Death in Paradise

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Wednesday 17 April

Pirates of the Murder Scene

Season 9 Episode 4 of 8

Christopher Williams' body is found on a boat out at sea. All evidence points towards a deadly fall, but Jack is bothered by the victim's strange appearance and the fact that his car was abandoned miles out into the woods. Suspicion fall on his wife and friends - but with everyone having an alibi, the police drift further away from the truth. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter Siobhan visits and encourages him to accept Anna's offer of joining her on her travels, leaving the DI with a big decision to make

Death in Paradise airs on Alibi at 1:00 PM, Wednesday 17 April. (Subtitles, audio description.)
Movie ➝ Drama
Detective ➝ Thriller
Ardal O'Hanlon
Aude Legastelois-Bidé
Tobi Bakare