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Your comment makes no sense!
lozza 5:55pm Wed 18 Mar
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Please please attend to this site
No reviews being accepted
It very rarely works 12:24pm Sun 26 Jan
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Why are yo not taking reviews
This is not how to treat fans
Get it fixed 4:54pm Thu 23 Jan
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Why watch it
Those that do all the moaning about it still carry on watching. WHY?
Jan 10:52pm Wed 22 Jan
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this is the worst programme i've ever witnessed.
mcmickyb 12:44pm Mon 13 Jan
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Totally agree with Suggs
Tried to leave a review, but gave up because it was ignored
Think site is biased 12:05pm Mon 13 Jan
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Not Allowed
Seems you cant say what you want here so what's the point
Suggs 11:56am Mon 13 Jan
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Sister Act
Well, I never saw the Sister Act of Carla & Hayley coming! Really not convincing.
Jerry 5:35pm New Years Eve
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ex corrie addict
Hear Hear|| I left a similar comment. But guess what it was not printed
taylor 1:19pm New Years Eve
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Why are we still watching this soap
Are we living in hope that it will improve,,does anyone at Corrie ever bother to read the comments
I don't think so 7:34am New Years Eve
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Present Day Corrie
We all had our favourite Corrie characters way back. Trawling through comments is anyone left that we love? Rita, Dierdre, Norris, Emily might still be lovable if the daft producer hadn't changed them.
scunnert 10:16pm Mon 30 Dec
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roy & hayley
Agree with other posters on this board...this story line is not brave tv, it's distressing and uncomfortable. This is a terrible disease and I don't believe the writer is performing a public service but more a cheap attempt to improve ratings!!
ex corrie addict 9:51pm Mon 30 Dec
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Soon please
It's so awful it's becoming humorous - will she? Won't she? When? Soon?
Bel 9:31pm Mon 30 Dec
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Alison King is such a bad actress. Her attempts at being sexy, flirty, concerned.....and best of all natural...are pathetic and very unconvincing.
MB 9:26pm Mon 30 Dec
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Nick should be next 2 go hes so bad at acting and somebody plz give him a razor shave that beard off
minnie 8:23pm Mon 30 Dec
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hayles end of life care!!!!
I contacted you previousley regarding this subject and am very suprised that you are not as accurate with your research as i had thought you were. In the real world, Hayley would be completely supported through her illnes and ultimately end of life care by District Nurses who provide all nursing care and manage symptom control. Often we consult with Macmillan Nurses who can offer advice and support but do NOT provide any actual nursing care. The way Haylwy has been left to manage her own symptoms and end of life care does District Nurses a huge disservice. No wonder the government called us the unseen workforce!!!!!
Les buzz 7:50pm Mon 30 Dec
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Part way through tonight's ep and yawning already......
Roy 7:45pm Mon 30 Dec
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Anything is better
ANYTHING is better than non stop Roy and Hayley....
Martin 10:08am Mon 30 Dec
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Tina should be a Fox, but she's more like a weasel - very different animals.
Garth 8:39am Mon 30 Dec
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I like Liz
Totally fed up with the Platt's get rid of David and the unattractive Nick,he couldn't act if his life depended on it
Give the Platt's a rest 5:00pm Sun 29 Dec
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What is happening to Tina. I think she's spend too much time with Dennis and is turning into a reincarnation of Elsie Tanner. Falling for a married man, using someone elses boyfriend to make him jealous, and that awful hair piled up on her head........ well don't get me started. It's bad enough that Liz acts like a poor imitation of Bet Lynch without Tina turning into Elsie. Help - fresh personalities please
Soapy 3:18pm Sun 29 Dec
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Fit & Fun
We could do with a God's Gift - someone fit and fun.
Carol 3:06pm Sun 29 Dec
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Please don't let Bill Roach back into the soap he is too old and a boring old fart who thinks he is gods gift to women
He's nasty 2:40pm Sun 29 Dec
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Apparently the story continues in to the far distant future with Roy missing her and going even more weird than he already is...it`s sure to be rivetting viewing folks., that idiot Blackburn must be bonkers.
