GPs: Behind Closed Doors

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Monday 17 June

Season 8 Episode 34 of 40

Dr Sam Savage has another visit from regular patient Bob, who is concerned about memory loss, prompting the GP to conduct a through memory test. Dr Savage also treats Winston, who had an operation some years ago that left him with infected wounds that still haven't healed. Meanwhile, when Kavin comes in with a bleeding ear infection, his dad is forced to confess what has been using to clean out his son's ears

GPs: Behind Closed Doors airs on 5STAR at 7:00 PM, Monday 17 June. (Subtitles.)
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Richard Pepe
Series Director
Stephanie Harvie Campbell
Executive Producer
Jonathan Stadlen
Executive Producer
Alicky Sussman
Executive Producer