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Coronation Street Comments
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Neil See you've removed my comment about how you'll earn a living when you've removed every comment. Well here's another one for you to have a go at
frances 11:56pm Sat 2 Mar
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good comment
Liz 9:42am Wed 23 Sep
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well said
em 9:06am Mon 21 Sep
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Callum story line
Turn of turn off turn off - ridiculous
pennylope27 8:59pm Mon 14 Sep
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Yeah, pretty well.
Pat 8:26pm Fri 28 Aug
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More of the same
Same old, same old
Lily 9:44pm Sat 15 Aug
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dana 10:30pm Fri 7 Aug
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Sarah Harding....What a disgrace !!!!
The producers of panto Coronation Street should hang their heads in shame, it must be galling for actors who have trained and worked hard to see wax dummy Sarah Harding being given a role in what used to be a decent programme, she can't act (or sing) so why was she deemed to be 'perfect' for the part ?....pantomimes usually give these type of hopeless talentless 'names' a part but they are now appearing in our soaps etc because the mentally 15 year old TV bosses who appoint these people only watch the likes of X Factor and reality shows and think thats what the viewing public want, WELL IT IS'NT !!!!..it is not belevable and the watching public dont buy it, there are many wonderful actors around, thousands of them...yet a blonde bimbo from girls aloud is deemed to be better to serve up in what used to be a great soap, keep watching Corrie, Olly Murs and Cheryl Cole will be taking over the Rovers, and when Emily Bishop retires Katie price will be taking over....
Mr Richard 10:50am Sat 25 Jul
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I totally agree with most of the comments lamenting the stupidity of the current storylines! Erica, Sinead, Kevin, Cathy, Bethany and Sarah story-lines serve no purpose whatsoever. Neither does Michael! Deidre's death on Corrie ought to have happened sooner, rather than later, which made the funeral seem contrived and trite! Carla's sudden addiction to gambling is ridiculous, as is Simon's sudden antipathy to Leanne.......sharpen your pencils Corrie St. writers and give us and your best actors situations of substance and relevance to work upon.
SAD 4:51am Wed 22 Jul
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What they think
Visually Corrie looks slipshod and down at heel. Is this what they think of Manchester?
Rob 9:59pm Sun 19 Jul
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agree about Roy
I have seen better dressed tramps!
once more 7:10pm Sun 19 Jul
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For goodness sake
Roy at the funeral in his faithful Old jacket and of course the forever present shopping bag,who makes up these stupid ideas
m 9:54am Sun 19 Jul
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Look out Leanne
the woman beater is after you and Liz,he hasn't got a lot going for him in temperament or looks,but he has been well cast
browser 9:15am Sat 18 Jul
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Corrie Kids
Simon was a wonderful wee boy, they should have kept him that way; Faye was never likeable so we haven't missed her recently; Bethany is an invention to no purpose that I can see
scunnert 11:38pm Fri 17 Jul
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The writers have gone too far with Simons' behaviour. We have Bethany, Faye, and now Simon getting away with speaking to adults the way they do without being admonished.'NOT IN MY WORLD'
appalled 9:02pm Fri 17 Jul
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whats lookes got to do with it
Roy is brilliant in his role, very believable, and endearing, a real character,long may he continue.
kat 7:05pm Fri 17 Jul
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misery st
What good role models the young cast are,NOT.Bring mary to the fore, and please give CATHY, a chance. She can be very fiesty as past roles have shown. She is a very good actress.
posy 5:52pm Fri 17 Jul
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Callum ripping augero poster down
That is so wrong to rip a poster down of a great player, SCRIPT OR NOT!
Steo 4:16pm Fri 17 Jul
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Also sad
Agree - bring back the Kimono and ditch Soggy Sinead
Brendan 9:32pm Thu 16 Jul
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It was all I watched for, the kimono and the jacket
sad 8:46pm Thu 16 Jul
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I think the funeral was full of clichés about Deirdre and given how long she acted felt very lightweight. Needed a better viewpoint and sympathetic (NOT sentimental) writing.
Carolyn 4:02pm Thu 16 Jul
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Have a soft spot for that girl. Please keep her away from obnoxious Tony UGH!
scunnert 11:01pm Wed 15 Jul
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If she does, it wont last long!! LOL
FeatherHG 10:14pm Wed 15 Jul
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Change for the better
Tracy & Ken scenes were good. Something to think about for a change - but is Tracy going to have a Damascene moment? And will we like it if she does?
Rodders 9:45pm Wed 15 Jul
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Sadly, yes - but us old diehards keep on hoping that a little gentle persuasion mighty guide the writers on to achieving what we want - interesting, lively, amusing, exciting scenes. Hmm.
