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Not only drink it dry but eat everything in sight at the same time spitting it everywhere as she constantly eats with her mouth open UGH!!!! Also her and the Henry story is beyond ridiculous.
zena 7:43am Fri 20 Jul
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Gemma, new landlady of the rovers. She'll drink it dry in a week.
Charli999 10:55pm Thu 19 Jul
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In real life Simons left his pregnant young girlfriend. Horrible boy!
TRS 5:17pm Thu 19 Jul
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Whoever thought putting Peter,toyah,Leanne and all the other hangers on in charge of the the rovers should be sacked.sounds like Johnny and his lot of bores will be next,god it's going downhill fast.now if Jim and Liz were to take over might get some excitement back,so it might.
Bagpuss 11:36am Thu 19 Jul
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The Taxi office
No one taking calls no drivers ever seen. Where is Norris? And where are all the children!
Unbelievable 9:20pm Wed 18 Jul
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The Pub
No cleaner, no cellarman, no stocking up, no drayman, no interest by the proptiaror, no customers, no profits - NO WAY JOSE
E J 8:39pm Wed 18 Jul
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Good bye corro
Dark dark dark not the corro i use to watch went down hill ill only tune in when jim is returning thats it other story lines are boring are to dark
Percy 9:29pm Mon 16 Jul
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Baked egg
That will be 2 then 1+1.
Benedict (eggs ) 9:19pm Mon 16 Jul
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Would put 11 if I could :)
Baked Egg 7:49pm Mon 16 Jul
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I quite like Jim.
So I do 12:06pm Mon 16 Jul
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With the dreadful Ms Oates at the helm anything is possible. Also they've managed it with Chas's bay in Emmerdale
Elaine 8:46am Mon 16 Jul
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Interesting explanation
Not only is big Jim macdonald returning to the street, but also their daughter that died when she was a baby. How on earth are they going to explain this?
TRS 8:18am Mon 16 Jul
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I notice the episodes showing at the moment are still produced by Ms Oates so the Jack losing his leg story is down to her. This woman is WARPED!!!!!!!
Abby 10:44am Sat 14 Jul
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I repeat my post from last Monday
Funny ? The effort to make humour is pathetic.
E J 8:50pm Fri 13 Jul
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Too depressing
So now poor Jack has his leg off? How many more depressing storylines? We need the odd one, but not all at once. The old ones shown on ITV3 are so much better - the perfect mix of drama and humour. And please get rid of that dreadful son of Mary's - he can't act to save his life.
catbail 8:35pm Thu 12 Jul
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While I like craig(not his storylines)they obviously for PC had to have a larger lad on the street which is ok but he seems to be getting bigger and bigger which can't be good for his health or youngsters watching thinking it's ok to be getting so rotund.
Bagpuss 3:42pm Thu 12 Jul
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If he ever lost his job in corrie, he could be a sloth lookalike from the goonies.
TRS 2:43pm Wed 11 Jul
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Thick Craig
Did I miss something interesting? fell asleep with so much piffle offered by corrie writers'
Mr Royce 1:04pm Wed 11 Jul
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it is the hottest summer on record. Craig wearing a hoodie,under a duvet. Sean in a tent wearing mittens and wooly cap. Everyone in coats.....
silly soap watcher 1:06am Wed 11 Jul
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Totally bored
Totally bored!!!!
Jeb 8:03pm Tue 10 Jul
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Craig and Bethany. No way in the real world. Can only happen in soapland
Yuk 7:38pm Tue 10 Jul
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Was there a hospital built when they moved the street.!!!
Bagpuss 7:33pm Tue 10 Jul
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Sarah platt
Sarah platt New Boyfriend called Daniel Aspin Love her and I will go out with Sarah platt for meal
James 11:23pm Mon 9 Jul
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Funny ?
The effort to make humour is pathetic.
E J 9:06pm Mon 9 Jul
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People overhearing things
This has been a constant source of storyline for at least a year. How often does a character overhear a conversation they aren't meant to hear ? Drivel
Carolyn 8:02pm Mon 9 Jul
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The foot
The scriptwriters obviously have no idea as to How to write anything other than gloom and doom storylines which is now becoming very tedious.about time others took over that gave us the corrie that we used to know and love.
Bagpuss 7:47pm Mon 9 Jul
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More Adverts
You sit down to be entertained for a while, you're happy, contented,smiling. Then you watch Corrie. Tears, depression, suicidal thoughts, disappointment....thank the Lord for the adverts.
