27 October 2020  | 
Coronation Street Comments
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In Roy's Rolls, when closing the cafe could they stop putting the seats of the chairs on the table surfaces where food is served, it's so unhygienic!
Wackydamage 7:57pm Mon 26 Oct
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Missing comments
Neils at it again. Plonker.
Gizmokatz 4:03pm Thu 15 Oct
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Google Neil leslie Gilbert Williams jacksnephew and scroll down to the Flickr. Look at his pics. He's wearing a high vis coat some of them his face is covered. On one though he's wearing an old man's hat. He looks a right mug. Apparently he's got 13 followers. Probably the outraged people on here.
Sayitlikeitis 9:00am Tue 4 Jun
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At Companies House and on his Facebook page he gives his surname as Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew. There's something other than idiocy going on there.
Glynn 8:21pm Mon 3 Jun
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He's a black guy with a company called Neil leslie Williams jacksnephew. Google it. He deletes all soap comments. He's a total idiot.
Sayitlikeitis 10:39am Fri 31 May
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All about corrie
I love corrie is really good
Morris 5:31pm Tue 17 Mar
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I love coronation street as i have been watching it since i was 7. it's a great show and the actors are fab x
leah 6:55pm Sun 22 Feb
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British Law
Aquitted through lack of evidence and innocent is not the same thing!
once more 12:11pm Sun 8 Feb
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Agree Sally in the Alley
British Law declared Michael L innocent. She sums up what is happening to poor Corrie.
scunnert 9:41pm Sat 7 Feb
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'owt or nowt
Thought I'd wait and mull over the non-events before saying 'owt. Turned out there isn't anything worth reviewing.
Brody 5:37pm Sat 7 Feb
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browser is wrong
Speak for yourself browser. Michael le Vell is innocent, I chose to stop watching because it's awful to see my friend Corrie dying, slowly, and deliberately.
sally in the alley 5:35pm Sat 7 Feb
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How dare you criticise such exciting plots, brilliant acting, charismatic actors and witty remarks - oh-oh, wrong soap! Sorry.
Velma 7:00pm Fri 6 Feb
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I'm afraid I fell asleep half way through last episode so missed the doubtless gut wrenching excitement. Anyone keen to update me? No? Ah well.
Noel 6:21pm Fri 6 Feb
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Acting lessons
Max upstaging Michael in the show.Awful story line and boring couple Gail and Michael.
Bright eyes 7:15pm Thu 5 Feb
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Poor Sinead, almost paralyzed - still the rest of the cast are comatose so you'll hardly notice.
Brody 2:03pm Thu 5 Feb
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Oh dear
This is getting more like casualty every day. Less hospitals more humour please.
music fan 1:57pm Thu 5 Feb
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MICHAEL aka Les Dennis
Brody held back on Mr Dennis - maybe the director asks him to be a drip but has anyone noticed that MICHAEL had no symptoms till his auntie told him his Dad died from heart failure - since then he's been swooning all over the place.
scunnert 9:49pm Wed 4 Feb
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Move it!
Please, Directors, take a good look at the dozy looking bunch of drippy actors we're left with. And don't even star me on Les Dennis.
Brody 9:26pm Wed 4 Feb
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Read all the comments on Corrrie
all that's wrong is that new actors aren't up to it, the scripts aren't up to it, the producer isn't up to it. Doom, doom, doom!
scunnert 9:40pm Tue 3 Feb
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so low
For God's sake, every episode is about someone shouting and being hysterica!! It's annoying and stupid with borING story line
Towi 8:03pm Tue 3 Feb
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nicks bistro
worst decor ever the old set was better who would want to eat in this dim Mexican border town bar look alike more akin to the old backstreet spit and sawdust pub should be bulldosed and start again do not give up acting jane you would never make it as an interior designer
robert 1:42pm Tue 3 Feb
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Kevin Le Vell
Should not be on corrie,now you know why Corrie's viewers are choosing not to watch this soap. Kevin was found to be innocent but mud sticks.
Browser 11:08am Tue 3 Feb
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Newly refurbished Nicks
New look Nicks OMG what a mess call it refurbished way too dark leanne's leather dress what's all that about! Don't pay the decorators
jae59 8:43pm Mon 2 Feb
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Story lines
Same old story lines repeated on other soaps. Needs good writers.
Bored 6:14pm Mon 2 Feb
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Boring, boring ,boring
Lizzymint 9:22pm Sun 1 Feb
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Had enough
I agree Scunnert,especially Sophie and Maddie.They make me cringe and so boring!
Feather HG 1:18pm Sun 1 Feb
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Steve must stay
he's terrific when he's allowed to be! I see Sophie/Maddie are becoming prominent again- they'd be no loss same as Kal & family +Gary.
scunnert 10:47pm Sat 31 Jan
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Characters to go or improve
Sinead Chesney Michelle Steve Sophie
Lizzymint 10:21pm Sat 31 Jan
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Coronation street really going downhill !
