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Being Human Comments
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the end?
so is this really the end - or does this leave the door open for another adventure? There's room for more I think - it's a great concept
kpops 11:02pm Sun 10 Mar
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RIP Mitchell
its strange i loved Mitchell more when he was all dark and started killing everyone at the end of season 2 but i dont like hal when hes dark and killing people. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
noodles 2:05pm Wed 25 Jul
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Hal is a much better character than Mitchell
Hal is a much more complex character than Mitchell, he is extremely funny and can be very dark. It is credit to the writer for being able to make a very good overlap between characters. Looks like Mark Gatiss is gonnae be Pa Pa Bad Baws next week.. Putting the Ham into Hammer .. but also able to be really menacing because the story lines don't always take prisoners... Great writing and acting all round
DavidnivenNo7 7:05pm Mon 19 Mar
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Why oh why has Mitchell gone!!
Wasn't sure about this series at first but love it now. Would be even better with Mitchell back!!
Nat 7:20pm Sun 18 Mar
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Superb supernatural drama
Being Human...well what can I say. This is a lot better than those low-budget, bad acting, 'best horror drama of the year' series. This truely is a well put together series. And the chemistry between the characters is beautiful. This truely is a fanstatic new series.
ExcitedTvWatcher 10:10am Fri 24 Feb
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Great episode, but the sound is dreadful. Music drowns the dialogue! In some places could not hear what they were saying at all!
nottsguy33 8:26pm Mon 6 Feb
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The Series Being Humam The Best Program On TV
My wife and I have enjoyed very program Geat Show! Keep it coming!
Kymbo & CC 11:15am Tue 24 May
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a lame comment
this show sucks..... hehehe
me 3:21pm Thu 31 Mar
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To that Mugs guy...
lol.... haha think it's great the other Annie was annoying and had a horrible voice in my opinion, having her on almost made me not want to watch the series again... but when she was gone and it was the new Annie, i hardly noticed that they had changed her... but I prefered the series from the pilot for soe reason... it must have been that they changed her haha
BeingHumanFreak:D 11:10am Tue 29 Mar
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Being Human
Oh how will miss Mitchell, bring him back somehow.Please.
trixie 1:06am Wed 16 Mar
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MITCHELL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LYCONUT 11:32pm Tue 15 Mar
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No Mitchell...no Being Human
purple dannie 11:15pm Mon 14 Mar
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Brilliant series, cant wait 2 c what happens when Herrick pits George against Mitchell! Love that there are more werewolves in this series. BRING ON SERIES 4!!!!!!!!
LYCONUT 10:45pm Wed 9 Mar
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brillant best show ever!
it has got everything hummor sex its with the times with the whole twlight theme brillant actors thumbs up to the writer brilliant job cant see why anyone wouldnt would hate to see the crap that you would watch if u dont like this!!
two thumbs up 10:45pm Sun 6 Mar
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Love it
I love this show and was worried that the american version wouldnt be as good but I gave it a chance and it was actually really good and its nice to see the same show with an entirely different cast
Scott 6:57pm Sun 27 Feb
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Friend told me about it. Watched every series over the holiday, because I obviously have no life. Love the storyline; think its brilliant. Cant wait for tonights episode:)
Greg 6:35pm Sun 27 Feb
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All aspects considered...What a pile of pony.Third season and yet no improvement, which is a shame because the plot's great. It is both excruciating and laughable(for the wrong reasons) to watch the actors because they do try so hard.The only constant exception to this overall,poor delivery is Nina, who's character naturally yields what it is,being human.
Shalom 4:09pm Mon 21 Feb
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I have just finished watching the first two series so I can imagine the third is just as good. Cant wait to see it
northeastfirstaid 8:02pm Sun 20 Feb
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Poland also watch Human Being
Hey Britan, Thank you for this wanderful program. Mitchel is great conection of human pain and vampire desires. I like this conscience suffer connected with selfselfish plesure of blood drinking. This is even best than True blood.
akiga 12:45pm Tue 1 Feb
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Favourite EVER!
Being human is the best program on television.That is all! Oh, and Mitchell is beautiful. :)
Jess the Ghost 5:53pm Wed 26 Jan
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Welcome back...
I suppose we had to wait so long for the third series of Being Human because of it being converted for "North American" viewing...hmmm...but here it is, finally, just as the US version starts on air, and what a cracking opening episode! My only complaint is that there were no grounds for arresting George or the folk in the car park - they may have been intent on some dogging action, but as nothing was actually happening when the Police arrived, no arrestable offence had occurred. Quite a poor and unusual oversight in what was an otherwise excellent episode - which promises much more. The cast continue to nail their parts as they have done all along with their well-written parts - and yes, Lacey Turner was really good, too. Another guest appearance from her before the series is out would not surprise me - but it doesn't look like a regular recurring role...
ajjam1967 1:21am Tue 25 Jan
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Lacey Turner
i love stacie
bill 5:50pm Sat 22 Jan
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Series Three
Can't wait for the newest series release this month. So many expectations for it, hope it lives up to them :)
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I am obsessed with this programme - it's fantastic. All the actors are brilliant, the script is amazing and Mitchell is the best looking actor on TV.
Jonesie 10:40pm Sun 28 Mar
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Looking forward to the third series ~ totally hooked !
