19 October 2021  | 
Most Haunted Comments
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Fake fake fake
The most fake series... even not worth to turn on Tv... s**t!!!
Rx 6:23pm Sun 7 Jun
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Is there any need for that woman to scream to that extent.
Katie 5:01pm Tue 19 Feb
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Most crap
Mad garbage.
Stinky Pants 9:04pm Mon 29 Oct
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Love it
One ofy fav shows
Kat 9:45am Sat 20 Oct
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Love this show. The chemistry with the team is fantastic. Karl and Yvette really do make me laugh especially when Yvette is telling Karl and stu off.
Suzie-lou 6:44pm Fri 19 Oct
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Best show on earth
Love Most Haunted..Can't wait...xxx
Jenster 7:49pm Thu 18 Oct
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Still Fake I See
Watched a recent new episode and Yvette is still annoying and screamy whilst bogus stuff seems to happen that looks more like fakery as per older episodes when they were caught out.
Mr X 3:30pm Tue 31 Oct
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Best program on TVs
Me and my family would love to be with you all one night. David
Caravan man 7:54pm Fri 1 Sep
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Bring back old team
Why can't you bring back David Wells, Cath & Leslie to the team?
JanO 2:07pm Wed 1 Mar
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Not haunted
Spent some timr at Shrewsbury nick. Never heard a bloody thing.
Firefox 10:13pm Sun 21 Aug
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You can see the expressions on their faces bad acting knowing its fake and hoping someone is going to be duped into believing it. Haha.
liverbird 4:46pm Tue 26 Apr
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they expect spirits,noises etc so why do they scream like school girls
pam38b 6:21pm Fri 26 Jun
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What utter drivel
Do these people really expect anyone to believe them? They take themselves seriously, but I can't see anyone else being SO stupid!
P V 7:19am Thu 11 Jun
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The Most annoying Vocal and that's all what you hear and see, they are not professional at all, any sound they all start screaming especially Yvette. on every single episode.
Jimi 4:38pm Fri 31 Oct
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Does anybody know the name of the new medium fellow, with the beard? I recognise him from somewhere and can't work it out!!!
Andy 10:57pm Thu 25 Sep
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Great show
This is THE BEST show on tv I could watch it all day long
vonney 8:15pm Mon 31 Mar
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Whole series
Did Pick TV not buy every single episode from all the series? There's quite a few series where there is at least one episode missing.....very disappointing
yb34 12:29pm Mon 3 Mar
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How much money
What a waste of viewing time good for those that believe i gues
Not impressed 4:38am Thu 13 Feb
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is there any body there
Is there anybody there ? No because I turned this S..t off.ha ha ha
lewis 7:19pm Tue 28 Jan
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most haunted
best programme ever
jan 3:31pm New Years Day
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I want most haunted back
I am praying they bring back most haunted to some American tv channel, hope your listening syfy! Get rid of GH-Steve is a jerk, he is no replacement for Grant! GH really never helps any one, at the least get a freakin medium in maybe it would liven up GH!
Wanting Most Haunted back 12:33am Thu 7 Nov
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great show
I LOVE this show. I do not miss an episode
Vonney 6:25am Mon 4 Nov
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Is he for real?
Derek Acorah?
Fenny 6:37pm Mon 13 May
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Most Haunted
Are they still showing this garbage ? Well seeing it is on at 5.00am as only an insomniac would be around to see it ... might also cure it
Incredulous 1:16pm Fri 29 Mar
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Bring back Derek
I watch the programme, and this could be good if half the so called crow were sent packing. If these people are taling to spirits then WHY NO RESPECT. Why all the bleeping. Nothing but a bunch of foul mouth, screaming, I'm scared. Derek was at least entertaining. In fact bring Derek back permanent and finnish Yyette, Carl, Cath, Stuart.
MBP 13 10:25pm Fri 25 Jan
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Why does the other side always grow stones? Why stones? And f this is all scientific and they have done so many investigations, then why do they get so scared, why does evette keep saying " what was that?" well it's either stones or a bang or footsteps u shld kw by nw
budwiser 6:41pm Mon 21 Jan
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Why not try to help them move on!
Having watched most of the most Haunted programmes, if these Lost Souls do exist why does the team not, with the aid of a compassionate professional not asist them to move on and go towards the light? Instead of goading them to perform parlour tricks. Of course it would not make such a compelling programme, but maybe some souls would be helped to accend!!!!!!
R.I.P. 10:08pm Mon 14 Jan
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set up?!!!!
it seems so!!!! phenomena seem to happen there and then most of the time. especially with the screaming from the female members of the crew (good touch, helpless females in a wierd, dank, dark location). this stuff is on cue. BIG TIME!! give it a rest! it's all played out now. how much more are these people going to keep this charade up? they have not seen NOTHING or experienced NOTHING!! IF THEY CAN PROVE IT UNDER SCIENTIFIC CONDITIONS AT ANY LOCATION BY QUALIFIED PEOPLE, THEN 'I REST MY CASE' ( AND THE SO CALLED PYCHICS)?!!
nick , again.( addition) 10:11pm Thu 10 Jan
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to be blunt,are you for real?!! my hobby is the paranormal. i have watched your progamme from the start(mug!) then bought the dvd's (bigger mug!!) it's amazing technology!! to pull the wool over gullable peoples eyes is despicable, like so called psychics who you have on your 'SHOW' who when it boils down to, don't know their posterior from their elbow!! charlatans, the whole lot of you !!!!!!!!! spooky!!!!!!!!! P.S. DON'T INSULT PEOPLES INTELIGENCE !!!
nick 8:16pm Thu 10 Jan
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A Sceptic But....
