Lu and the Bally Bunch

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Monday 15 April

Fruit Caboose/Bin Bug/Bug Hugs/Tower Tower Wow/Xylophone Blues/Copy Copy Caterpillar

Season 1

Lu's upset when Declan takes a bite of her pear. / Lu upsets the other bugs when she refuses to share the funnest role in a game. / Barnaby is in the mood for hugs, but not all his friends are. / Declan accidentally upsets Gus by not properly explaining the rules of a game. / Lu feels discouraged when her xylophone playing doesn't get the reaction she'd hoped for. / Lu gets frustrated when Gus won't join in her mimicking game.

Lu and the Bally Bunch airs on Cartoonito at 9:00 PM, Monday 15 April.
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