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Thu 18 Aug
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To lighten the mood after Avery's urn arrives, Karen enlists Felix and Finlay to help plan a party for Bernie's birthday. Janine thwarts Linda's karaoke plans - but it soon backfires on her when it turns out Mick is in favour of a sing-song - and over in Peggy's, Shirley demands her cut of money from Sam, otherwise she will tell Phil everything

Category: Soap

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  9:07pm Sat 12 Dec Report Abuse

FAO Gemma
I have read some of your numerous postings on this site and have come to the conclusion that the lifestyle we have the freedom to enjoy in this great country of ours is probably not for you, might I suggest a move to a country further East perhaps? In particular one of the countries that still seem to retain the "quaint" tradition of stoning people when they do or say something that is at odds with their beliefs, you may enjoy it.
Brit   8:20pm Tue 21 Jul Report Abuse

There are homosexuals from all walks of life; all religions, races, countries and ages. They are not "portraying all Muslims as homosexuals", nor are they suggesting all Muslim families are as they appear on the show. They are simply addressing this subject in an attempt to portray the problems these people face because of pathetic, narrow minded people like you, who harbour intolerant and outdated attitudes towards people, simply because they aren’t like you. You need to wake up and accept and the way of the world today, and accept the people in it for who they are and the life choices they are free to make. It’s people with attitudes like yours who create so much anger in the world and such tense divides between cultures. You make me sick. And for anyone else preaching religious views, whatever they are and whatever region you belong to, get off your high horse and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.
Tony   7:43pm Tue 21 Jul Report Abuse

Do you *really* understand that you are off topic gemma?
Hazelnut in every bite   6:50pm Tue 21 Jul Report Abuse

I understand that this is off topic, but why does The Islam Channel not appear in your site's listings? Is this yet more Islamic discrimination? SKY Platform in UK - Channel 813 DSTV Platform in Africa – Channel 347 WEB Watch Live Islam Channel HOTBIRD 6/7A/8 at 13°E frequency 11,585 V, Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4 (Video pid1351, Audio pid1352 ) EUROBIRD 1 & Astra 2A/2B/2C/2D at 28.2°E on frequency 11,681 Polarization(V) Symbol rate(27500) Fec (2/3) (Video pid 2322, Audio pid 2323) PAS 7 at 68.5°E on frequency 3661 V, Symbol Rate 14070 Msym, FEC 3/4 (C-Band) PAS 10 at 68.5°E on frequency 12682 H, Symbol Rate 26657, FEC 1/2 (C-Band)
gemma   5:33pm Tue 21 Jul Report Abuse

Anti-Islamic People
To all you Anti-Islamic people. Eastenders attemps to lie that all Muslim families are like this. This is totally untrue. 1) No Muslim family would allow any member to become a homosexual, 2) No Muslim falimy would put material gain beome their faith. Thus this program is insulting the Islam.
gemma   5:27pm Mon 20 Jul Report Abuse

maybe your posts are being removed because this isnt a muslim preaching site its a show commenting site and if all you have to do in your mundane life is put muslim comments up on this site then oh dear! Maybe people dont want to keep hearing you preaching about muslim issues, im not harping on now about catholocism or Cof E issues etc. Dear dear.
Dr. Gaswell.   8:55pm Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

Gemma, it is in fact YOU who is a disgrace. Your posts are most likely being removed because your a naive and stupid girl who is trying to preach obnoxious opinions to everyone.
Sarah   7:43pm Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

this site is blantently anti-Muslim. Many of my posts are removed. it's a disgrace.
gemma   5:48pm Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

Gemma you fool
You’re just an ignorant idiot who has an archaic view of the world and needs to get a grip.
Steve   5:08pm Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

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