Cat 10:50pm Sat 20 Mar
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cant wait for series 3
Absolutely brilliant, meant to be a comedy but I was on the edge of my seat and genuinely horrifying at times, acting completely brilliant. Funny too which does not dectract from the horror aspect!
Andy 8:44pm Sun 7 Mar
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My moneys with this program
As a tax payer i am glad BBC has spent it on this, i love this program! and for all you who are raging about ow the bbc steal the licence fee thing get a life seriously i'd love to know what you watch there are plenty of programs worse than this (all soaps, big brother,) I wish it wasn't the last epi tonight but so glad theres going to be a series 3 =D
Syxx of Hearts 4:07pm Sun 28 Feb
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this is what I am talking about...
This show has it all...wittiness, cleverness, sensuality, an inspirational plot, and a talented cast who makes the story a real success...I am sad Ivan is leaving...I hope he will come back as a ghost in the the third season...Why not?
Coebus 6:20pm Tue 23 Feb
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JonnyCon 1:59pm Sun 21 Feb
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Absolute Brilliance!!!!!!!!
Whoever says this series is rubbish needs a brain transplant! It's superb!! It's got it all - horror - humour - love - and brilliantly acted to boot! It's sheer excellence.
Oldtart 10:51pm Sat 20 Feb
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The best show on tv !
Being Human is superb, brilliant witty scripts, exciting plots and the divine Mitchell...what is there not to love?
Proud Pagan 7:11pm Fri 19 Feb
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episode 6 was so sad, funny and full of suspence-cant wait for esp 7- well done to all actors & production team
AnnieP Bristol 4:23pm Wed 17 Feb
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so good i watch it twice
love it so much i watch it sun on bbc3 then watch it again on on demand keep rewinding the best bits .mitchels lovely . they keep playing lovely music but cant find out what songs are called .hope this is not the end for mitchel& annie .
squibs 4:52am Tue 16 Feb
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i missed this episode anyone know when it's repeated??
:) 4:26pm Mon 15 Feb
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I can't believe Series 2 has nearly finished. What a brilliant show!!
LittleBlueBox 5:12pm Sun 14 Feb
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what a con
I tuned into this because I thoght it was a reality show starring members of The Human League. They were supposed to besent back to 1985 and 'funny' Phil Oakey was to attempt to build a time machine and get the'ropey backong singers' back to present day. Now you can imagine how forlorn I was to discover that this is another load of BBC 'lets waste the license fee' tosh, what a shame....
Mirror man 7:23pm Sun 7 Feb
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Love it
its different, its funny and also quite scary in parts, its really entertaining and i love watching it every week xx
JADE 7:15pm Fri 5 Feb
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BBC scum
BBC rubbish. The filth at the BBC thieve taxpayers money to make this garbage. (they are really 'doing' the children who audition).
ddd 8:27pm Fri 29 Jan
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On Location
Living in Bristol City centre where the series is shot,i recently was given a job to fit carpet in a house taken over by a tv company. Turned out i had to fit a cheap and nasty 1970's style carpet on set for one of the scenes where two people get 'vampired' and the carpet gets soaked in blood.Have to watch every episode now to see how it turned out !
Neil 2:44pm Mon 18 Jan
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Great to see it back on our screens
Can't wait to see the next tonights episode :)
Sandi45 12:43pm Sun 17 Jan
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It's Criminal....
To have to wait a week inbetween episodes. I absolutely love Being Human, think I could play all parts from series one..and it looks like two is going to be even better. As an aside...do you think Aidan Turner want's a slightly used and haggard older woman?? Oh well one can wish....
Raven 8:29pm Tue 12 Jan
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cant wait 4 series 2!!
OMG absolutly love being human!!! If the first series is anything to go by series 2 will b amazing hopefully!! if uve missed episodes u can wathc them on bbc i-player i think!!! :D
herbie 2:23am Sun 10 Jan
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Being Human is amazing
Being Human have found a perfect mix of horror and humour. I loved the first series and it's sitting in my DVD collection. I'm glad they've increased the number of episodes... Really looking forward too it
Ni 2:38pm Sat 9 Jan
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Love this! Proper scary! :D
Binx 11:31am Thu 27 Aug
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love this show :D - series 2 sooooon hopefully (:
D 10:58pm Thu 20 Aug
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oh come on season 2
i started watching this show after some ppl i knew said about adn since then i have been hooked. i cant wait for season 2 i love this show i just want them to do some more now cause they are still some many questions that need answerin adn where will they go with the story, cant wait.
Rae 7:14pm Thu 13 Aug
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wrong picture!
why is there a picture of a vampire, werewolf and ghost advertising a robin williams film?? ya got the wrong "being human"
chrissy 12:12pm Fri 15 May
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When is it back on again...can't wait!
I missed the first two episodes but watched the third one and was hooked! I only wish i could get the chance to see the ones i missed!
Sam 1:46pm Tue 17 Mar
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bully kid
the 2 boys that bullied Bernie were really good actors loved little Stevo
nugget 7:35pm Mon 9 Mar
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Being Avoided
More dross. Is it a drama? Is it a comedy? Does it even know?? Not to mention the bad dialogue and poor acting. Another waste of money.
D.I. 8:10pm Thu 5 Mar
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