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Saints and Scroungers Comments
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show me how please
£120,000 Fraud living together. He gets 4 months curfew and she gets 180 community hours and not a penny repaid. Well it was worth it then.....
once more 11:37am Tue 15 Sep
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Who's presenting ?
Why have you a picture of dominic littlewood on this feature?
pedantic 11:57am Mon 18 May
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name and shame
there are a lot of fraudulent claims and I have reported 1 to dwp and nothing ,still got mobility car and for someone who cant walk without a stick because of a back this person I saw myself lifting a wheelchair out the car as looking after a genuine disabled
flossie 6:35pm Tue 27 Jan
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Well done Beeb
You eot rid of quality drama like Ripper Street, and keep churning out punitive, swivel-eyed poop like this...
Lord Reith 7:52am Mon 20 Oct
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You know that??
ria b 7:05pm Thu 25 Sep
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STEPMAT 11:53am Thu 25 Sep
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What about
instead of single parents and the dregs of society, make a show exposing showbiz personalities, politicians and professionals? Now that would really boost the public purse!
ria b 11:52am Thu 25 Sep
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Biased and Uninformative
It works to the message: those who get work are saints; those on benefits are scroungers. Does not show the plight of the thousands on benefits who cannot afford to feed themselves due to policies introduced by the Tories.
Raj 1:02pm Thu 7 Aug
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Heavily Biased Propaganda
Nothing more than propaganda to get us all at each others throats while government and big business get away with billions in fraud and tax evasion. No, that does not excuse a single person claiming what they shouldn't, but the ratio of exposure to this is grossly out of proportion.
Grolt 12:05pm Thu 31 Jul
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I like watching this show it's very interesting
tinascooby 10:43am Wed 13 Nov
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racist program
why the scroungers are always black or Asian? I am white before anybody speaks out! but I find it very racist!
frr 11:05am Thu 31 Oct
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Educate, inform, entertain.
Which of these is our public broadcasting company doing? I saw it for the first time this week; it is utterly shameful - on the level of Jeremy Kyle. Take it and that peculiar, obnoxious presenter(?) off air immediately.
Pip 3:52pm Wed 15 May
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Switching Off
Now they are picking on a genuinely disabled woman with a muscle wasting disease who had a good day (by taking dangerous levels of medication) and was taken to court, got a criminal record and a tag (Monday's episode). She was still entitled to DLA by the way. Think earlier comment about something on Tax dodgers or MPs would be better that this right-wight progranda.
Disgusted 10:38pm Tue 5 Mar
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grate show
this is all part of the governments plan to give the public someone to hate, and whilst this is going on, it diverts attention from their underhand dealings.
immigrant 7:31pm Sat 2 Mar
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Is this still going?
I can't believe this programme is still being made after the volume of negative response. Who in the BBC still thinks that this sort of hate-mongering is an acceptable use of their budget?
Outasync 1:52pm Sat 2 Mar
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Could do better
an attempt at a feel good show, but it is laborious in it's exposing process. Lightweight show for lightweight slot.
Cardinal Biggles 11:42pm Mon 11 Feb
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Why is the BBC airing this? This is nothing more than emotive BS! It concentrates on the poorest in society and ignores the fact that the rich legally avid what they should pay through taxation.
I expect better balance from the BBC. 2:28pm Mon 11 Feb
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Check the paperwork
Does no-one check any of claims made to HMRC etc??? If they took time to validate claims before money was dished out it wouldn't go to the wrong people!
MarzipanB 11:47am Wed 2 Jan
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Speaking of balance...
In a typical year: Organized crime costs £40 billion. Tax avoidance costs £25 billion. Workplace Absenteeism costs £13.4 billion. Cigarette smuggling costs £4 billion. Benefit fraud AND admin error together costs £2.5 billion.
Perspective Innit 9:25am Wed 22 Aug
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What a joke!
No mention of big business that (in this country) through off shore banking and paying clever accountants avoid (that could be picked up by the treasury via plugging the loop holes) £120 billion every year then! And large unemployment drives down wages so big business can hire and fire as they like so are in favour of such!!
