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Coronation Street Comments
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Coronation Street
I think that Coronation Street is a very good soap, that has been on for many years. I think that Coronation Street is the best soap out of Emmerdale and Eastenders. I think that all of the characters do a good job of the role, and make the soap seem realistic. I do have a one dislike about Coronation Street, of which the 1st dislike is that sometimes there are similar storylines to what have already been broadcasted.
Jordan 2:43pm Tue 26 Aug
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Feather HG
Thank you for that
infuriated 12:01pm Sat 26 Jul
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No sir
No sir, I don't like it.
Mr Horse 12:16am Mon 14 Jul
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Love Oleg
Best thing about Corrie is Oleg. Please keep him the best actor!!!
Hi Oleg 10:08pm Fri 25 Apr
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See Nick's hair has thickened up & dyed black as is his face hair. Do they think viewers won't notice!
scunnert 9:33pm Fri 25 Apr
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Who was looking after Simon whilst Leane was looking for Nick and Carla was in the Rovers?
confused 8:56pm Fri 25 Apr
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Exactly Wee boy not Wee Man!
unbelievable 10:25pm Mon 21 Apr
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I Love Simon
the knocked from pillar to post wee boy is portayed very well
scunnert 10:18pm Mon 21 Apr
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What a very very irritating child Simon is. The producers give him to much of an adult roll. He is supposed to be 11 years old for goodness sake not 25
unbelievable 7:53pm Mon 21 Apr
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This soap should be renamed
Depression Street
Elizabeth 12:06pm Sun 20 Apr
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Mary and Me agree
Get rid of the producer!
sunnert 10:24pm Sat 19 Apr
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Do all the soaps continuously feature unwanted pregnancies its unbelievable in this day and age. Are the same script writers involved in all of them. We have Lucy in Eastenders found dead and now are being told that Tina in Coronation street is found dead in an episode coming up soon. All very repetitive and predictable
fed up 9:13am Sat 19 Apr
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Where has corries humour gone! the Peter storey keeps repeating itself. Corrie used to give us some needed laughs.
polly 8:54am Sat 19 Apr
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Couldn't agree more
Mary 7:42am Sat 19 Apr
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It's a Sad Day
when everyone is so disenchanted with Corrie. Don't blame the cast, get rid of the producer
scunnert 10:30pm Fri 18 Apr
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prev comment
The same could be said about all the soaps.....I have stopped watching now.
bemused 12:21pm Fri 18 Apr
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time to end
No complimentary comments about corrie, either change writers or close it down.
Abstract 12:03pm Fri 18 Apr
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Don't you think Coronation Street has got boring
The story lines are getting worse so Borning and unbeliverble..
Was a fan 9:28am Fri 18 Apr
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Can Corrie nor find any
Good looking men. 'Jazz's comment'. Did not think this was an appropriate comment very insulting
disgusted 8:42pm Thu 17 Apr
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Fading Fan
Too many aggressive women, too little of Steve and the oldies, getting VERY boring!
MallyMoo 1:34pm Wed 16 Apr
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Apology for a story line
I cannot believe Corrie would slump to this. Please listen to the fans, we absolutely hate it at the moment. Listen, listen listen.
A fan 12:43pm Tue 15 Apr
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Time for Sophie to be written out. Her character is soooo boring
Ragpicker 12:07am Tue 15 Apr
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Not good in fact very bad!
I've watched it from day one and it's has had boring times but never as bad as now! New characters like lloyds girlfriend and homeless girl and also Sophie so bland! I left east enders 20 years ago and now it's time to say goodbye to the street
Glasgow fan 9:51pm Mon 14 Apr
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Boring boring
What a boring programme now. Too much of the same thing. Fast forward most of it now
George 8:34pm Mon 14 Apr
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Can Corrie not find any
Good looking men,who is the man with the unkempt head and face covered in red hair,he is an insult to red haired people,he needs to talk to Gary
Jazz 10:20am Sun 13 Apr
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where did it all go. A brief glimpse now and then. Bin the misery please and ditch the awful story lines. Life isn't all a drama!
Corrie fan 7:00pm Sat 12 Apr
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Poor Gail Platt
She has two sons who have not been blessed with good looks particularly Nick who has more hair on his face than his head,and David who has decided to cover up his ugly face with hair,as you may guess I don't like any of them,it wouldn't,t be so bad if they could act .
