or frown between them.
zaffy   8:53am Mon 15 Nov Report Abuse

Are this lot boring each other to death with their political correctness and holier than though attitudes. It's so depressing.
polygonal   9:52am Fri 15 Oct Report Abuse

Switch off before he gives his own political party speech . It's like being at a Labour Party conference watching this programme don't blame Boris for not wishing to go on .
Robo   5:19pm Wed 6 Oct Report Abuse

Another awful choice! Needy, boring and egotistical idiot
Lesley   6:36am Tue 5 Oct Report Abuse

down the pan.
Campbell on today.How low can this show go.No doubt ray lined up next.Bring back Piers.
o.a.p   5:06pm Mon 27 Sep Report Abuse

Richard Madeley
He is awful. Talks over people relating his opinions. Also offensive this morning ignoring the feelings of people who have lost their loved ones when told how many vaccinated people had died.
Lesley   6:40am Tue 14 Sep Report Abuse

Mrs Jennifer Wheway
Glad to see Richard Madeley is back! We need him on regularly he is the best we have had since Piers left! Fed up of seeing different ones coming and going! You need to get back to the way you were regular faces that we look forward too seeing! When is Piers coming back!? He says is at it is! Get it together GMB! Please!
Jenny Wren   6:31am Mon 13 Sep Report Abuse

Piers morgan
Since Piers let the show has completely lost its sparkle I often get bored and switch off
Bored   3:08pm Thu 19 Aug Report Abuse

Shouty Charlotte Hawkins
Please ITV would you remove her from GMB.... totally unprofessional and is trying to make a name for herself totally disregarding her co presenter. Poor Kate... who tried so many times to get a word in edgeways but didn't want to shout like Charlotte
BLONDE13A   8:45am Tue 17 Aug Report Abuse

Dreadful duo
Haven't watched for a while, but this pair today are an utter turn off. Both talking over each other and giggling constantly. Shall not be watching again!
Linney   6:06am Thu 12 Aug Report Abuse

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