9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Wednesday 17 April

The Namesake

Season 10 Episode 5 of 24

The driver of a Ferrari is gunned down by a motorcyclist and the victim is identified as petty officer Colin Boxer, who was holding down a second job as a valet parker and had borrowed the sports car. The owner of the vehicle turns out to be Vijay Chaya, the billionaire head of a large corporation, and the team suspects a case of mistaken identity. During the course of the investigation, Gibbs chances on a medal awarded to Leroy Jethro Moore, the man he was named after and an estranged friend of his father. Guest starring Billy Dee Williams (The Empire Strikes Back) and Ralph Waite (The Waltons)

NCIS airs on 5USA at 9:00 AM, Wednesday 17 April. (Subtitles, repeat, audio description.)
Movie ➝ Drama
Detective ➝ Thriller
Mark Harmon
Michael Weatherly
Pauley Perrette