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Coronation Street Comments
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We call them solicitors.....we are not America
gina 10:57pm Fri 21 Sep
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Lawyers ?
They’re more like the Chuckle Brothers,
E J 8:57pm Fri 21 Sep
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Didn't like her at first, but when she shouted out the wrong answer at the quiz night thus losing ken's team the prize i seemed to warm to her. I don't think she's tyrones nan though.
TRS 11:36am Fri 21 Sep
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Maureen Lipman
This proves how accomplished she is. She played a posh landlady in Corrie previously. I enjoy everything she does.
lila 9:20pm Thu 20 Sep
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I cannot believe an actor of Maureen Lipman’s calibre agreed to play such a ridulous part. Such a shame.
Jem 8:58pm Thu 20 Sep
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Please give your views on Evelyn, I'm afraid mine are unprintable
zena 8:13pm Thu 20 Sep
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Have stopped watching after 40 plus years. Crazy story lines and don’t get me started on Evelyn !!
Jem 2:44pm Thu 20 Sep
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I actually enjoyed Sally being so stupid and being carter off a bonus.
Jenty 10:41am Thu 20 Sep
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It’s like it’s been written by little kids !
E J 9:31pm Wed 19 Sep
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Not all bad. But a far cry from what it used to be
Ebnaking 5:21pm Tue 18 Sep
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I have been an avid watcher for 40 plus years, but Fridays episodes had some of the worst acting and most ridiculous story lines I have ever seen.
music fan 1:13pm Tue 18 Sep
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Evelyn charachter
We are all aware there are disagreeable people in this world but the Evelyn character is totally over the top. Every time she opens her mouth it's unpleasant absolutely ridiculous
zena 8:35am Tue 18 Sep
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Andy carver
Coronation street Return Andy carver back from the dead freedom
James 12:21am Tue 18 Sep
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Beam me abode Scotty
Never seen anything so bad
E J 9:00pm Mon 17 Sep
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Maureen Lipman
Maureen is a wonderful actress, but totally demeaning herself taking on this role in such a ridiculous storyline.
catbail 8:34pm Mon 17 Sep
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Usually love...
......Maureen Lipman but not enjoying her in this character. She's so much better than this role!! And as for Leanne and Toyah suddenly turning into vamps!!!! Words fail me!!
Steffie 8:26pm Mon 17 Sep
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Boring beyond belief.
I dozed off during the second episode on Friday, and couldn't even be bothered to rewind it. Leanne/Toyah/Imran, who cares? And the Jim/made up daughter back from the dead thing is farcical.
catbail 6:51pm Mon 17 Sep
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Oh dear
It really has hit rock bottom. With Leanne Toyah and The supposed solicitor. Fiz and Ty.... Who cares? And as for the long lost daughter of Jim and Liz, I give up!
Jeb 6:45pm Mon 17 Sep
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Sorry but the story line in Cori is bad.I watched Cori for years an is very disappointed they are not sticking to real life story lines.it is so far fetched I can not watch it any more.Tyrone's story lines is bad.an Liz think Cori needs to taken off until they get a better writer
Lillypot 8:34am Mon 17 Sep
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Of course it's real. Like the moon is made of cheese and roxanne pallet is really a nun and loved by one and all.
TRS 12:19pm Sun 16 Sep
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You do know it's not real don't you?
LOL 11:20am Sun 16 Sep
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Am sure each house is a tardis
zena 8:49pm Sat 15 Sep
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Previous comment
Pardon my ignorance.
REALLY 4:29pm Sat 15 Sep
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You don't need qualifications to do what leannes doing with imran in the solicitors office.
TRS 10:31am Sat 15 Sep
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How so many people the houses in the street can accommodate. Ken's. Sally's. Tyrone's etc. And no need for qualifications to be a doctors receptionist or work in a lawyers office.
REALLY 9:45am Sat 15 Sep
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The fantastic Maureen Lipman
What a joy to see that fine actress Maureen Lipman in Corrie. The scene in Devs shop was priceless. Let's hope she (and Cerebus) stay a long time..
