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Are you thick or what? It was Elton playing the piano to all the themes as a set up to his JL ad. The clue was in the piano playing!!
somemuvvers 12:40am Fri 16 Nov
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Theme tune
Corrie, emmerdale, loose women, the chase, this morning, we were supposed to be told tonight at 9.15 what it meant. I'm still waiting.
TRS 9:50pm Thu 15 Nov
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See the Emmerdale comments page has gone so this won't be long following. not surprised after what's been going on lately
eddie 12:28pm Thu 15 Nov
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I've viewed the JL ad on you tube and its not very good. Its going to be shown at 9.15 tonight. I've never been keen on Elton anyway. Its supposed to be about family, but he didn't speak to his own mother for years.
TRS 9:42am Thu 15 Nov
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Bagpuss 9:41am Thu 15 Nov
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My comment
Was not shown yesterday. ITV told viewers early evening they would find out later that evening what the theme tunes were leading to. I guess we are all disappointed with a celeb and his hugo ego hijacking the popular JL ad. More to do with promoting his tour and film than Christmas. Bring back the penguine!!!
Jlo 9:30am Thu 15 Nov
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Theme tune
Apparently they have also done the piano theme tune on this morning, loose women and the chase, its something to do with the new john Lewis Xmas ad.
TRS 12:36am Thu 15 Nov
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theme titel
Where am I, I thought I was watching Coro, bit not with this ridiculous theme tune. Absolutely terrible
Kipper 8:17pm Wed 14 Nov
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It is not a him/person it is a private activities company that are getting paid for the service. If this site is not dealing with it then they know more about it...
believewhatisay 9:02am Mon 12 Nov
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I know lots of us regulars have been trying to comment. Who contols this page, Isn't there anything that can be done to stop this idiot he must be a very sad person. I feel so sorry for Tina who has explained her situation but still he carries on.
Elaine 8:56am Mon 12 Nov
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We are commenting on the shows but they keep getting deleted. Yet a certain person and his long , repetitive, boring sermons keep getting through. If you want a comment , Leanne's false alarm pregnancy, waste of time and you would have thought she would have used contraception.
TRS. 11:21pm Sun 11 Nov
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Please please please
can we get back to comments on the programme
Elaine 9:54pm Sun 11 Nov
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Google his name in full and he is a private activities company with a London address. This site is paying for his service as it is failing. I will NOT be commenting anymore or playing their game.
lila 4:53pm Sun 11 Nov
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this set up
need to be scrapped
Anon 4:35pm Sun 11 Nov
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I've googled the first four initials of his nickname and its a dutch website . Its strange he never replies to anyone. He's fake alright.
TRS. 12:17pm Sun 11 Nov
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I understand what you are all saying but I don't think Neil exists. This site is stiring things up to get people intetested as it us flagging. They did it before.....and only they can remove bits of comments.
lila 11:14am Sun 11 Nov
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Me thinks Neil and comment remover are one and the same. Sad person. Please can we get back to programme comments and stop this nonsense
bella 8:57am Sun 11 Nov
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Aaarrgghh!!!! Neils at it again with his bloody sermons. As for the comment remover , I think its P. He hasn't been on here for weeks
TRS. 7:50am Sun 11 Nov
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No one can delete part of a comment. I don't know what is going on. As I said it must be the site deleting comnents like they did with the Lorraine page.
lila 11:00pm Sat 10 Nov
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Which comments have gone?
TRS. 9:17pm Sat 10 Nov
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What the heck
My comment to Proud Nan also had a light hearted note to stage whisperer Neil but that bit is missing....how very strange! Maybe the deleter is not one person.....
lila 9:11pm Sat 10 Nov
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comment deleter
why are you doing this. I love these comment pages. As I've stated before TV is my main pleasure, being housebound, and reading and adding to these comment pages means a lot to me. You horrible, horrible person.
tina 8:59pm Sat 10 Nov
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Proud Nan
Your little grandson is blessed to have such a nice family too.
lila 12:19am Sat 10 Nov
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Kevin's son loss of limb
Hope Corrie will include Hope Corrie will show in this storyline what a wonderful NHS we have and what they do for children who need prosthetics. MY 6 year old grandson has double prosthetic legs made by Northern gen hosp In Sheffield. They are marvellous with hi m and there is nothing he cannot do. His Dad has taught him to ride a bike, he has swimming lessons and walks for miles.
Proud Nan 12:05am Sat 10 Nov
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All I can say is:
E J 10:04pm Fri 9 Nov
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Leanne getting in a state thinking she was pregnant.its laughable it seems to be the storyline in all the soaps these days. Change the record its getting boring.
Bored 7:48pm Fri 9 Nov
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what a gay day
what a gay day at coronation street, when will the meercat family give us a rendering? need a big cess pit
ada smith PC 4:29pm Thu 8 Nov
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The stage whispering comments were funny to Begin with. But the jokes wearing a bit thin. Neil, I suggest you check your hearing aid or you need stronger meds.
TRS. 11:15am Thu 8 Nov
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Tell me
Why can we not get comments on any page especially this one when Neil and his stage whispers is on and stays on everything. Could we guess who the phantom swiper is afterall? The plot thickens.
lnsp Clouseau 9:18am Thu 8 Nov
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comment deleter
I'm housebound, TV is a big part of my life and I really enjoy the various comment pages on programmes. Do you get a buzz from hurting other people
tina 2:25pm Wed 7 Nov
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Comment deleter.
It must be really lonely under your rock.
TRS. 10:56am Wed 7 Nov
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Whats happened????
RosM 7:04pm Thu 1 Nov
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Why did you not post my last comment?
Bagpuss 6:00pm Sun 18 Feb
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Jerri 8:52pm Fri 16 Feb
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Can you be sure of that?
don'tbelieveallyouread 7:13pm New Years Day
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Tonights episode
One word RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
elaine 10:04pm Boxing Day
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Quite possibly.
Bagpuss 7:39pm Sat 23 Dec
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Well said to the previous comment!
katie 12:33pm Thu 9 Nov
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katie 11:30am Tue 7 Nov
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???? 9:48am Sun 5 Nov
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Well said.
Bagpuss 3:23pm Tue 31 Oct
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Wanted to say poo!!
Sj 8:20am Thu 12 Oct
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Well said fully agree with you.
elaine 9:40pm Sun 3 Sep
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Couldn't agree more
I totally agree with the comment below and couldn't put it better my self!
Mac 9:14pm Sat 2 Sep
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The End!
This is the End my only friend the End,end of an era!
Mac 12:54am Tue 11 Jul
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I agree with previous comment. Very disturbing.
katie 1:01pm Fri 2 Jun
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Naming Ceremony
Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony
EJ 9:41pm Sat 20 May
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Liz 4:54pm Sat 29 Apr
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Used to be fun
Now it isnt
Kristian 8:35pm Fri 21 Apr
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Meant Sara's baby not Bethany... Still give it time !!
Dermot 7:52pm Mon 10 Apr
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