Classic Holby City

9:20 AM to 10:40 AM
Tuesday 27 February

Love Divided by Three

Season 17 Episode 18 of 52

Sacha is reeling at the news that Rachel has left the hospital to meet her forbidden love Mr Kerrigan - but he soon has much more to worry about when his daughter's condition drastically worsens. Harry realises he has much stronger feelings for Mary-Claire than he initially thought - but now she is dating someone else, has he left things too late? Ma Effanga apologises to Mo for not telling her the truth about her parentage, and presents her with a box of keepsakes that could bring her a step closer to learning the identity of her real father. However, the doctor is cautious about lifting the lid on her family secrets

Classic Holby City airs on Drama at 9:20 AM, Tuesday 27 February. (Subtitles.)
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Bob Barrett
David Ames
Hugh Quarshie