Jackdaw 4:00am Sat 15 Sep
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Enough with the scatter brains
We already had one barking old lady from the nursing home,please get someone normal.as for Jim and Lizs story line so unbelievable I’m already bored,
Sad 10:46pm Fri 14 Sep
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The Book
Enough of the book already!
E J 9:00pm Fri 14 Sep
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We all know the soaps need some humour. But please let’s not go into pantomime mode, the introduction of Tyrone’s Nan is rediculous.
Rosie9 7:50pm Fri 14 Sep
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Never seen anything like it in my life PATHETIC seen better story line and acting in Dallas. And crossroads imagine dev as benny
Tommo 7:47pm Fri 14 Sep
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Give me strength
Tyrones gran are we supposed to take this character seriously. If she's meant as comic relief, MIGHTY FAIL. If she's going to be a regular this really is the end for me
tina 7:46pm Fri 14 Sep
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If Hannah is Australian why does she sound like she is strangling an American accent ??!!!
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo . 6:33pm Fri 14 Sep
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Shamefull miss oates thinking off all this garbage video games.blind rapist.back from the dead daughter whos not liz is daughter and more dark stpry lines by crimbo the whole st will problay be murded off tut tut
Nicky 9:46pm Wed 12 Sep
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I don’t understand.
What David Platt is going on about - am I missing something here?
E J 8:47pm Wed 12 Sep
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Absolutely disgusted! Jim and that girl pretending to be liz's dead baby daughter. What is he hoping to achieve?
TRS 8:02pm Wed 12 Sep
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Hurry up and finish Kate Oates story lines
Well Katie has resurrected from the dead and poor Tyrone has lost a mother and found he was stolen/kidnapped - amazing 2 in back to back episodes - a blind rapist and a pathetic story about buying an fantasy football team - what a load of garbage
jennyjones 9:55pm Mon 10 Sep
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Strange Behaviour
What is that Steve McDonald on ?
E J 9:34pm Mon 10 Sep
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Careless NHS
Yet again we are expected to believe the NHS mixed up babies again twice and again twice on the other soap! Please with this track record privatisation is the way forward!!
NHS supporter 7:06pm Mon 10 Sep
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Fizz off
Get fizz off the street she cannot act, she has to be the worst so called actress on TV..
Stretford end 6:41pm Mon 10 Sep
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No Corrie fans want the Sinead storyline to get ahead. We have had enough of the depressing doom and gloom stories. Give us a break.
No more misery 5:35pm Mon 10 Sep
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So why are there so many non whites on the show now then?
Bagpuss 3:37pm Mon 10 Sep
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Over the top
Sophie’s got more to offer,than falling for someone of her mothers age. The actors must be cringing trying to make these story lines interesting when there
Sad 12:40am Mon 10 Sep
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Prev comm
Cos the scripwriters are gay!
Jlo 9:42pm Sun 9 Sep
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Why,why why,do we have to have so many lesbian/homosexual characters.Enough is enough.
stringers 2:15pm Sun 9 Sep
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End of Tether
My hubby and I have been watching corrie for more than 40 years. What are they doing to it?? The story lines are unbelievable with wooden actors. Mary is preposterous and her son and daughter in law give me splinters they’re so wooden. The lesbian stories have got disgusting especially given the time it airs before watershed. It’s so depressing these days. It’s an insult to our intelligence. We won’t watch again until script writers are sacked.
Moy 9:47pm Fri 7 Sep
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Jim McDonald
He's back so he is!
gina 7:03pm Fri 7 Sep
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Glory be
My comment was removed......quell surprise!
gina 2:34pm Thu 6 Sep
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Music fan
You've said it all
zena 1:21pm Thu 6 Sep
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Oh no!
Sophie and Paula...please no!!! I have enough to look forward to with Sinead's cancer!!
Carol 11:53am Thu 6 Sep
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You used to be able to escape the harsh realities of life with corrie, now it's worse than reality. And minorities are becoming majorities.
music fan 11:00am Thu 6 Sep
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