I watch the program with interest and I am always interested when information about the place/spirit[s] is given by the medium/psychic. However, if I could be 100% sure that no information is obtained before the medium/psychic arrives on site I could give the show more credence. However, apart from the woman [Cath] who seems forever scared it is entertaining. If indeed Yvettes husband did throw stones it does make you wonder about how honest the whole program is.
Predatory_Chicken 10:16am Thu 1 Nov
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great programme
fantastic show, I never miss an episode
von 2:48pm Mon 22 Oct
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the place is most probaly haunted, but never when the team are there. i have seen ghosts myself there is no two ways about it.
sam. 6:37pm Tue 2 Oct
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Pure and utter garbage!!
I can't believe some people are taken in by this farce of a programme - *rolls eyes*
dingbat 5:49pm Tue 18 Sep
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Screaming Mimi
Why do they take that screaming woman Cath along? It's very annoying and if she is so scared, she shouldn't be there. Love the show otherwise, but sometimes wonder how they get the ghosts to perform to order all the time.
Future Ghost 6:35pm Fri 24 Aug
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wish i could join
i would love to join the programme just for a day as this has been a dream of mine for many many years my daughter wants to join me i wrote to jimll fix it but he never did for me
dawnie 6:54pm Mon 16 Jul
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This show
Tells me that through participation, via viewing, the human race is doomed to drown in it's own stupidity...
Rationalist 6:31pm Wed 11 Jul
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Fake !
Yvette Fielding's husband was caught throwing stones and making noises to fake the so called spirits and hauntings lol
Total rubbish 6:49pm Tue 10 Jul
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Most Haunted
I did enjoy the programme but it was constantly spoilt by cath and lesley screaming all the time, and mhy do they have to play eerie music at the most annoying time. Taps In much more professional and their equipment is much better.
ghostbuster 12:34pm Thu 21 Jul
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The only reason i watch your show is because Taps is on next, stop screaming and swearing!! Gosh get some technical equipment or team up with Taps and they will show you how to catch ghosts!!!
TapsFan#1 x 10:30am Wed 13 Jul
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be professional
A lot of screaming & swearing the most haunted is about, CATH you should go,if you are scared why you are there???TAPS team is the best
steve 11:20am Tue 14 Jun
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Most Haunted
i also want to have most haunted on freeview too.I love the show but i cant watch it because i have freeview!
Johnny 7:45am Wed 4 Aug
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Most Haunted
If anyone at freeview is looking at my comment! then please can I have most haunted back on freeview? I love to watch it no matter what anyone else thinks! do I have to partake in going to the house of commoms in London to get this program back onto freeview?
Rick 8:49pm Tue 23 Mar
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i love your show i love it so much i new i saw a man behind that door carl you where telling the truth wasn't you xxxxxxx 123
laura burke 8:14pm Fri 12 Feb
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iwant it back on real tv
we don't have livingit channel i really miss most haunted on the travel channel ghost adventers sucks
most haunted 1 fan 12:44am Sun 3 Jan
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Did you hear that...??
Yvette`s fave comment - and we never hear a thing - if they could all shut up talking for a minute we just might get to hear it Yvette.Going off subject a little - just watched Yvette and Carl`s `wedding` - why does she allow Carl to constantly humiliate and embarrass her mother in that way..? Why would any normal thinking person not speak up and put a stop to it..? I was so sorry for Yvette`s mum when Carl ripped into her - and my daughter said the same - he`s a bully.
notetaker 7:06pm Sun 20 Dec
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i love this programme!!! Its brilliant viewing :) x
mayb 11:39pm Sun 29 Nov
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Most Pathetic
utter nonsense like this shouldn't be allowed on TV to poison the simple-minded and gullible.
tubby 10:40am Wed 4 Nov
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they are having a laugh
Yvette and Carl must laugh themselves to sleep at all the money they are making out of people. I believe in spirits but this is pathetic! The acting is awful and when ever they run out of things to say one of them pretends to feel ill or to have been touched.I agree that Kath is the worst, annoying and useless, why is she on there? I suspect she is Yvettes best friend.I would love to hear what they call us stupid viewers in private. I watch because it is so not meant to be funny - but is!!
stephron33 8:49am Tue 3 Nov
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what the heck
watch out the ghosts are coming to get you. you better going to the pum than sitting at home watching this crap
westham 7:30pm Fri 30 Oct
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you sad lot
what a sad life you have if you enjoy this
redrum 7:27pm Fri 30 Oct
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