16 October 2019  | 
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Seven year old kids worried about Brexit. I doubt it.
H. 10:16pm Thu 3 Oct
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Jamón el tiempo
More gammon than the Morrison's deli.
Hombre 6:09pm Sun 29 Sep
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Tonights programme (28/2/19
Should tonight's programme be re-named "The Barry Gardiner Show" - get a grip Fiona - need to stop those can't give shorter answers (or non answers as the case often is)
Andro 11:51pm Thu 28 Feb
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Men are an endangered species. You must know that.
mazza 9:02pm Thu 7 Feb
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more women
What this show needs is more women on the panel, I saw a man there once!!
Bob 8:56pm Thu 7 Feb
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My opinion
Most of the politicians look confused by the questions they get asked and the audience clap at anything like theirs a sign what tells them to clap
Hello 10:22pm Thu 17 Jan
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Pants on fire
Dimbleby might as well ask the questions himself, there's no need for the "audience" to be there, apart from clapping like demented seals.
Bob 7:35pm Thu 10 May
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Not worth watching
No politician ever answers a question honestly and there is definite audience selection bias. Can't be bothered now.
DD 11:16am Thu 15 Jun
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Wallasey council spending fiasco
Wallasey councilers complaining on the lack of money from central government yet the have recently spent £870,000 on a new fire escape on the council building for the councilers changing rooms which has not been required for the previous 400 years, so one why do they need changing rooms now as no fire escape would be
Mozzer M 8:09pm Wed 1 Feb
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Cant believe some dont feel brexit is brexit
Why are people particular some politicions not accepting what the public feel they bang on about the econemy when only a fool can see the problem for most folk is migration
Davyboyo 7:04pm Thu 1 Dec
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Program name
Could panellists please answer questions asked and not go off on party political point scoring.
Jonjo 47 7:42pm Thu 10 Nov
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Hilarious reading the comments about this being left wing biased! Good old daily Mail readers! Everyone knows this is a great and compelling political debate show. Unmissable stuff.
Good Bloke 6:59pm Thu 30 Jun
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no real questions allowed
a front forge whose
BBC up it 10:01pm Thu 1 May
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Electricity companies
The Government should tell the energy companies how much they should charge customers!
The Prof 10:49pm Thu 27 Mar
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At times he looks thoroughly bored...with his head in his hands while scratching his forehead.
bemused 8:56am Fri 21 Feb
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fake audience
fixed 9:50pm Thu 20 Feb
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they don't actually QUESTION anything!
Rothschild 6:09pm Thu 9 Jan
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glad i don't watch this lefty garbage. and why all this air time to mary beard she only talks liberal crap. Could someone on the panel ask the audience to raise their hands if they work in the private sector?- one or two maybe!
bodo 10:04am Thu 5 Dec
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Jon Dumblewit
OOps 11:10pm Thu 17 Oct
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Next episode
It's back on air on 12th of September.
Bertie 10:45pm Thu 8 Aug
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not even google knows
If I built a website devoted to a single television programme .. correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't you say when the programme was next on?
peach 8:47pm Thu 8 Aug
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Leftie Time
The ever-ignorant Socks & Sandals brigade waste an hour of everyone's time yet again while anyone with a brain who tries to speak is shouted down and labelled all sorts of things. Anyone with common sense should avoid this obvious propaganda; it'll make your blood boil.
DSMO Loudspeaker 8:58pm Thu 4 Jul
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Another stitch up by the BBC
I didn’t hear an audible applause when UKIP gave a sensible suggestion/answer to many hot topics. In particular when Mehdi Hasan actually agreed with Diane James then the audience agreed and applauded Mr Hasan. BBC you are a joke
Q 12:04am Fri 31 May
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Will that shrill Australian woman stop shouting please! she's getting really annoying
mitcham 11:00pm Thu 25 Apr
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The A List
What a bunch of misfits, given that they are getting our air time for their indulgence I do hope they are not getting paid
haech 8:29pm Thu 21 Mar
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Houses and work
There are 100,000 + houses standing empty in the UK. Sell them cheap to people who need them. They will then spend money getting them into a livable condition. They can either do them up themselves or employ builders to work on them. This would help solve two problems!
The Prof 11:12pm Thu 7 Mar
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Rename it...
...Leftie Time.
