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MG has syphilis.
Rob Roy 10:43pm Sat 17 Sep
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Or some kind of alcohol is what I meant. Nice to see a film with less historical accuracy than Star Wars getting the rating it deserves.
Dan Brown 10:17pm Thu 9 Jun
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The Bottle
The bottle let Mel down. That and his crazy father and stupid cult. This world's had to much of those idiots.
Dawkins 8:14pm Fri 14 Aug
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Dan Brown
I think you meant 'Scots' !!
A.SCOT 7:08pm Sun 17 May
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Only The Hobbit
Is actually more of a fantasy than this sad piece of drivel. Fodder for deluded scotch nationalists.
Dan Brown 5:39pm Sun 17 May
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Plenty edge of seat moments amazing film
movie mags 6:03pm Wed 3 Sep
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Overly romantic trivia
More dream than fact. Take it as a romantic Hollywood illusion...then it works as a film. Believe it, and you fail in your history exam.
Bof 11:42pm Wed 23 Apr
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omg, its gibson down the left flank...
The little mel wont give in against England, look, watch Itv, hes got himself starring in the game as a hero again,
whu 8:29pm Wed 14 Aug
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Standard 'Hollywood; swashbuckling fodder
Its OK. Standard tale of the underdog besting the 'evil empire'. Star Wars is far better in this genre, and is probably more 'historically accurate' LOL. Sit down, let it wash over you and enjoy it for what it is.
Bof 8:21pm Sat 20 Apr
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How can this be rated 2.8? Is that all those English rating down for the sake of it? We all know it's historically inaccurate but so what, the film can stand on its own merit. IMDB gives it an 8.4/10 from 410,869 votes! So I'd tend to go with that rating rather than this ridiculous 2.8/10 rating. Shame!
Pete and Repete 6:23pm Thu 24 Jan
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William Wallace was a murderer and a rapist.
dongvale 2:06pm Thu 24 Jan
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not accurate?
who cares? its good entertainment. there is more truth in this film than in the BBC news.
karmell 6:38pm Wed 23 Nov
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first of all...id like to say that this is one of my best ever films i have watched! mel is a legend!! and for it being historically correct? who cares? and for you divs getting ya back up bout the english only attacking and trying to invade,left,right and south....and englands full of saxon invaders?? sort it out??? english didnt attack north due to us being english gentlemen and we don believe in hitting girls??...or men wearing skirts? wich falls in the same bracket??...and also..scotts should not badmouth the anglo saxons..they brought over the alcohol...wich we all know ya love?.....annyyywwaayyysss x
mr.simmonds 8:52pm Tue 22 Nov
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good film
if not historicly accurate. did anyone else notice the fillings in the actors mouthes when they were shouting?
bloke downt pub 10:56am Sun 19 Jun
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ace film
wiskey drinking plastic gordes
english 1234 8:52pm Sat 18 Jun
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Great film
It's a brilliant film. Im English, and Mel Gibson always kicks ass in action movies.
anon12 8:48pm Sat 18 Jun
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A wild colonial boy
Gibson made some great films in his time. No nation likes to be seen as the villain hence the miserable rating on here for Braveheart, a better than average 'historical setting' action movie.
Cakeman2 6:17pm Sat 18 Jun
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Och aye the noo
Has anyone noticed that Mel Gibson (dodgy ‘Scottish’ accent) never appears in any scenes with the excellent (star of the film) Patrick McGoohan (the nasty ‘English’ king)? In most films, the two adversaries always confront each other at the end. What was Mel afraid of? Was it the possibility it may have highlighted how weak Mel’s character acting talents were? Debate.
Quality Film Fan 1:09pm Sat 18 Jun
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Who cares about how accurate it is?
I'm English, I couldnt give a damn how historically inacurate it is and how badly the English or anyone else is portrayed. Its a damn good film! Have a beer and chill out, and take it for the hollywood action film that it is. If you want a history lesson watch a documentary instead.
