The Wire

10:10 AM to 11:25 AM
Wednesday 21 February


Season 3 Episode 9 of 12

Two of the Barksdale crew violate the unspoken Sunday morning truce when they go after Omar, while Brianna seeks answers from Avon and Stringer. A murder threatens to compromise the secrecy of the tolerant zones, and Carver's response causes Herc to call the press. Pearlman and Daniels confront an unhelpful phone company over wiretaps, Cutty tries to get permits for his gym and Prez makes a fatal error

The Wire airs on Sky Atlantic at 10:10 AM, Wednesday 21 February. (Subtitles, repeat, rating with pin.)
Movie ➝ Drama
Detective ➝ Thriller
Dominic West
Sonja Sohn
Lance Reddick