Digging for Britain

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday 15 May

3000-Year-Old Shoes and Giant Axeheads

Season 11 Episode 5 of 6

Alice Roberts visits the south of England, discovering Britain's oldest shoe through a popular form of archaeology - mud larking. While in Kent, Alice visits a dig where one of the largest and oldest stone hand axes in the UK has been uncovered. Another archaeological dig reveals Henry V's lost shipyard on the south coast, and in Dover, Alice learns about top-secret Second World War defences from Jon Barker as he investigates the formerly classified weapons as well as the site where they were found at

Digging for Britain airs on BBC Two HD at 7:00 PM, Wednesday 15 May. (Subtitles, repeat, audio description.)
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Alice Roberts
Dominic Ozanne
Series Producer
Edward Hart
Executive Producer