New Tricks

10:00 PM to 11:20 PM
Tuesday 27 February

Into the Woods

Season 10 Episode 6 of 10

Sandra and the team investigate why five years earlier a man seemingly vanished during his morning run and has not been seen since. The alarm was raised when he never made it to work at the construction company belonging to his father-in-law, who has a history of violence, and the detectives' suspicions grow when they realise how much the missing man's wife is scared of her dad. Could he have had something to do with his son-in-law's disappearance? Amanda Redman, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Denis Lawson and Dennis Waterman star

New Tricks airs on Drama at 10:00 PM, Tuesday 27 February. (Subtitles, audio description.)
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Denis Lawson
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Amanda Redman