The Great British Bake Off

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Monday 4 March


Season 6 Episode 7 of 16

The remaining home-bakers face a brand new Bake Off challenge, as Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry challenge them to prove their mastery of classics recipes from the Victorian era. The reign of Queen Victoria is thought to have been the period of history that gave birth to modern baking, and for the signature bake, the contestants are asked to produce a game pie, which gives one enthusiastic competitor a chance to use a genuine antique from 1850. Mary sets the bakers to work on a fruit cake from the late 1800s in the technical, creating a finished product covered in sugar paste and marzipan that should resemble a tennis court. Finally, for the showstopper, the competitors must prepare Charlotte Russe, a bavarois, sponge fingers and jelly dessert much-loved by the Victorians, but one that proves tricky to construct at the best of times

The Great British Bake Off airs on Food Network at 7:00 PM, Monday 4 March. (Subtitles.)
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