19 June 2021  | 
Coronation Street Comments
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Feather HG
Thank you for that
infuriated 12:01pm Sat 26 Jul
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Oops another opinion you don't want
We know what you are up to
MW 4:37pm Sun 2 Mar
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Enjoy the moment
No longer watch the prog but thoroughly enjoy the crits posted. Keep them going guys!
Rhian 6:56pm Sat 25 Jan
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recent storyline between Roy and Hayley was superbly acted throughout, particularly good was the actor playing Roy he was quite superb.
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Why are yo not taking reviews
This is not how to treat fans
Get it fixed 4:54pm Thu 23 Jan
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Success story
it's a case of for many of us the operation was a failure but the dead patient was a success story.
Sal 4:26pm Thu 23 Jan
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The producers got what they wanted with their sensational storyline ploy to boost the viewing figures. One has to ask was the actress who played Hayley any more superior to the rest of the cast with their continuous performance. The actor playing the character Roy is outstanding in his timing and expression as always.
bemused 4:18pm Thu 23 Jan
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I totally agree. Those who followed the 'Haley Story' seem to have been brainwashed into believing she is a 'real person' cannot believe it won an award. Corrie not at all what it used to be seems its trying too hard to copy Emmerdale-which I would not watch if it was the only show on TV.It's all about sensationalism and not the feel good factor we used to get.
No longer a Corrie fanf 10:02am Thu 23 Jan
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Sorry guys,have to disagree on this one
Used to be a regular viewer but Gave up because of the storylines and ( sorry) but they don't know how to act.once an actor in a soap,no chance of a decent acting job.Appear in a soap,decent career over
Not a Corrie fan 9:20am Thu 23 Jan
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Response to Jan's comment
probably because we have been watching it for years and "hope springs eternal in the human breast" etc. It might revert to its former status re storylines. Standard of acting is indisputably good.
Treg 8:07am Thu 23 Jan
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When an long time friendship breaks down you try to make it work again, not give up on it. Rescusitation may be out of the question this time though.
Doc 7:24am Thu 23 Jan
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Why watch it
Those that do all the moaning about it still carry on watching. WHY?
Jan 10:52pm Wed 22 Jan
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Haley Award
Corrie Team were so euphoric to have gained a GONG with such a downbeat theme...hard to understand!
scunnert 10:46pm Wed 22 Jan
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Good Grief again
So Hayley has won the award. Does anyone else feel like they are sitting on the toilet rim of life waiting for the next flush?
me 10:12pm Wed 22 Jan
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Common factor
Sob story playing to the lowest common denominator instead of the highest common factor.
Harry 9:13pm Wed 22 Jan
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Words to the wise
You should have watched it later and fast forwarded. Has anyone seen all the comments on Facebook?? Can't believe it!! People love the story line.
Treg 8:33pm Wed 22 Jan
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Valuable Time
Yeah, that's a half hour of my life I won't ever get back. Or even want to.
Rob 8:27pm Wed 22 Jan
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Fastest Ever Corrie!
Well, that was the fastest ever Corrie, fast-forwarded nearly all of it! Please let this be the end of all the misery and despair.
Treg 8:23pm Wed 22 Jan
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Once more with feeling
Poor Hayley. Poor Roy. POOR US.
Unfond Farewell 8:05pm Wed 22 Jan
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Sinead and Ches
The next 'Roy and Hayley' couple, moving in to bore us. Good Grief. (Excuse the pun)
me 7:37pm Wed 22 Jan
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Goodby Hayley
Only a soap but it could been done better,how Roy thought he could keep Hayley in the flat?hope it is not played out forever and a day
Give us cheerfull mode now 7:30pm Wed 22 Jan
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WILLP 5:35pm Wed 22 Jan
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Mating time
Will we have to suffer months of Roy declining? Will he have to find another trans-gender mate?
Ronnie 2:47pm Wed 22 Jan
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It's a soap not a soap-box - we don't need lecturing on issues, the debates are better anyway on Radio 4. I want entertainment - not intellectual bullying.
Sandy 12:35pm Wed 22 Jan
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Good for all
They missed a chance to reunite Hayley with her family. Now that would have been good for the nation's soul.
mary anne 11:50am Wed 22 Jan
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Sophie's World
Charley/Ralf are right according to TV Choice...this is one story-line I will skip - enough is enough of the producer's views inflicted on Corrie viewers.
scunnert 10:27pm Tue 21 Jan
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Tear jerker
Superb acting and they handle the story line very well. I like millions of families have been touched by cancer so I really think that people should have the right to die.
