Four in a Bed

3:10 PM to 3:40 PM
Thursday 29 February

Church Street Cobbles

Season 2017 Episode 86 of 90

The competition kicks off at Church Street Cobbles, a B&B that foodie Debbie Quinn and housekeeper, cook and cleaner Isobel Reisen recently opened above a barber shop in Macclesfield. Guests John and Joy are amazed by the cleanliness, but Steve and Verity aren't impressed with their bathroom. During an afternoon of foraging in the woods, Debbie and Isobel get competitive, while Arun and his sister Rashmi show off their skills. Expectations are high at breakfast, but Debbie's locally sourced produce comes under fire from Steve and Verity, and their feedback is hard to swallow

Four in a Bed airs on More4 at 3:10 PM, Thursday 29 February. (Subtitles.)
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Beki Wood
Helen Orton
Series Producer
Mark Wildash
Executive Producer