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25 May 2022

The Only Way Is Essex

Category: Show/Game Show
Episode 10 of 12 | Season 12
Wed 25 May
11:55pm-12:40am (45 minutes)
Starts in 5 hour(s) 33 minutes
38199 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
38199 votes
The Wrights are out in force as Leah walks down the aisle in Spain, accompanied by a loved-up Chloe and Elliott. Lydia joins Arg for the wedding, but will he want to hear what she has to say about their future? Danni and Vas make amends, Ferne sets Gemma up on a blind date and Lockie claims his painful prize from Bobby's bingo night

Category: Show/Game Show

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

This is
P O O.
FedUpViewer9999   3:34pm Sat 27 Mar Report Abuse

Beyond bad
Worthless TV about people with the mental capacity of a dead fly. Superficial idioys
Proper Bloke   3:47pm Sat 20 Feb Report Abuse

I pity
anyone who finds this remotely entertaining.
Campaign4BetterTV   3:43pm Wed 13 Jan Report Abuse

Hate to miss any episode
Gillo   12:27am Sat 19 Dec Report Abuse

Love glamour
To all you ugly people out there watch Corrie instead !
Angelo   6:13pm Wed 23 Sep Report Abuse

I can't believe
this poo is STILL being shown on TV! If THIS is the best TV can do it's time to turn off altogether!
Fed Up Viewer   12:18pm Wed 17 Jun Report Abuse

WOT R U ALL SAYAN?! shat ap!you dont realize who your talkin bout...essex girls r all gorgeous u haterz r all just jel. shataaap n get a real life, we alredi av one you get me? ps amy childs is my idol xoxoxoxoxox
BarbieGirlLovesPuppiesxoxo   9:31am Mon 16 Jan Report Abuse

Its great tv, take it for what it is, dont go on what the daily mail says.
nigh   8:02pm Wed 4 May Report Abuse

essex haaaa
I went to essex once was full of chavs in tracksuits.I have never seen to much polyester in one place before good job no one lit a match.
paul   8:43pm Mon 2 May Report Abuse

This is a Gr8 Show
I watch it every time its on, i dont mikss one episode its a great show and cheers me up after a rubbish day. This program is reem!
TOWIE!!   12:57pm Wed 20 Apr Report Abuse

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