Eddie 2:40pm Sun 29 Dec
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Roy looks more dead than Hayley
Hayley,you should be getting a better send off
Unhappy 1:30pm Sun 29 Dec
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Not convinced
Not convincing as a trannie and even less on her deathbed. RIP. But quickly.
ronnie 12:58pm Sun 29 Dec
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Hayley cancer storyline is boring. I too fast forward the scenes with Roy and Hayley in.
suze 11:19am Sun 29 Dec
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When Hayley was away in Holland for many months not so long ago Roy`s mother worked in the cafe. I found her much funnier and more entertaining than Hayley.
Erica 9:42pm Sat 28 Dec
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Poor Hayley
Hayley deserved a great send off after playing her character so well for so long
Sad exit 10:36am Sat 28 Dec
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Sick to the teeth
Back to Boring Rigor Mortice Roy and Haley... every single time we see other characters we are immediately dragged straight back to them. I HATE IT.
Mary 10:19am Sat 28 Dec
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Totally depressing
I think Corrie is very depressing at the moment, I can hardly bear to watch, it is not really entertainment and is far too deep.
DCW 10:18am Sat 28 Dec
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last nights episode gave me nightmares. Must give up watching for the next few weeks. Hayley should have died in an accident and off screen, Roy would be devastated but would have been spared weeks of misery beforehand.
Barbie 9:49am Sat 28 Dec
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Is it a soap?
If a soap can't portray real life with lightness and sensitivity, it ain't a soap. This is drear beyond words.
Roddy 9:48am Sat 28 Dec
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I don't agree. A vast majority of people used to watch the soaps as a form of escape from 'what life is all about' I personally have been trying to look on the positive side after living through a similar episode in my life, As I am sure many others have. This certainly did not help. Those who want to watch such things can choose to to do so through other means, and not have it shown within our soaps
Saddened 9:25am Sat 28 Dec
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Roy and Haley
It is the saddest story line and I do not look forward to the next few weeks. However, in response to others' comments about how depressing it is, this is what life is all about. This is reality and many of us look not only for entertainment but real story lines in our favourite soaps.
Ali 1:58am Sat 28 Dec
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Christmas Corrie
That interfering Anna really get my goat. Whenever she gets the chance she's in there with poor auld Roy/Haley. As for her Christmas Day Gloria - a - a -a- she's sure a chirpy dame that irritates & as for her prolonged hugging of Owen in the Rovers! Tone her down, please
scunnert 10:54pm Fri 27 Dec
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poor hayley
hayley why do you have to die your ace
babygirl 9:22pm Fri 27 Dec
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Christmas cheer !!! ???
Exceptionally depressing story line though well acted! Too close to home for many people and corrie has always been an escape for many from what is going on in their own lives . Have watched corrie for 30 odd years but losing patience with the writers now ! ! Used to be easy viewing
Depressed in Bristol 9:07pm Fri 27 Dec
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Depressing or what?
Is Hayley's story really Christmas viewing??? Its being SO dragged out and during the festive season too.
Not convinced 9:02pm Fri 27 Dec
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Depressing at Christmas...and indeed all year round!
Do the writers of Coronation Street honestly believe this is good entertainment? Life is depressing enough without all this stuff! If I want real life I don't need to watch the tele, I want to be uplifted and escape my worries after a hard.day. No wonder the viewer ratings have dropped!
Disappointed in the Midlands. 8:52pm Fri 27 Dec
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Stuart Blackburn
As a life long viewer since Stuart Blackburn has been producing Corrie the show has never been more depressing
Wootto 8:52pm Fri 27 Dec
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Soap land
Soap land has been a disaster this Christmas,A better way of saying good buy to Hayley would have been appreciated
Sad exit 4:04pm Fri 27 Dec
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Coronation street used too be my favourite soap but now it is a bit depressing especially at this time of the year
Use to be 8:13pm Boxing Day
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Same old
Same old, same old, withsentimental death thrown in.
Charley 7:39pm Boxing Day
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Living in hope
Corrie needs better story lines and better actors
Can we have better actors 3:52pm Boxing Day
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Had a lovely Christmas Day but found Corrie very depressing
Jazz boy 9:50pm Christmas Day
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More life, less death.
Glyn 6:01pm Christmas Eve
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Sorry to hear that Dennis's character is to be written out,he provided the soap with a laugh which is sorely what it needs
Don't let him go 2:05pm Mon 23 Dec
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Clean up TV
Get rid of Le Vell and roach,they have let Corrie down
Get respect 12:58pm Mon 23 Dec
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Get rid
Not looking forward to Michael Le Vell's return,the man can't act,his character should be written out
Improver 12:32pm Mon 23 Dec
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