GPs: Behind Closed Doors

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday 24 July

Season 6 Episode 21 of 43

Dr Caris prepares to remove a skin tag from the lower eyelid of a patient, whose demeanour takes a turn for the worse when the GP attempts to anaesthetise the area - a procedure that involves an injection just millimetres below the eyeball. A woman speaks to advanced nurse practitioner Linda about a blister on her daughter Holly's arm, which may be a sign that Holly's rare skin condition - scalded skin syndrome - has returned

GPs: Behind Closed Doors airs on 5STAR at 7:00 PM, Wednesday 24 July. (Subtitles.)
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Richard Pepe
Rebecca Parnell
Series Producer
Pat Doyle
Executive Producer
Jonathan Stadlen
Executive Producer