Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Thursday 29 February

Season 3 Episode 11 of 12

The actor teams up with Captain Taco Perez at Fort Lauderdale in Florida to catch a sailfish, but his expedition proves less than successful. However, his efforts finally pay off in Miami, where he finally manages to land the fish with the help of a local man with 30 years' experience. Later he heads inland to the lakes and creeks of Gemini Springs to try his hand at bowfishing from a flat-bottomed airboat, and visits the West Palm Beach Fishing Club to hunt for the bull shark - an aggressive predator that has been known to attack humans

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green airs on Dave at 2:00 PM, Thursday 29 February.
Robson Green
John Lonsdale
Series Producer
Helen Nightingale
Executive Producer