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15 August 2022

Sunday Brunch

Category: Leisure/Hobbies
Tue 16 Aug
5:50am-6:00am (10 minutes)
Starts in 18 hour(s) 22 minutes
1014 votes
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1014 votes
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer chat to singer Anne-Marie

Category: Leisure/Hobbies

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

easy watching !
Don't want something too heavy when relaxing on Sun morning.easy to watch and relaxed.I like it.
louby   10:37am Sun 19 Apr Report Abuse

Time lovejoy is so wooden and painful to watch the banter is so sexist and not funny please get rid cringey as
Jen   10:24am Sun 29 Mar Report Abuse

Well I like it
You can't please all the people all the time!! I like it, some shows are better than others. I find it relaxing while having breakfast on Sunday. I think both presenters do a fine job!!
Lou lou   10:52am Sun 22 Mar Report Abuse

Shocked by the neg comments.
Shocked by all the negativity! I watch this show every Sunday with my dad, great show, great humour!
Lj   10:20am Thu 16 Oct Report Abuse

Shocked at all the negative comments on here. I enjoy this show and the down to earth presenting of Tim and Simon. Can't please everyone though I suppose..... Only weekend show I watch so all good in my opinion...
chuffer   11:56am Sun 31 Aug Report Abuse

Disabled comment
Chelsea Handler should be ashamed with her comments to Simon. He was showing her his leg brace after recent knee surgery. She said - "I've never been interviewed by a disabled person". OUTRAGEOUS AMD OFFEMSIVE. Who chooses these terrible guests and fails to teach them some manners and basic levels of decency. I'm n watching any more. Oh - she also said the P*** word - utterly unacceptable.
Betty   12:32pm Sun 6 Jul Report Abuse

Quality show
A bit of everything!
Nick   10:02am Sun 6 Jul Report Abuse

Derry hates this show!
I hate this show boring, dull, and very lacking in everything. Im 28 year old man and there is nothing in thus show to keep me interested. Lovejoy for soccor am and no more!!!!!
derry   10:16am Sun 22 Jun Report Abuse

100% terrible
This show is terrible.The presenters are hateful,boring and smug.The guests are hateful/boring.Get rid of it now.
washy   12:02pm Sun 15 Jun Report Abuse

100% awful
Tim Lovejoy is so annoying! Why on earth is he still 'presenting' this programme? It is awkward to watch....lacking personality....dull....such a shame. Why can't channel 4 find a new presenter? I, like many other people, would like to watch the programme, but can't stand more than a few minutes! Hes probably a nice guy, but NOT for presenting! !
annoyed   12:10pm Sun 20 Apr Report Abuse

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