Gerda 7:44pm Mon 9 Jul
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Try again comment
If you start watching when you are quite well in yourself you end up ringing them at the end cos by then you are so depressed
gina 6:36am Sun 8 Jul
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Yet Again
A warning before and a contact number to call if we've been traumatised by the episode. this is supposed to be entertainment. Yes occasionally difficult subjects have to be included but this is ridiculous
Esther 7:06am Sat 7 Jul
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Cori not funny
Frankly, I find the meer cats a good deal more amusing than the programme they're introducing. Another mystery, how did Steve manage to get any woman to marry him, let alone the six or so he did. He's a weak, pathetic idiot.
Marisol 6:01am Sat 7 Jul
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The last thing!
Anybody does in Coronation Street is WORK!
E J 8:39pm Fri 6 Jul
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Everyone in this soap is now physco
wendy 7:44pm Fri 6 Jul
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Is everyone loopy, degenerate, liars with psychotic tendencies? Oh yeah, it's Corrie.
Bradley 7:44pm Fri 6 Jul
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Take it away
MORE near death hospital scenes? Are they taking the p...…?
Rory 6:46pm Fri 6 Jul
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How ridiculous is Michelle.
zena 6:43pm Fri 6 Jul
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Sarah platt
Sarah platts a bl##dy psycho. Is that OK for the m#r#n who deleted my comment.
TRS 7:34am Fri 6 Jul
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What a brilliant idea to put in some thick twisted persons mind to stick slug pellets in sausages to poison an animal.words now absolutly fail me as to the dimwits that are writing this stuff.
Bagpuss 12:05pm Thu 5 Jul
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New Weatherfied Hospital
Seeing the last rendering with Innocent Eccles being poisoned, and the Ryan & Bethany tripe we now have medical rammed at us, the doctor seems to do nothing, little Jack is selected for the kids treasure island, the Rovers has now Landlord folk keep walking through the bar into the back room seems like consultation room for the disfuctional crew that are so called actors. Gogglebox is more entertaining it does have some light hearted moments
PC Backwards 11:48am Thu 5 Jul
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Fully agree with you warnings before and help line numbers after every episode is totally ridiculous. Life does have bad things happening but we don't need it ramming down our throats constantly. There is very little light entertainment left in the soaps and it's nothing to do with informing the public it's purely for audience ratings
zena 1:01pm Wed 4 Jul
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Watching soaps/dramas used to be entertainment after a busy day,we don't expect all fluff and serious stuff is expected to be included but getting really fed up with all every episode covering nasty ailments that viewers may be affected with plus helpline phone numbers at the end is getting well out of hand.if you weren't depressed at the start of an episode you certainly would be at the end.
Bagpuss 11:03am Wed 4 Jul
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number of users
might as well change and advertise this site properly or sink ! How many people put comments on each programme, few!
Steve 5:03pm Tue 3 Jul
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Why is blood poisoning now called Sepsis? People have had blood poisoning for centuries; so why change it now? Is it because in order to keep control of the "plebs" the authorities have to keep us in a constant state of panic about new diseases that might be appearing?
Mister Beergut 5:02pm Tue 3 Jul
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I am not a moaner. We are all entitled to our opinions. At least they are not racist as some other comments have been of some TV presenters and actors.
Sad 10:37am Tue 3 Jul
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Corrie needs humour, but there was nothing funny about dev. A pathetic attempt.
Jac 8:18am Tue 3 Jul
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I understood what dev was on about it was some badly needed humour on the street at last.great moans about the lack of it when we get some still moaning no pleasing some.still had the sepsis lecture/doom story to depress included as usual though.
Bagpuss 8:10am Tue 3 Jul
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As If
Steve would have kept all those engagement rings. Have watched for over fifty years and never thought I would wish for it all to end. If this is the best scriptwriters can do Its time to call it a day.
Sad 8:01am Tue 3 Jul
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What's he on. All he spoke was nonsense.
TRS 7:50am Tue 3 Jul
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It's about time dev took a very long holiday what the hell was he blabbing about in Monday's episode couldn't understand what he was saying.
DJ 11:38pm Mon 2 Jul
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Street Cars
How does this business survive, no phone calls, no punters.
E J 8:57pm Mon 2 Jul
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And once more the Street staggers from one unlikely disaster to another with a few clown scenes in between
Greta 8:02pm Mon 2 Jul
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