DimpleDimbleby 4:09pm Thu 7 Feb
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really enjoyed the first question time last night...
ludlowbabe 6:50pm Fri 11 Jan
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So Rude
David Dinmbleby is so rude to the panellists he obviously doesn't agree with. Isn't he supposed to be neutral?
doubletake 11:33pm Thu 22 Nov
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Janet Poter
How the hell does this Janet Porter get onto these programs all the time pushing her 'career'.... she must have some really good contacts
Y Araffat 2:31pm Thu 4 Oct
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Useless Information.
This web site informs me of six alternative programs future showings, but not Question Time. Even the BBC website wont do it, Googling the question doesn't get a response. So I ask the world, PLEASE TELL ME WHEN QUESTION TIME IS BACK ON AIR.
Phil McAverty (dentist) 11:12pm Sun 12 Aug
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Are the audience so gullable with their questions expecting an honest response. The panellists leave a lot to be desired, think Baroness Wasi etc. And as for Dimbleby he is so patronising and always makes sure he gets the last word in if something does not suit him.
doubletake 12:16am Wed 4 Jul
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It is called Question Time...
...depsite the fact that these bent politicos never actually give an answer to any of the questions. Pointless, Leftie drivel.
I Like Daddies 1:21pm Thu 31 May
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The audience is always from Tower Hamlets
"Gibs mi dat!"
dem so de dar tings harn shirt 9:35pm Thu 24 May
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Watch it on your PC
As this programme is as PC and left-wing as it can be. Typically biased programming from the BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation).
Syrup 10:39am Tue 15 May
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Tired tired tired.
Waste of what could be a good programme. Dimbleby is a conceited bore. Time the panellists answered questions instead of deviating in some way.
Agatha 8:53pm Thu 10 May
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...Oborne's on it, so cue lots of staged booing from the left-wing, shipped-in rent-a-mob.
But what's under the floorboards, you ask...? 1:57pm Thu 10 May
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Hate-filled Harpie Harperson's on it tonight. Can anyone find enough vinegar for the huge chip she has on her shoulder?
Innit 4:59pm Thu 3 May
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Humourless and rude
Sarah Teather came across as a clone of her boss, Call me Dave, with a shockingly inept and unconvincing attempt to defend the indefensible on Question Time this week. Yet another reason to ditch the Fibdems and their lying partners.
montyjohn 6:06pm Sun 1 Apr
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Hurrah! Charles Kennedy's not made it. Top man. Cheers!!!!
Doddyman 10:48pm Thu 15 Mar
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fake show
fixed audience
not real 10:56pm Thu 9 Feb
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How odd....
That people have a problem with David D. I've always found him to be an excellent chairman and often amusing. The Griffin show was all handled wrong as they should have let him make himself look stupid rather than attacking him. It's not like the man was in danger of being credible. That aside, I can't imagin QT without DD? Preposterous idea.
Hamish Strap 9:42pm Thu 2 Feb
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Sometimes lacks inspiring panel
I like the show, and have no problems at all with Dimbleby but sometimes the panel is a little dull. It needs the spark that David Starkey or George Galloway or Brian Sewell can bring.
Jardov 8:48pm Thu 8 Dec
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This will be awful
With Flint & Street-Porter screeching away like rabid bats, tonight’s show is one to avoid.
T.B. 5:11pm Thu 29 Sep
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the big question is
why aren't they sending tankers full of water to the African drought area instead of lobbing bombs over Libya to protect tankers of oil. will they ask that tonight?
Clos'd Shop 10:25pm Thu 7 Jul
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One or the other
Time to shut up shop on this tired format or at least find a credible host.
Cakeman2 11:38pm Thu 30 Jun
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they never ask hard questions
like WHY do we not get to hear about the Swiss April 2011 B1lderberg meetings on the BBC and have to watch russain TV to see them
D bowie 11:27pm Thu 30 Jun
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Teachers strike
Most teachers are women & they live longer than a man, meaning thats why we can't afford it. Fact.
zestman 11:05pm Thu 30 Jun
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Ever since Dimbleby's treatment of Nick Griffin, I have lost all respect for him and his failure to be impartial. The audience is not representative either, because if it is the percentage of ethnic minorities in the UK is higher than I would have estimated.
kdutty 7:02pm Thu 23 Jun
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Dumbed down
"doing it's usual service for the champaign socialists" There was a time when people who didn't know how to write English didn't venture to proclaim the fact. It seems a display of ignorance is no longer a cause for shame in degenerate Britain.
Carp 9:19pm Sun 22 May
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