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Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries

Category: Show/Game Show
Episode 1 of 9 | Season 5
Thu 23 Jun
1:25pm-2:25pm (1 hour)
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186 votes
Sam and Billie: The Mummy Diaries In Essex, the wedding countdown is on but things get heated as bride-to-be Billie and Greg talk costs. After a tough few weeks at school, Greg takes Nelly for some Daddy and Daughter time and Billie launches her new baby range. Over in Hertfordshire, Sam plans a new room for little Paul as she finally decides to get back into her own bed and Rosie takes her first steps. Sam and Paul have a big decision to make about the family business

Category: Show/Game Show

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

It doesn't get
any WORSE than THIS. What a load of contrived crap!
Campaign4BetterTV   3:45pm Sat 20 Mar Report Abuse

that's bad about TV in one programme.
The Voice of Reason   1:11pm Thu 7 May Report Abuse

Best thing on TV since Rocky I
Sam and Billy are 2 of the most talented geezas in Essex
A Moron from E.sex   1:34pm Thu 30 Apr Report Abuse

C R A P ! This is FAKE TV at its worst!
Fed Up Viewer   12:44pm Wed 29 Apr Report Abuse

Fake. Fake. Fake.
Anyone would think they are the only women in the world to have babies. Perfect teeth, hair and makeup. It's all staged. Even the posed facial expressions. Yet some people are taken in by this garbage. Get a life!
Baby Paul   4:15pm Sun 29 Apr Report Abuse

Mummy diaries
Words cannot convey my gratitude and appreciation for this spectacular programme. It is the best tv show EVER EVER EVER.... please askeep same and Billie to make another show pleeeeease pleeeease. The sisters are magical kind and great business women. If asked to do another show, I know they would say YES YES... Thanks itvbe 4 yr hard work.
Sara   11:43am Sun 29 Apr Report Abuse

@ Geeza ...Who TF watches these *icks ?
frankN   8:29pm Wed 21 Mar Report Abuse

Scripted facial expressions. Baby Paul can walk. Big deal. Who the eff cares. He will disown his mom on the grounds of dressing him like a 40s kid.
Geeza   4:05pm Sat 10 Mar Report Abuse

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