Classic Holby City

9:20 AM to 10:40 AM
Wednesday 21 February

Wages of Sin

Season 17 Episode 14 of 52

Jonny is keen for Jac to engage more in Emma's life as her first birthday arrives - so when the consultant gets the chance of a career opportunity in the USA, she considers taking the child with her. Can she really deprive her ex of his daughter? Sacha's daughter Rachel is brought in, and is reluctant to reveal an infected tattoo. However, when amphetamines turn up in her blood tests, dodgy skin art is the least of her dad's worries. Mary-Claire is forced to remind Harry that their new year fling was a one-off, but when they work in close proximity on a tricky case, their mutual attraction proves hard to ignore

Classic Holby City airs on Drama at 9:20 AM, Wednesday 21 February. (Subtitles.)
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John Michie
Michael Thomson
Don Gilet