Firebreather 7:28pm Fri 11 Feb
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scots wearing skirts
This is a totally accurate film in that it shows the scots wearing skirts, which as we all know is one of their favourite pastimes. They call them kilts but thats just an excuse to wear womens clothing
Bill 6:01pm Mon 6 Dec
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Where does one begin?
Wallace's family came from Shropshire. He was a knight and wealthy land owner. Isabelle was about seven years of age and living in Paris when he was killed, the kilt came into being about 300 years after his death...etc. etc. etc. As a piece of film making, it's a trite, childish by the numbers story based around Mel's ENORMOUS ego.....nice battle scenes though, if you overlook the wrong weapons, clothing, hair etc. etc. Yawn
FIX 5:47pm Thu 2 Dec
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the truth
william wallace was betrrayed by his own men....this film is a lie
idontlie 10:24pm Tue 30 Nov
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Where did the Normans go?
Wallace fought the Normans not the English. The Anglo Saxon English were a completely spent force under Norman occupation. Totally unable to exercise any power or control over their own lives, far less anyone else's, least of all the Scots and the Welsh. They were nothing more than Norman conscripts. At least the Scots managed to defeat the Normans which is more than the Engish ever did.
Facts 8:56pm Tue 30 Nov
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brilliant movie
awesome movie still.
boo 7:46pm Sat 16 Oct
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Say No More
this two and froe by the english and the scotish is laughable. end of the day the native english live in scotland and englands just full of anglo and saxon invaders.
Richard Branson 10:02pm Tue 12 Oct
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What a load of c...
@Sparky - Why you would think that people hate you English? The only thing that some of us is saying is that at the time, your Empire was forcing its ways right, left, middle and center. End of. If you don't like it, re-write your history. As far as the film is concerned, it is a great film, accurate or not. I've never seen so many votes for a movie + such a low-rating for an award Hollywood one. @Thomas, you are either in denial or very naive to think that our "assumption" as you put it is inaccurate= the ratings speak for themselves. Don't insult our intelligence and just admit it. Even the obscure Danny Dyer's deadliest men program is rated 2.6/10! C'mon..
DeLoreane 9:15pm Tue 12 Oct
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I'm English
And I don't find it offensive. It was a long time ago. I admire the Scots for fighting if that is what they believed in. Nowerdays I hope we are on better terms.
Jibbley Windbottom 8:33pm Tue 12 Oct
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i love this film i cant belive it has been rated so low :/
megz 8:12pm Tue 12 Oct
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OMG can't believe it has such a low rating, this was one of the best films at the time and won many awards. Is there alot of jewish anti mel gibson people rating it low?
Frank 8:05pm Tue 12 Oct
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Hypocrits I hate em
rubbish anti-English tripe from a man who specialises in it. And as for you Jocks simple advice. As a nation If you hate us English so much, you know where the door is. Funny how you rant on but never use it!
Sparky 10:45am Tue 12 Oct
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The comments from Scots about the English "invading of the world". Learn some history about the British Empire, where many of the most controversial figures were Scottish (why not start with the Opium wars). Or how about the failed Scottish COLONY in Panama which bankrupted Scotland and forced them to seek Union?
hypocrites 11:06pm Thu 7 Oct
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Really funny
to see the comments from the Scots about the English 'invading' others. Why not learn about some of the most controversial figures in the BRITISH empire, many of whom were Scots? Read up on the opium wars and who was involved? Or about how the Union came about when the Scots bankrupted themselves with their COLONY in Panama! hahaha
hypocrites 8:44pm Thu 7 Oct
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ha hahaha ha ha
Bill 6:57pm Thu 7 Oct
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Boring, pointless reviews
The anti-English comments are silly and bordering on real paranoia. There's no need to give an essay on what us English have done to the world or make the assumption that English people are rating down the film just because you can't make a good argument. What has this got to do with the film? Get a grip.
