Hollyoaks Omnibus

3:20 AM to 5:20 AM
Sunday 21 July

Signed and AD 21/07/2024

Time is ticking for Ste as he has to get rid of Freddie, and when one resident goes missing, fingers are pointed. Elsewhere, Mercedes goes into labour and Warren must take matters into his own hands, while a business owner sees red with a new rival. Later, things aren't looking good for Freddie in hospital, and Grace is determined to get revenge for her man. One resident is baffled by accusations, a surprise party doesn't go to plan, and a do-gooder helps some young entrepreneurs, but not everyone is grateful. Meanwhile, a confused Jeremy discovers he's been drugged and tied up. He tries to plead his innocence, but Sienna and Dilly think he's hiding something. Fear builds in one household, but will the truth come to light when a teen is spotted getting rid of evidence? And a powerful alliance is formed as a common enemy continues to create havoc. The Hutchinsons are disappointed when they go looking for answers, while the mysterious 'Blue' continues to taunt Hollyoaks village. A concerned father doesn't quite get it right. And the truth about the Blake dynasty continues to cause confusion, while a worried mum turns to an unhealthy habit. Writers: Jonathan Boam, Heather Robson, Jayshree Patel, Zoë Lister, Daniel Alexis; Dirs: James Campayne, Sarah Kendell; Prod Co: Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Omnibus airs on Channel 4 at 3:20 AM, Sunday 21 July. (Sign Language, audio description, subtitles, repeat.)
Movie ➝ Drama
Soap ➝ Melodrama ➝ Folkloric