Storky 6:58pm Tue 21 Jan
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Viewing stats
The Death raised the viewing stats - goes to show how many weirdos who love death scenes there are out there!
Bobby 6:54pm Tue 21 Jan
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Dancing Girls
For the love of God - Bring on the Dancing Girls!
Sal 6:27pm Tue 21 Jan
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Oh no - you mean there's more???? There'll probably be counselling & worthy people all over the place!
Jed 5:27pm Tue 21 Jan
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Please....No... !!
Now that poor Hayley is no more, can we PLEASE be spared months and months of watching the ever-gloomy Roy going through his grieving process? Couldn't he be persuaded to spend the next couple of years in Australia with some very distant relative of Hayley's, who appears out of the blue at her funeral?
Bored To Tears 4:21pm Tue 21 Jan
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damp squib
Perhaps before taking on board such an emotive subject more thought should have been taken as most who advocate such an ending would prefer to spend their last moments in private and peaceful surroundings with the person/s who matter most having said their goodbyes sometime previous.Sadly this was not the case in an episode full of commotion and last minute gatherings of all and sundry.
bemused 3:29pm Tue 21 Jan
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Was not impressed by the exit of Hayley
It was less than impressive did Tyrone have to knock and knock at the door,having Hayley iron Roy's shirt for her funeral
Writers should be sacked 3:11pm Tue 21 Jan
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Another lesbian partner for Sophie?
Looks like the drop in centre may be where the new partner will emerge from
I bet it is 2:57pm Tue 21 Jan
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Sophie's World
I feel another tacky Sophie storyline coming on!
Ralf 9:26am Tue 21 Jan
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You bet
Do I see another tacky storyline involving Sophie coming on?
Charley 8:07am Tue 21 Jan
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I should imagine the exit suicide seen will cause some comment about queer street
sweety pie 10:04pm Mon 20 Jan
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Mental health
My mother has an ongoing brain problem and the Hayley story is making her want to commit suicide herself. I think it's about time this show thought about the viewers
Takeactionnow 9:58pm Mon 20 Jan
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Could have been written more sensitively
Not much thought went into the exit scene please don't give us weeks of Roy moping around,IF SO YOU WILL BE LOSING TWO VIEWERS
cheer us up now 9:31pm Mon 20 Jan
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Nosy Parkers Anna/Carla
Could have done without them two ghouls poking their noses in tonight...they'll now have a secret & will overact keeping it!
scunnert 9:18pm Mon 20 Jan
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Tacky sentiment made no better by Sinead & Ches as a couple of drippy lovebirds.More life less death.
Charley 8:28pm Mon 20 Jan
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Freudian slip - should have been denominator!
Ralf 7:01pm Mon 20 Jan
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oh yes, if you've you've got a determined producer who plays to the lowest common demoninator.
Ralf 6:58pm Mon 20 Jan
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Miserable Roy
From what Ive read we`ve now got to suffer months of Roy missing her and going even more mental than he is already...can it get any worse?
Erica 2:03pm Mon 20 Jan
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Challenging TV
Interesting if Roy decides to 'go' with her. Now that would be challenging TV!
Ralf 12:26pm Mon 20 Jan
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Catch Up TV
Corries about 10 minutes long for me on catch up tv, I fast forward Hayley doom and gloom. Mind you its getting less than 10 mins now I will end up not watching any of it
Suggs 10:49am Mon 20 Jan
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Wont be watching
Ive stopped watching until boring Hayley has GONE. But will equally boring Roy continue to be on every single episode?
Elizabeth 9:46am Mon 20 Jan
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When I tuned into the BBC morning programme to find the presenters interviewing the actress who plays Haley and taking all she said so seriously as if they were talking about a 'real person' not only that but on turning over to ITV to escape, thats all they were talking about too!!One even commented that it was amazing that the actress had played the part for so many years-it was a job of work for goodness sake I and many others are not called amazing for working for the same company for many years.
disgusted 8:53am Mon 20 Jan
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'Issues' in soaps are so tedious - stop trying to 'open up debate on death' - most of us can do that without Blackburn.
Sal 8:14am Mon 20 Jan
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Dreary Dreary Dreary
I can't decide what angers me more - the dreadful duo of Hayley & Roy, or those ghastly and totally unamusing meerkats!
Bored To Tears 5:32pm Sun 19 Jan
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