Bugs Bunny Builders

12:00 AM to 1:00 AM
Monday 15 April

Sea School / Rock On / Race Track Race / Play Day / Party Boat

Season 1

The Looney Builders face underwater challenges as they build a sea school for Moxie Manatee. / The Looney Builders are hired to build a home underground. / The Looney Builders race against the clock to build Cecil Turtle a new racetrack. / When the Looney Builders build themselves a playground, Daffy gets so excited about his section that he takes all the supplies for himself. / The Looney Builders build a party boat for Mac and Tosh when Tweety accidentally makes a mistake but doesn’t ask for help.

Bugs Bunny Builders airs on Cartoonito at 12:00 AM, Monday 15 April.
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