Smoke and mirrors TV. 3:56pm Tue 21 Aug
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smug little man
is there nothing DL will not do - talk about overexposure.
doubletake 12:49pm Mon 20 Aug
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A balanced View
This program is only possible because the agencies involved allow it, the TV company has therefore been obliged not to be critical of them, the program makes every effort to be even handed between legit and illegitimate claimants, what appears to be clear is that for all the taxpayers money being used to employ "professional" staff, almost all the stories appear to be the result of "Tip Off's" by concerned taxpayers, and almost never as the result of proactive investigation by the DHSS, is it realy that simple to extract huge amounts of money from the state, also the penalties applied to those found guilty are an insult to the taxpayer, and often make the whole investigation and prosecution look like a waste of time.
Bob 12:41pm Mon 20 Aug
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Absurd needs to be taken off
Saints and Scroungers thats a laugh. They boast of the hi tech equipment and the little baldy Dom Littlewood is just as bad with his squeaky voice . MPs are the biggest scroungers and benefit fraudsters and about time someone shows how these idiots are caught
MPs Suck 9:12am Wed 30 May
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A very bad programme,
made by very bad people.
William Beveridge's ghost 4:54pm Mon 23 Jan
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Racist & xenophobic BBC
The ethnic minority is almost always portrayed as scourgers what a shame considering!!!! The BBC is clearly promoting xenophobia.
#stopBBCxenophobia 11:45am Mon 23 Jan
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The programme Saints or scroungers really needs to be taken off air! there are people who are benefit fraudsters and they will be caught! However this programme is causing hundreds of genuine people to loose their benefit!!!! Disability living allowance was originally set up to provide financial support to those at a disadvantage of finding suitable employment due to illness/disability....NOT just for the sick! you can still work on DLA but maybe would only be able to do a certain type of work.......this programme is causing genuine DLA claimers to become agrophobic in fear of being seen on a ''Good day'' and reported..........ITS MAKING THINGS WORSE FOR GENUINE PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILY'S!........TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!!! OR AT LEAST REMOVE ANY DLA RELATED STORIES!!!!!
KERRYARM 11:43am Thu 19 Jan
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And all the while...
The bankers smile...
frontbench backhand 8:33am Wed 4 Jan
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get everyone off benifits
they are a dissgrace, get a job. but i would like to continue receiving mine, as i am a special case long term unemployed.
planets 5:30pm Thu 29 Sep
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benefit fraud
i need help.. fought paralisis twice and get dla. however for some reason people get jealous because i drive round in a new car and start reporting me sayin nothing wrong, follow me for two weeks n see what its really like..... please emma
emm 11:08am Thu 29 Sep
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r branson
is r branson too big for your prog?
ray jury 4:11pm Mon 8 Aug
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I am concerned about a guy who is benefit frauding using a friend's address, but the local council and tax office are not helping. I need to get in touch with Dominic and wondered how to go about that?! Anyone?
wb2f 12:47pm Sun 7 Aug
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Ex Housind boss avoids prisons
Asuman Ozban former chair women of Lambeth Housing fraudulently stole 35k and a further 140k and was only given 30weeks suspended this was sending mixed messages she should have been given the same if not more time than the public she was in a position of trust and from the programs that I have seen others for far less and not in charge of public or goverment money stole thing she could get away with it and she has. She earnd almost 42-43k she should of gone to prison her department sent may people to prison and she should got the same
ONE RULE FOR ONE 12:27pm Thu 4 Aug
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not long enough
why do the cheats only get months for stealing thousands of pounds they should be locked up for a lot longer the sentence now is laughable and does not act as a deterrant at all
annoyed 12:15pm Tue 2 Aug
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investigative journalism?
Three people in my area died from their conditions while on appeal after Atos found them fit for work, you want to find benefit fraud look no further than the £100 million pounds paid to Atos to fraudulently remove peoples rightful benefits, don't see that being investigated.
