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Live International Football Comments
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Don't understand .
I don't understand how Holland play football so well wearing wooden clogs ?
Der 7:22pm Fri 23 Mar
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1-0 thanks to a penalty. This england squad is pants.
spongebob 9:27pm Sun 8 Oct
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Poppy 12:18pm Sun 8 Oct
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England vs scotland
Last time scotland played England was 3 2 to England at Wembley get your facts right
Steven 2:59pm Sun 6 Nov
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Excited to see what Southgate can do that's different to any other manager we've had, c'mon lads we all want a good solid performance and hopefully a few goals, 3-0 England
Flacko 4:09pm Sat 8 Oct
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So excited for the game tomo. England to win!!!!
WHUcrazy 5:38pm Fri 25 Mar
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not a repeat
This is about the only thing on tv tonight thats not a repeat....every ****ing week the same films, repeats of repeats. How do the tv companies get franchises because they are all wasters?
jikoo 4:19pm Sat 11 Oct
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heavy tunes while in college while looking to see if football is on tonight and it is:)
DD 9:49am Wed 6 Feb
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To Steve
"How can you possibly have a ranking for a TV programme that has not only not happened yet, but is for a sports fixture that has not taken place?!" Because tvguide.co.uk has no human overseer, and so will put every England game into the same comments spot. England Vs. Wales - England Vs. Italy - England Vs. Russia etc. Same with the movies and remakes, people vote for The Italian Job (the good original one) and their 9/10 vote goes to the dire horrible travesty U.S. remake. Or The Wicker Man, or Get Carter...
KBeee 9:47pm Fri 7 Sep
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have a good luck England
heron 7:13pm Tue 15 Nov
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england 4 ever
haha england de best spain .......so so sorry
benji 9:27am Mon 14 Nov
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angland will cry!
spain will murk angland! hahaha
qwrty 12:03pm Sat 12 Nov
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nk kovyyy
vyyyyiyigg 6:35pm Fri 11 Nov
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Wales to win 2-0
welshboi 5:44pm Tue 6 Sep
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More anglocentric tripe
The amount of Anglocentric tripe leading to this match is nothing short of disgraceful. I sincerely hope ITV's coverage is completely impartial given that this is a match between TWO teams from the UK. BTW that banner is a complete fail, what, no Wales team picture on it? I didn't realise you's think we're a foreign country already?
Welsh Boyo 3:46pm Tue 6 Sep
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pies r gr8
i luvs pies me
chomperlomp 3:45pm Tue 6 Sep
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How can you possibly have a ranking for a TV programme that has not only not happened yet, but is for a sports fixture that has not taken place?!
Steve 2:23pm Tue 6 Sep
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about time
its about time that a euro is on itv
Jacxk 2:20pm Tue 6 Sep
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I rated this only 3.0 because the introduction is so out of date!
Sues 10:30am Tue 6 Sep
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yes yes yes
yes 2:28am Tue 6 Sep
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No no no
Not Clive Tyldesley. His awful commentating with his affected way of speaking is disgraceful. "Walcoh affer twenny minuds" Is this the best they've got (I mean goh)?
English please 11:50am Sun 4 Sep
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Players Tonight
Walcott for a hat-trick!
Dan Stocker 2:42pm Fri 2 Sep
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90% off the players in the picture wont play!
SimonSmith 6:57pm Thu 1 Sep
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Decode by capitals
Wales Auatria Nigeria Korea Egypt Russia Syria
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ITS COMING HOME 12:06pm Sat 4 Jun
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How the hell?
How can this program only be rated 7.6, i love watching England play!
Owen Jenkins 10:20am Sat 4 Jun
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not premier league so they don't care
i hope the Egland team have bucked up their ideas since the disaster of last summers world cup!
mook 8:48pm Fri 3 Jun
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overrated and overpaid
watch them swagger around the pitch posing and thinking their better than everyone even their own fans.
mugs 11:03am Tue 29 Mar
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Anthony CharlesJohnson
maaate! get lost u nerds xx
AJBIGSHOW 10:56am Tue 29 Mar
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Live International Football
Banner headline of SCOTLAND v Brazil, shows England team players!
