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Dyslexic detectives seek a pratagan.. pratogoni.. prootogonist ... crook!
Ehha 11:01am Fri 27 Sep
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I love this programme is there going to be a series 7
kym 4:43pm Mon 9 Sep
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can you put the numb3rs series on enternet pls
can you put the series on enternet because otherwise i cant watch it because my mum doesnt let me watch tv during the week, which sucks. So yh pls put the series on enternet!!
why me ... 6:20pm Thu 14 Jul
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great !!!!!
i think numb3rs is great i watch it all the time when its oan i hope it stays oan
pahax 5:24pm Wed 5 May
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94Y Boy reminds me of the 3 TV Critics Girls who were employed as proofreaders by M & M who were sacked, One rejecting the Ws one for kicking out the Es and the third for not rejecting the 3s
NUMBERS Rules 12:20am Thu 25 Mar
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94Y B0Y 6:01pm Thu 11 Feb
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season 6
numb3rs season 6 starts on five on wednesday 13th january at 10:00
LJ 8:37pm Tue 5 Jan
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don't keep us in suspense
when will series 6 be shown ITV2 five five usa (who cares which channel?) USA has got the 6 season running so when will be ours a very frustrated fan!!!!!!!!!!!
cabbagebasher 9:22pm Sun 1 Nov
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you don't have to have a good understanding of math to understand the math of numbers, that's why i like Numb3rs so much.
bob 2:52pm Mon 26 Oct
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So Easy
It's so easy to placate the dimwitted. Go Rids and Tony! Count the cash!
Sir Lew 9:55pm Wed 14 Oct
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Just for the girl
The Indian girl in it is seriously hot! Well, she's half German but still hot!!
Chome4 7:22pm Tue 29 Sep
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season 6
when does season 6 air in the UK?
LJ 8:31pm Tue 1 Sep
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This show ROCKS!
This show is so cool, it rocks! []/[]
D. Winchester []/[] 7:56pm Wed 22 Jul
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so cool the best ever
i love numb3s coz is it the best ever tv show ever well geting to stargate sg1 but it is so cool
bob 10:45am Thu 25 Jun
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it is the best ever
it rocks
bvccff 6:15pm Sun 22 Mar
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Season 4
Don't know if you'll see this (or have seen it already) Disappointed, but season 4 starts tonight (15th January) at 9PM on ITV3
Umatron 6:09pm Thu 15 Jan
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what are they playing at
Why do they keep swopping the channels for this program ? Have been waiting ages for series 4 to start but all have seen is series 2 on 5 US now I see they are showing series 5 on channel 5 ... what happened to series 4 ... it has apparently been showing on ITV 2 and I have missed 7 episodes. So what are these tv channels playing at by showing different series on different channels. Now I cannot watch series 4 or series 5 until they decide to re-run series 4 and series 5 due to missing the stories. Why run series 5 on ITV 2 when series 4 not even finished ? Are they really that stupid in how they broadcast the series ?
Disappointed 4:02pm New Years Eve
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The Explanation
'Numb3rs' has a '3' in it because it's not pronounced 'numbers' - it's pronounced 'numb three-ers': really lame third year students (about 9 years old). Thank you.
J Hirsch 4:49am Fri 12 Dec
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True But
That's true. But those who think this show is serious could just as well have stayed asleep. Mathematics are not logic except in Boolean terms.
Max VP 7:44pm Thu 11 Dec
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Smart blondie
Those who think that its far fetched for maths to actually solve crimes were probably the ones sitting in maths class asleep. . . mathematics is a lot more than adding and subtacting!!! . . . its logic.
maths student 12:29am Wed 10 Dec
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I love this program, the storylines are great and the characters are really complex and interesting. People who rate it badly obviously haven't watched more than a minute of an episode and just don't understand it bacause they haven't been following the series. This is an excellent program!
