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1 July 2022

Everybody Loves Raymond

Category: Sitcom
Episode 3 of 24 | Season 4
Sun 3 Jul
7:05am-7:30am (25 minutes)
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1945 votes
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1945 votes
You Bet Frank shows an uncharacteristic interest in Ray's work, but proves to have an ulterior motive. Comedy, starring Ray Romano and Peter Boyle

Category: Sitcom

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Hidden Treasure
I missed this when the series were first shown. But what an absolutely treat to have found this series. Love all the characters who gel so well. Brilliant writing and acring.
LeedsLex   1:26am Mon 16 Aug Report Abuse

The Skit
This show is funny, the best show on TV The Skit season 6 is so funny
Karl & Dawn S   10:56am Tue 10 Nov Report Abuse

Best show on TV
Best show on TV
Se   7:45am Tue 3 Nov Report Abuse

I am Raymond
Funniest sitcom ever, so relatable, I am Raymond reincarnated, apart from not having a brother...every character is amazing, god rest those no longer with us, but they live on x
Nick S (boo boo)   6:04am Sat 13 Apr Report Abuse

Raymond is loved
Love waking up to watch a good ol' bit of Ray! And Debra was worth a service back in the day which makes it easier on the eye!! Great show keep 'em rolling C4!!
JC   2:15am Sat 26 May Report Abuse

Not Funny Now
It has been repeated so often that it has lost its humour. We all know what will happen. PLEASE Channel 4 show different ones: and that goes for Frasier too.
Ex-Raymond fan   1:03am Tue 6 Sep Report Abuse

Captcha challenge incorrect? You really mean "challenges to your blatant normalising of misandry, blocked."
Cat   8:35am Mon 6 Jun Report Abuse

Best sitcom
Greatest family sitcom of all time. Timeless. Episodes from the 1990s are completely relatable in the 2010s.
AJ   5:10pm Tue 5 Apr Report Abuse

Love It!
What a great show watch every morning such talent and the humour is spot on and laugh out loud. Shame it had to end when Frank died I think it could have gone on and on....
Jan   10:43pm Thu 29 Oct Report Abuse

Fed Up with Raymond
Could we have some DIFFERENT episodes please instead of the same ones repeated time after time.
Bored pensioner   7:06am Thu 5 Mar Report Abuse

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