Franz 12:41pm Sun 27 Mar
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scotland v brazil and the tv guide is using the england teams picture .. disgracefull
nothappy 7:35am Sun 27 Mar
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yt3wyt 7:42pm Fri 25 Mar
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I'm glad ITV have bought out the match. If people don't to watch it, fine, get over it, watch something else, instead of moaning on here by throwing your dummy out of mummy's pram. Because, lets be honest, there are a lot of people that want to watch the match, including myself. So haters can do one!
Steve Price 6:59pm Mon 7 Feb
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Emm ppl saying its on sky, fyl. ITV, it will probs be awful neway - will watch first half n then switch to the apprentice to watch ppl fail at business. I am the best, the names ansell i just sell all day....no you dont, you are rubbish! xxx
bobbyjoebean 5:02pm Wed 17 Nov
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I wish
it was on Sky so Coronation Street would be on. The England setup is a disgrace and I'm not allocating 90 minutes of whatever time I have left on this planet to watching these boring, preening divas and their spectacularly dull style of play.
Jack Charlton 1:45pm Wed 17 Nov
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More boring than the Royal wedding
There is only one thing more boring than Royal wedding talk and that is football talk.
Chantemerlière 8:17am Wed 17 Nov
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wtf this is madness!
why is this on sky and not itv/bbc this is madness i tell you, screwing us all!
wtf 8:21pm Tue 12 Oct
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Obviously there are some people too stupid to work out from a perfectly well presented timetable that the football is on ITV! I'll be watching it on the radio because I have ears uniquely evolved to possess light sensitive organs inside.
Nottmrocker 5:44pm Tue 12 Oct
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wtf its on itv
ha ha are you all blind the game is on ITV1 London 7:30pm-10:10pm (2 hours 40 minutes) Tue 12 Oct not sky look with you eyes people
GazzaRooney 5:01pm Tue 12 Oct
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hioihihih 1:30pm Tue 12 Oct
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its NOT on sky!
Is every1 on here partially sighted or something?! it CLEARLY says its on ITV lol!
R4staBillySk4nk 1:03pm Tue 12 Oct
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England and Sky in bed.....
How sad......the national team are rubbish and have gotten into bed with Murdoch......All about the money not the real fan...!
James Peter Glover 9:14am Tue 12 Oct
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England games should not be on sky
bing 8:36pm Tue 7 Sep
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hate sky!
yoma 8:15pm Tue 7 Sep
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why is this on sky money grabbing channels
cubie 7:02pm Tue 7 Sep
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england matches should be for everyone
i am disgusted that i cannot watch tonights england match because it is on sky 2 noy everyone can afford to be screwed by sky they should be shown to everyone in this country free i think this is outrageous
yorkie 6:52pm Tue 7 Sep
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so i can't watch it. GREEEAT.
pfft 4:44pm Tue 7 Sep
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Skysports :(
Why is this on skysports and not BBC/ITV!?
sadguy 4:26pm Tue 7 Sep
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England will win tonight confomfortably! People who say footballers are money grabbers have got no sense at all. Is Tom Cruise a money grabber for earning hundreds of millions a film? Nobody ever says that. At the end of the day its their job abd nobody would turn it down! Get real!!!!
the message 3:26pm Tue 7 Sep
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I think england should get a british manager to manage them as a british man would understand the team more. I read a couple of weeks ago about Gerrard saying no english manager has the same CV as Fabio, hes fantantic. I agree but have a look at Roy Hodgson he made Fulham go to euro and No one knew fulham they were rubbish and now look how they plap when roy left the fulham team is down. Hes a great manager for england.
Terry 3:16pm Tue 7 Sep
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