Thomas 3:34pm Thu 7 Oct
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of course its anti-english
Fact is this is a great Epic film, not historically accurate, shows Wallace and later Bruce) as an almost super-heroes rather than master tacticians. But how can the English guys here expect it portrayed any other way? Its a story about a country you invaded fighting for freedom, its like saying Gandhi is anti-English. Hollywood doesn't stick to the truth, apart from the part about your tyrannical invading of the world, and the portrayed Robin Hood and Richard Lionheart as heroes, even if they're stories weren't true, still the English portrayed in a good light.
scotdownsouth 11:03pm Tue 5 Oct
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1.9 how pathetic to such a score to a trult great film forget the american connection and the english one this film stands on its merits
fed up bloke 4:43pm Tue 5 Oct
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I think this is a very good movie. Maybe not accurate, from a historical point of view, but certainly impressive as far as acting and action is concerned.
Petra 2:57pm Tue 5 Oct
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The rating is laughable.. 1.8/10 :) Give me a break! When we see that Katie Price and Katona TV shows are rated around 2.4/10 we must assume that the very high number of votes have been submitted by English people. This film, even if not accurate, must have hit the nail squarely on the head to justify this oddly low rating. Then again, as we say in France c'est le malade qui prend le bouillon..@ Grolleys and vomit - your nickname suits you- you'll be happy to know that english are as much disliked than americans. Step out of England (if you dare) and you will see for yourself.
Great Film 11:34pm Sat 3 Jul
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Its only a film
Good film to watch, obviously the low rating is all the English votes. As far as the history goes the Scots did win at Stirling and lose at Falkirk. Great performances by Brian Cox and Patrick McGoohan
Wallace's left baw 9:16pm Fri 2 Jul
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Racist and xenophobic
This film is racist, xenophobic, and about as true to real history as Lord of the Rings. And Americans are surprised when they find out everyone else dislikes them.
Grolleys and Vomit 9:47pm Tue 9 Mar
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Misleading pish
Embarrassment of a film to the Scottish people. Of whom I am one (British first right enough) but the point stands.
Lasith 11:46pm Sat 6 Mar
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No facial hair, sorry .
How the hell did an OZZIE become a [b]French[/b] Scottish talking bloke ? Now....thats history ! hehehe
French ozzie bloke from Scotland. 11:21pm Sat 6 Mar
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Its a film
Not a hisotrical documentary.
asda 11:00pm Sat 6 Mar
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Utter tosh
Quote from historian: "The events aren't accurate, the dates aren't accurate, the characters aren't accurate, the names aren't accurate, the clothes aren't accurate - in short, just about nothing is accurate". Well done Hollywood, another fine effort.
William Wallace and Gromit 9:17pm Sat 6 Mar
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Herd mentality
"8.4/10 from a site for film enthusiasts". No, 8.4 from a site populated by American morons. According to IMDB The Dark Knight is the 10th best film ever made. Yeah right, if you the only thing you are capable of reading is comics.
Dave 8:12pm Sat 6 Mar
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this film is absolutly mint as it has everything init
zoe 7:23pm Sat 6 Mar
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8.4/10 from a site for film enthusiasts, trust that and not the immature cretins that post on tvguide!
Film fan 7:00pm Sat 6 Mar
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Wrong Ending!
This film's ending is wrong. Wallace distroyed all the english and Scotland becomes the centre point for the world.
TONY_GORDON 10:22pm Wed 21 Oct
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Happy ending
I love a file with a happy ending
Comesunt 6:05pm Wed 21 Oct
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So, a Hollywood film...
...that has the English as the villains. What's new? Hollywood is soooo formulaic. He who pays the piper calls the tune, eh? At least Wallace didn't have to suffer the indignity of a Bar Mitzvah, or was I asleep during that bit?
Watcher 9:09am Mon 8 Sep
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