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23 May 2022

Deadly 60

Category: Children's/Youth
Season 4
Tue 24 May
11:05am-11:10am (5 minutes)
Starts in 22 hour(s) 49 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
343 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
343 votes
Deadly 60: Our Planet Matters Plastic is one of the greatest inventions in human history. It makes so much of our lives possible, but how we dispose of it is now a massive problem. By the year 2050 it's thought that there will be more plastic than fish in our seas. So what can we do about it? First, ditch the disposable plastic water bottle and go for tap water in a reusable bottle. Better for the environment and cheaper too! Next, join a beach clean. It may seem like this problem is too big for us to handle but many hands make light work. Reduce, reuse and, importantly, recycle. And even more importantly than that, don't drop litter. A bag that is thrown on the streets of London could end up on the coast of Africa or in the belly of a whale or a turtle. Lastly and most importantly, know that every single person can make a difference. One single plastic bag could choke a turtle or sunfish. One plastic straw could be the end of a gorgeous, iconic animal, so know you have power and use it.

Category: Children's/Youth

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When is deadly 60 on usually what day and time
The questionier   2:47am Sun 5 Mar Report Abuse

the best
you are best i love your tv show
paige   3:17am Fri 31 May Report Abuse

I love the program but it sometimes drones on and on and then frankly gets a bit boring. I an a fan but make it more intresting man!!!
sss   1:59pm Thu 9 May Report Abuse

deadly 60
your show is alright but i am not a big fan xxx
nnnnnnx   10:57am Wed 22 Aug Report Abuse

deadly planet
in deadly planet add a jauguar
big al   3:00pm Sat 18 Aug Report Abuse

the hunting kestrel
loved the video but the kestrel was female not male =)
gizmo   6:47pm Wed 2 May Report Abuse

i love deadly 60 and would love to go to a live and deadly show like my friend she also got his autograph.the best one is where he is in the amazon rainforst
meg   1:17pm Sat 3 Sep Report Abuse

deadly 60
i love watching deadly 60 it's my favourite...
monster   9:50pm Sun 3 Jul Report Abuse

what would you do if you came face to face with a massive stealthy couger
brandon   1:03pm Mon 21 Feb Report Abuse

i like deadly 60 and i watch it every day
nick   7:53am Fri 11 Feb Report Abuse

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