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Coronation Street Comments
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No Win Situation
It’s time to give up on this
EJ 9:47pm Wed 9 Jan
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No comments from any soaps are being printed ,or they are deleted immediately. I think TV guide are behind it as pressure from shows producers about bad comments. I've sent emails to them and they don't have the decency to reply.
TRS 11:43pm Fri 4 Jan
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Who has wiped all the comments? Hurry back before they find you are missing!
mazza 9:59pm Fri 4 Jan
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........ 7:47pm Fri 4 Jan
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Is this Goodbye to Emily?
scunnert 10:15pm New Years Day
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The Hope story is so dull, and as for the child who plays her - well, enough said!
Welsh Wonder 4:08pm New Years Day
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Mary is the best actress on Coronation Street, and I love her best with Norris, Rita and Emily. I would love to see her move in with Norris now that Emily is off abroad. The rest of the show has been abysmal, and I hope the new Producer is better than the last one.
Saxonette. 1:11pm New Years Eve
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Like Mary says
Christmas Corrie was great. Hope Tracey goes home again.
scunnert 3:40pm Boxing Day
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Have to say Christmas corrie was great
The ending was perfect
Mary 11:44am Boxing Day
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Ken Barlow and Robert
You don't know the Whole Story don't let ROB Win this is hurting Tracey She finds out about him
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 9:15pm Christmas Day
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Why is gail acting and talking like a child,it's terrible.acting..
milly 8:02pm Christmas Day
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Like Fat Brenda says
Poor wee Hope, her story & her Ma & Da are so dull we hardly care. The O'Connor gay gal has not endeared herself to me, nor has her whole boring family.
scunnert 9:34pm Tue 22 Dec
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the Hope story is essentially dull - Fizz & Tyrone look middle-aged (Fizz's voice really, really irritating) and honestly, one more Gay and Corrie absolutely goes OFF.
Fat Brenda 6:48pm Tue 22 Dec
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Baa Baa
Only fit for sheep and the mindless
HAHAHA 2:09pm Mon 21 Dec
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Sorry to see corrie
Becoming so poor,writers need a kick up the backside
Mary 9:29am Sun 20 Dec
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shocking at acting. What is he even in the programme for? Get rid
boom 10:58am Sat 19 Dec
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boring and wooden
What happened to Corrie? It's so dull, lifeless and the storylines are ridiculous.. This used to be a great soap, funny and entertaining. Such a shame really
katsumi 9:11pm Fri 18 Dec
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Should be moved to an afternoon slot on channel 5. Even then it's pushing its luck.
steve 11:20am Tue 15 Dec
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What next!!!
Has Carla's father turned up? She's leaving soon, hope she takes the Connor clan with her!
scunnert 10:39pm Mon 14 Dec
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What has happened to the lad? There is no mention of him now and his mother Nessa seems to be more concerned at her job and her affair with Ken than looking after him. He has been ignored and forgotten.
Concerned 1:03am Fri 11 Dec
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Awful tripe
coronation street is awful tripe. It should be axed.
me 9:30pm Thu 10 Dec
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cath 5:18pm Tue 8 Dec
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Rob storyline
OMG we really rock bottom for stories now.
frankie 11:39pm Mon 7 Dec
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Rob in prison
Get rid of a few old story lines and then bring back another - the return of the wooden Rob - as if 1 story line would be good enough
pennylope27 9:00pm Mon 7 Dec
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I fully agree no need to say any more
ellie oops 10:27pm Sun 6 Dec
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I liked this, nice to see two youngsters not copying the bed-hopping antics of other Corrie residents. Nice one Corrie!
scunnert 9:30pm Sat 5 Dec
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Poor Craig
Poor Craig, not really one for the younger viewers, is he? And a very bad role model for fitness.
Rhoda 8:41pm Fri 4 Dec
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The Bistro
Why is there xmas displayed behind the bar instead of Christmas the most important word is missing
Goose 8:19pm Wed 2 Dec
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Is it my new Telly
or was everyone very bronzed in last night's Corrie? Had a laugh at hardly covered Aiden - is this to lure young female viewers who often complain at the lack of 'beefcake' males,
scunnert 9:13pm Tue 1 Dec
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Face up
Fiz & Sinead - cartoon characters with Minnie Mouse voices - and incredibly stupid faces.