Yolande 6:35pm Wed 15 Jul
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Is this drivel still being aired .
HAHAHA 4:11pm Wed 15 Jul
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Thought the funeral was OK if a bit weird - finding Carla's betting storyline unbelievable but suppose the writers are getting writers 'block after churning out so much tosh.
Jello 4:38pm Tue 14 Jul
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I used to think Simon was ok, now he has a face you wanna slap !
Dan 11:49am Tue 14 Jul
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Chesney Simeon and Amy had the cute appeal when younger, but getting older is'nt making them actors or actresses. What's Micheals excuse?
Bored 8:43am Tue 14 Jul
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Hear Hear
And also take Simon and Amy.
disgusted 10:53pm Mon 13 Jul
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Please send Bethany on her school trip to Paris, and keep her there. Her behaviour on tonight's programme was disgusting to say the least. And send Sarah and Callum off to find her, then let them settle there. The three of them are terrible and should go ASAP
Marina 10:42pm Mon 13 Jul
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Real life?
Corrie seems packed with hatred and no-hopers. Such a pity, there's enough of both in real life.
Sacha 5:51pm Mon 13 Jul
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Google Contact us on the main ITV website. They have a Viewers Services option who will forward complaints or queries to the relevant programmes.
FeatherHG 9:21am Mon 13 Jul
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Stopped Watching
I stopped watching in January because of the ridiculous storylines and instead watch episodes from the past on Youtube...There are hundreds and they are FAR better.
Reggie 8:48am Mon 13 Jul
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Whagt matters?
You'd think the prog makers would be keen to get the viewers' viewpoint. Apparently not - we so don't matter!
Ferdy 8:34am Mon 13 Jul
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Interested! Where do I find email address to complain?
scunnert 10:11pm Sun 12 Jul
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None of these comments actually go to the programme makers concerned, If you want them to know your feelings you need to e mail them directly which I have done on more than one occasion! I have had replies but whether anything will actually get done is another story.
FeatherHG 7:19pm Sun 12 Jul
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Coronation Street idiocy
I have been watching Coronation Street for over 40 years....and now I have had enough. Many times I have said that it is getting silly, but now this is it...and had to write and tell you. The writing on this show has gone so downhill that I cant even begin to start to tell you what is soooo ridiculous. There are so many stupid storylines that it really upsets me to even begin to talk about it...and it bothers me that after 40 yrs, I cant watch it anymore.
Woody 4:37pm Sun 12 Jul
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No more
Friday night viewing had two old people slurping soup in a trash filled room.Say no more.
Betty 4:07pm Sun 12 Jul
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Get rid of Blackburn we need better stories and better dialogue not these drab plots like Callum VS David. Bring in the writing cavalry!
Jhfi1234 8:15pm Sat 11 Jul
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After the funeral
How's about Deirdre's death creating a new plot or changing a character's personality - or is it business as usual after the funeral? That would have been a good legacy for Ann Kirkbride.
Rodders 4:25pm Fri 10 Jul
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Given the paucity of good lines, the actors did indeed do very well. Rather boring on the whole though.
Carole 1:52pm Fri 10 Jul
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Sad times
I thought that this has been handled very tastefully. Re the acting,the cast did very well to get through it at all.You could tell the tears were genuine.The funeral is screened next Monday when tributes will be given. I think the programme has improved lately.
FeatherHG 8:14am Fri 10 Jul
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Our show
Seems that this show matters to all of us - pity the producers don't take any notice of our comments.
Pippa 7:41pm Thu 9 Jul
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The Shining
Point is, it was a non-event, and shouldn't have been. Should have been a shining tribute to a very good actress.
Vera 6:41pm Thu 9 Jul
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I think that it would have been nice if they'd have done a toast to her, the melancholy feel wasn't what Deirdre would have wanted. Perhaps end in the same way with it actually hitting Ken.
steve 4:40pm Thu 9 Jul
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agree so sad to lose such a great cast member but the acting was so bad that as tribute to anne kirkbride it sadly missed the mark
robert 12:19pm Thu 9 Jul
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No matter how the storyline went there would always be someone who was not happy!! I am sure her family would have been consulted first in any case. Let it rest!!!
Taylor 10:56am Thu 9 Jul
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There had to some of closure I suppose. Any suggestions on how it should have done?
scunnert 10:02pm Wed 8 Jul
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Maudlin & dull and so not a good tribute to a good actress and character. Very badly done.
Frances 7:58pm Wed 8 Jul
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