Mary 6:14pm Sat 12 Apr
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Bored with Sophie & Maddie
I've solved my boredom of the Sophie & Maddie storyline. I've taken to recording show & them fast forwarding whenever they are on screen. I used to enjoy Coronation Street it used to have a great mix of humour. Last week was saved by Steve McDonald, Andrea, Michelle, Lloyd & Eileen scenes. The rest I could happily fast forward through.
Durham fan 9:16am Sat 12 Apr
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Please, please, please get rid of that Maddie!!!!!!!!!! Hate the storyline with Sophie
Corriefan 10:00pm Fri 11 Apr
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I I was breathing my last breathe I would not even be tempted to visit that hotel room. Have they never though tof fighting back? If Owen is such a good builder jobs would be ten a penny
unbelievable 9:44pm Fri 11 Apr
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That short scene with Steve getting caught on the sofa with Andrea was worth more than 6 months of that Roy and Hayley misery.
Reggie 9:35pm Fri 11 Apr
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I agree with you,to portray a soldier who has been in Afghanistan as such a stupid thoughtless person is wrong,he should at least be portrayed as an ex soldier with a brain
Mary 5:11pm Fri 11 Apr
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For goodness sake how many times are Gary's anger episodes going to be blamed on him 'supposedly' having served in Afghanistan. His character has always been hot headed. And by the way-surely someone with his background and prison terms would not be accepted into the army.
unbelievable 3:38pm Fri 11 Apr
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Deteriorating ++
This programme is slowly but very insidiously deteriorating to the point it may as well be abandoned. Story lines are being dragged out and milked to the point of boredom. For God's sake will someone give the story writers a serious wakeup call or the sack. As one writer has put it, the most interesting part of it is the Meercat adverts.
Karl 11:39am Fri 11 Apr
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Must agree, I feel uncomfortable watching his scenes, looks like he's forgotten how to act as well.
music fan. 3:55pm Thu 10 Apr
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Kevin Webster
Poor bloke he gets uglier and uglier, has nothing going for him.
jan 7:32pm Wed 9 Apr
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Maria the misery
She really takes misery to new heights woe is me, it suits her so much moan moan moan
Jan 9:48am Wed 9 Apr
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insulting the audience
we are shown the builder pouring "petrol" all over the place, then striking a match !! Is there anyone who is not aware that had that been real, it would have exploded on the fumes. Petrol is not like paraffin. Please get the detail correct or don't bother
guy fawlks 10:20pm Mon 7 Apr
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O dear it looks like Garry's lid has flipped
I wonder what he has done,think he should be locked up for his own protection.
Mary 9:01pm Mon 7 Apr
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Apologies,I realised too late that I Had made a mistake and tried several times to send a txt but it was not accepted
Mary 7:16am Sat 5 Apr
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Surely Jan & Mary
have the wrong site! Why are EE's comments allowed, Office Manager?
scunert 9:40pm Fri 4 Apr
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I am glad to see
That this site is monitored,there was two nasty messages left by someone and have since been removed,much appreciated.
Elizabeth 4:50pm Fri 4 Apr
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Agree with prev common - you are on the wrong site!!!
bemused 5:03pm Thu 3 Apr
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Best scene lately was the David ? Kylie roll play in the hotel bar, priceless !
music fan. 1:53pm Wed 2 Apr
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Jojo,I agree
The meerkats have more brains than the cast,and there is too much sexual innuendo,what has happened to the much loved soap that it once was
Mary 11:39am Wed 2 Apr
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The only part of Coronation St worth watching these days is the meerkat ads; I'm having a break from viewing until the awful Tina/Carla/Peter storyline ends
Jojo 10:24am Wed 2 Apr
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Really too Much
Peter/Carla/Tina, Tod/Marcus, Sophie/Madddie stories all trail on. Now we've got Anna on a tryst with Phelan. Ridiculous & unpleasant viewing. The producer must have a dark personality & should be sacked.
scunnert 9:42pm Tue 1 Apr
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Coronation Street
I have been watching Coronation since 1980. I love the show but I am so disappointed in Tina's character being the other woman. Shamefu Tramp!
Your Momma's Kind Of Gal! 6:38pm Mon 31 Mar
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Garry Windas needs a good kick up the backside
Garry acts like a child who isn't getting his own way and throws his toys out of the pram
Jazz 10:36am Sat 29 Mar
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David Platt.
Not the best looking of guys,but his new look does nothing to enhance him.
Jazz 8:35am Sat 29 Mar
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