Will someone please clean all that muck off Sineads face ! So much mascara and fake eyelashes on and we are to believe that she's in hospital for weeks after surgery ? Crazy stuff and totally unbelievable ...
DublinDee 7:22pm Sat 31 Jan
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Lighten it up.
We need some laughs, and can someone tell me if Chesnie is in line for an award for the most miserable face ever !!
music fan 10:08am Fri 30 Jan
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something has to be done...
And quick about it!
wicker 1:16am Thu 29 Jan
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Given up on it
Ive watched it from the very first episode but enough is enough. When Blackburn goes I will give it another try...no hope until he does.
Reggie 4:39pm Tue 27 Jan
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Dear oh dear
another preposterous storyline.....Steve's depression being treated like he has terminal cancer, ludicrous. Is it ever going to get better?
Dadlar50 10:40pm Mon 26 Jan
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We're all Doomed!
Talk about doom and gloom. We all have our problems. But what we need from Corrie is some good Lancashire humour. Other soaps are miserable, please don't let Corrie go the same way. If it continues on the path it is following it will lose viewers and will have no hopes of any awards, apart from "The Most Miserable Soap".
Unhappy Viewer 10:37am Mon 26 Jan
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Is it right someone with manic depression should be driving a people carrier. I sympathise with the illness not the deed!
once more 6:52pm Sat 24 Jan
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Corrie Friday 23 January 15
No cheer tonight, all doom & gloom. You'd think Carla/Tracey could have a warmer meeting! Also Ches' girl friend still had all that eye glam intact after surgery. Ludicrous!!!No wonder Corrie didn't even get an nomination at TV awards. Still thinking of Anne Kirkbride.
sacunnert 9:22pm Fri 23 Jan
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Has definitely changed. At one time you could be entertained with a mix of poignancy and humour as real life. Now they try to compete with the later soaps with the dismal side of life almost as if anything remote funny is taboo. Sorry but the British way of life is one of pull yourself up and get on with it and make light of every situation unless you go under.
once more 3:58pm Fri 23 Jan
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No awards
No surprise. People have been saying on here for ages that writers are turning this into a different show - which none of us want. The humorous characters hardly appear - and one has depression! Tracy Barlow, friends with Beth? Ludicrous! Pursuit of drama ratings has clerarly failed - bring back our soap!
Edina 12:07pm Fri 23 Jan
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Going down hill.
I never thought I would start losing interest in Corrie. There are no good story lines. Characters are not interesting or they are changing like Kev and even Sally.
Marion 5:57am Fri 23 Jan
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They look to be trying to change Kevin's character, he seems to be the funny guy at the moment. Good luck with that one !
music fan 2:06pm Thu 22 Jan
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Whose bright idea was it to get
Kevin Webster to grow a beard,he looks awful,like an old man,not the brightest idea.
Mary 7:24pm Wed 21 Jan
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good by anne
so sad so young the street will not be the same without her will be remembered forever god bless r.i.p
robert 12:03pm Wed 21 Jan
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Corrie's about finished for me now...without Anne & a few other long term characters at the forefront Corrie is going nowhere. God keep you, Anne
scunnert 10:02pm Tue 20 Jan
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R i p
Thought Anne was ill when the story line was so in need of her presence. Hope they have marrows in heaven.
Sad 8:02pm Tue 20 Jan
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Was so shocked to hear that Deirdre had died suddenly after I questioned a co watcher of the show Corronation street... had been asking where on earth Deirdre was? and she read it in the CBC news about her and told me.. poor woman didn't deserve that end... for sure... GOD BLESS her and her family.. she will be sooo missed.. Doreen Clark..
Doreen 2:07pm Tue 20 Jan
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My sentiments exactly. A sad loss.
Taylor 1:03pm Tue 20 Jan
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Shame on Jack P Shepherd
Ignoring his love child who has a rare ilness,and yet he makes so much of his screen kids lowest of the low.
Mary 1:03pm Tue 20 Jan
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Deirdre Barlow
R.I.P Deirdre Barlow -Anne Kirkbride. You were one great actress, you will be never be forgotten for the great roles during your time at Corrie.
Benji 11:50pm Mon 19 Jan
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I was so sorry to learn of the death of Anne Kirkbride - Deidre. She will be sadly missed. May she rest in peace -(Heaven will be rejoicing tonight when Deidre is reunited with Blanche)
Corrie Viewer 11:09pm Mon 19 Jan
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Taxi for anyone?
tonights mini-bus fiasco.....too stupid for words. Script writing has reached a new low, what a shame.
Dadlar50 10:08pm Mon 19 Jan
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