Bob 3:01am Tue 26 Jul
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White are saints, black and Asians are devils
Am sick to the teeth, almost every week, non whites are seen as the scroungers and the whites are whiter than white. Please can the producer stop displaying blacks has the criminals only.When will this country wake up and realise that white people are not exempt from committing crime.
Tori 7:57pm Mon 20 Jun
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its a bit one sided
show more of the people in charge fiddling, and they do.
get real 8:16pm Mon 30 May
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Not great
Ok for daytime TV but not what I'd expect to be shown at prime time.
Sara 5:43pm Mon 30 May
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lets pick on some benifit cheat,
whilst the real theiving politisions steal from the rest of us.
get real 7:25pm Tue 10 May
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Black or white ?
As with all these programs that make a crass black or white statement I find saints and scroungers formulaic and predictable. The production teams do not have the finesse or the courage to delve into the grey areas that affect most of us. Other " culprits" include watchdog and most of the cops in cars shows.
lampskio 7:06pm Mon 9 May
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Reporting someone
How do i go about reporting someone who is claiming benifits and has a really posh car, personal number plate and home in India and frequently travels there? They also drive about in a white van. It annoys me they are getting away with it
Bagpuss 3:17pm Tue 25 Jan
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scroungers and saints
Ive watched a few of these now and I cant help feeling that while its good that cheats are caught out, These cases are very small potatoes compared to what the NWO-FED-IMF bankers are up to they have scammed billions off the middle and working classes, their latest victim being poor Ireland. I see the benefit fraud issue as a smoke screen and tiny in comparison to the real fraudsters who are also masters of war and the real manipilators and pupateers of all the main news channels papers and EVEN 10 downing street!
Truth soildier 10:43pm Thu 20 Jan
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the dhs lottery.
like members of parliment, you run the risk og getting caught when you fiddle. strange though, that the majority of people caught fiddling, are not of british origin.
get real 11:53am Tue 18 Jan
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watch ur tv programme
there a man with no kidney same as me my dla been stop becuase i can walk more then 50 meters am just like the man in ur tv show i get nothing
willy 11:34am Tue 18 Jan
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government propaganda
this is nothing short of getting the people against the people just what the government wants what happened to all the mp's who committed fraud by lying about there expenses just because most ''agreed to pay it back'' doesnt mean they didnt commit fraud yet another case of ''pick on gthe little people'' im disgusted
kalee 7:49pm Mon 17 Jan
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Sickening Tripe !
Absolute RUBBISH ! Complete waste of air time. Screen free charity appeals instead.Sentimental bleeding heart holyier- than- thou interfering big society claptrap of a program with top telly gnome Do it all Dom. Come on David (Cameroooon for it is he, son of Maggie T.)Let's see a sustained program of affordable social housebuilding with skills and jobs for all and follow it live !
Maggie T. 7:38am Mon 17 Jan
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SHORT ****
Being such a short ****, makes him have a chip on his shoulder, somebody should knock the smug p****s block off.
TOPWAK (TRUTH TELLER) 2:21pm Fri 14 Jan
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What happened to the BBC...??
Pity the BBC can't cover the corporate tax dodgers to the same degree. Come on, the money scrounged by the common people covered here must cost as much to chase up by the authorities. It's a disgrace that at least the same effort is not put into chasing the politicians and their corporate masters - but then they have power
Grommit 1:31pm Fri 14 Jan
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Race stereotyping
Nearly all the scroungers are black or from an ethnic minority. Nearly all the saints are white ethnic. Is this a true representation of saints and scroungers?
Magro 11:50am Fri 14 Jan
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Dominic Littlewood
stop picking on little people and target mp exs bankers the real villians. i hope one day you find yourself in a hole and someone takes that smug look of your face
jgpor 9:19am Fri 14 Jan
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tax dodgers benefit scroungers
Why not do a program on tax dodgers, if you’re so passionate about benefit scroungers costing the tax payer millions? You could start with the current government who are all millionaires and use tax loopholes to avoid paying tax!
lee tax payer 11:38am Fri 7 Jan
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