Midsomer Murders

8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Tuesday 23 July

A Grain of Truth

Season 23 Episode 3 of 4

An organic bakery in the newly restored Larkton's Mill causes resentment in Lower Blissingham, with many of the old village businesses struggling, traffic having increased and rumours that owners Tom and Chrissie Larkton are planning to expand. The complaints are not taken too seriously until several people are dosed with a dangerous hallucinogenic, with Barnaby and Winter called in to investigate, and the situation escalates when a farmer is murdered. Crime drama, starring Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix

Midsomer Murders airs on ITV1 London at 8:00 PM, Tuesday 23 July. (Subtitles, audio description, new.)
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Neil Dudgeon
Nick Hendrix
Annette Badland