Rod 8:38pm Sun 29 Nov
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These comments are only read by TV guide readers. You need to contact the show directly to put your comments to any producers,directors etc. For great acting and sheer entertainment value, I nominate Mary!
FeatherHG 5:29pm Sun 29 Nov
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Why oh why does Jenny McAlpine speaks in such an irritating, childish voice and why does she gurn all the time? She has to be the most annoying 'actress'? on tekevision
JoJo 11:45am Sun 29 Nov
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Steph & Luke
Please get rid of these two, the racing story is boring, the nude photos story is boring and the characters are boring
JoJo 11:41am Sun 29 Nov
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Tracy Barlow
At least they've kept Tracy consistently bad & not transformed her as they're doing to the equally unlike able Gary to a kinda hero + others e.g.. Carla the maneater, now the good gal.
scunnert 9:20pm Sat 28 Nov
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Fiz & sinead
Please stop putting Fiz & sinead together the two whining voices are too much to bear
Tammycat 5:47pm Sat 28 Nov
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Please get rid of Tracy Barlow
Do not like this character,never have,cannot understand why she gets so much air time,find her part boring and predictable
Liz 10:14am Sat 28 Nov
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Would you really keep reminder a child with cancer that they have hospital appointments and tests, and put an adult sized plate of beans on toast in front of her when she as no appetite. Get real!!!
unbelievable 8:10pm Fri 27 Nov
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At least you can pick the story line up if you miss any weeks or you can do the crossword at the same time, or catch up with the knitting, Gone are the days when you were waiting for the next episodes.
Watcher 7:21pm Fri 27 Nov
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Sad to say........
I suppose the 'agenda led' stories would be OK if the plots, dialogue and acting were good. Sadly, NOT.
ray 7:32pm Thu 26 Nov
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Looks like Corrie Writers
have hastily cobbled recent scripts together In the hope of better ideas coming soon. Luke/Steph story ridiculous; it was on the cards that the Connor lesbian character was gonna get together with Sophie.
scunnert 9:58pm Mon 23 Nov
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My wife watches every week. I used to watch when it was lighthearted but now its all depressing and too minority based. not fun anymore. so going to leave wife
Badger 9:12pm Mon 23 Nov
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Me thinks
Looks like Sophie maybe getting a new girl friend. No doubt the engagement will not last with the other girls! Still can't see how some of the actors are still in this eg Les/Micheal how he gets a contract is mind boggling!
Sadviewer 7:37pm Mon 23 Nov
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After 55 yrs I quit Street
Never thought I'd see the day I actually stopped watching the show, but I have. I feel the same as others who have left negative comments here. I invite the shows writers or producer to contact me for a full review
Dismayed Dave 12:18pm Mon 23 Nov
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Ditto I do the same,get more pleasure doing the crossword,so fed up with the soaps now,used to like Corrie,but the Platt family Are so boring
Liz 8:48am Mon 23 Nov
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Ray missed one
As most soaps you have to be gay or act as if.
once more 10:45pm Sat 21 Nov
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Ray on 'Agenda"
Great comment.
scunnert 10:08pm Sat 21 Nov
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PS. Does anyone understand the yapping accent used by all the new younger ones? Subtitles usually on.
Ray 7:03pm Sat 21 Nov
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What's my agenda
It's 'agenda' led drama - you have to be or have a problem/minority/disability to be on the show.
Ray 7:00pm Sat 21 Nov
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Shayne Ward
Wooden, unconvincing, acting!!!!
Mia 9:01am Sat 21 Nov
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Recent Comments on Corrie say it all
However I watched tonight as usual...& I must say it was 2 half hours of complete boredom...Racing Luke, Shrewish Steph, the awful Connors, Leeann/Simon,...I did a crossword while it played.
scunnert 10:39pm Fri 20 Nov
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