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11 August 2022

Star Trek

Category: Sci-Fi
Episode 23 of 24 | Season 3
Thu 11 Aug
8:00pm-9:00pm (1 hour)
Starts in 15 hour(s) 55 minutes
1339 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
1339 votes
All Our Yesterdays A mysterious library on a dying planet causes Kirk to become trapped in the past and branded a witch, while an accident lands Spock and McCoy in an icy predicament. Sci-fi adventure, starring William Shatner

Category: Sci-Fi

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

load of garbage
Sawne   11:15am Tue 19 Jul Report Abuse

... are people leaving comments about a Star Trek movie when this is the original legendary series from the 1960s???
trev   8:32pm Mon 14 Feb Report Abuse

Same as...
The Changeling is the same plot as Star Trek 1 (film)
John   5:55pm Mon 26 Mar Report Abuse

Not actually bad...
...but has plot holes large enough to fly a fleet of Romulan Warbirds through.
Shilliam Watner   8:00am Mon 20 Oct Report Abuse

Epic failure
Zachary Quinto as young Spock is compelling but everything works against him and the entire film crashes and burns a hundred times.
Footnote   8:30pm Tue 29 Apr Report Abuse

where no man has gorn B4
its a larf, and worth a watch. clever casting - but remember folks its fiction...hahahaha!
seinfeld   7:06pm Mon 4 Jun Report Abuse

Lensflare Trek
Living proof sad trekkies will watch any old piece of trash. Absolutely dire rubbish and a complete waste of money.
Trek is Trash   7:40pm Sun 18 Dec Report Abuse

2nd best Star Trek after Khan
This is a fantastic film it came out the same year as Avatar and is a much better film imo ,ignore the people trying to tell you its rubbish their talking nonsense i mean just look at the viewer rating
The Great andPowerful Turtle   7:33pm Sat 8 Oct Report Abuse

Repeats, Repeats, Repeats, Repeats ...
Not again!!! Who are there schedulers? A deaf, dumb and blind man man could do better.
Warlock   6:18pm Sat 8 Oct Report Abuse

what an amasing film
10/10 for this one.
tail lift   7:27pm Mon 3 Oct Report Abuse

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