Fireman Sam

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Saturday 22 June

Fire on the Water/Find the Fossil/Fiery Football/Escape From Pontypandy Island/Escape from Dinosaur Island

Season 13

While Professor Pickles leads a search for an ancient cannon called the Scarlet Firestorm, a fire breaks out on the water covered in oil! / Peter finds what looks like a dinosaur fossil – but Nipper the dog runs off with the bone and gets stuck on a ledge over the edge of a cliff! / Norman is hurrying out the door blowing a vuvuzela excited to watch the sporting event of the year - a football match between the Flaming Hoses and Pontypandy United! / When the Pontypandy Pioneers go on a day trip with Trevor to Pontypandy Island, Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are all desperate to prove that they will be the best explorers. / It's Dinosaur Experience Day and Norman does his best to convince Derek that there is a real live dinosaur on Pontypandy Island.

Fireman Sam airs on Cartoonito at 8:00 AM, Saturday 22 June.
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