K4TI3 8:34pm Sat 8 Nov
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This program is great, only problem is numbers isnt spelt with a 3 in it but apart from that its a big hit.
Toon Chief 12:09pm Fri 31 Oct
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you do-do the math?
Is season 2 really number 2? Have to say i enjoyed the first season - although the lead female gets my goat.
catflap 10:37pm Sun 5 Oct
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@ catflap
That's a scary thought... we're seeing the _best_ of the series?!
mrmr 9:39pm Fri 3 Oct
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episode 15 already?
has itv really been showing season 2 for over 3 months or are they cherry picking episodes?
catflap 11:34pm Tue 30 Sep
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this programme was not meant to be shown in the usa, reason 77.99% of the population are illiterate
njippon 7:34pm Tue 23 Sep
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5c47 11:39pm Wed 17 Sep
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mrmr 11:37pm Wed 17 Sep
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...4nd whi13 i'm 0n 7h3 5u6j3c7; h0w much i5 4 6i9 m4c 7h353 d4y5?
dr k3vin 6r4in 8:15pm Wed 17 Sep
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w311; i'm n07 r3411y 5ur3 h0w p30p13 c4n c0mm3n7 0n 7hi5 wh3n 7h3y c134r1y 14ck 7h3 m47hm47ic41 4nd 5ci3n7ific und3r574ndin9 70 in73rpr37 7h3ir 3nvir0nm3n7 4cur4731y. i w0u1d pr3f3r 70 533 p30p13 in m4cd0n41d5 wh3r3 7h3y 6310n9.
dr k3vin 6r4in 11:07pm Tue 16 Sep
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Startrek was far more accurate in terms of science than this is in terms of mathmatics.
getyourownname 4:24pm Tue 16 Sep
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This crap is only one step above Treknobabble. I'm just waiting for the episode where they solve the crime by 'reversing the polarity of the [insert mathematical expression here]'. As for the family stuff, who cares? If there was enough of a plot to fill each episode, they wouldn't need to resort to lame "we're brothers and we're rivals but we love each other really" filler material.
mrmr 8:36pm Fri 12 Sep
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Its just a matter of time until all crime is solved by advanced mathematics. I have no idea why they keep installing camera's locks etc. Ridiculous waste of money.
MrMe 2:42am Sun 17 Aug
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At Least 32 Hexadecimal Digits
Yeah right you turnip. All the while they show a baseball catcher signaling a pitcher. THIS. IS. SO. DUMB.
0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF x 0x10 10:19pm Mon 21 Jul
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Ah time for those squeaky voices again. Go Patriots go!
Diane Farr 10:12pm Mon 21 Jul
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Lipstick on Pigs
If this show looks good tonight it's only because everything else looks so much worse.
Auntie Boob 4:12pm Mon 23 Jun
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No title
Ridders and Tone shame on you. Your just cashing in boys. You know as well as me the show is crap. See you at the club next week.
Stevie Winters 5:14pm Thu 29 May
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So Poor... So Boring... Lame at best
This series has the lamest scripts and the most boring characters. This episode is also a poor excuse to capitalize on real school massacres. I struggle to understand how it has survived past a pilot episode!
Nick the Greek 9:06pm Mon 12 May
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Too Difficult
these storys our two dificult two follow
Nemo 10:48pm Mon 21 Apr
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Rubbish II
I agree with Scat. This is an insult to intelligence. Everywhere but in the US. This is deliberately targeted to people with an IQ of about 40 - that of a banana. I can't believe Ridley and Tony are involved.
Aficionado 10:59pm Mon 11 Feb
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This program is so unbelievable, all the "math formulas" they talk about are totally irrelevant and could never help them! But on the program as a whole I think it is a nice idea that just hasn't worked out as imagined. 6/10 as it is a nice idea!
Scat 12:33pm Mon 11 Feb
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Its good to see a different take on the usual detective programmes.
Minnish 9:21pm Thu 15 Nov
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