19 June 2019  | 
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Comments
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T-1000s can act better. Works best for those with double-digit IQs. No way someone more intelligent could endure for two hours. Suck it up, droolers!
Isaac 10:25pm Tue 5 Jul
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I remember coming out of the cinema and asking 'Is that it?' when this was first released. Wildly over rated and un-watchable for anyone with two functioning brain cells. I'll stick to the original.
Dan Brown 12:49pm Sat 4 Jul
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A Classic Of the Genre
As 'two hour, no brainer, sci-fi films' go, this is one of the best. It will exceed your expectations, just as it did for me.
Motorcycleboy 6:51pm Sat 25 Jun
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Not quite Judgment Day
If we get beyond the ‘awesomes/wow-wees/best in the world unhelpful comments. For those of you who may not know this film and require some information about it, here goes. T2 has an interesting story for a sequel, with a simple, but witty script. JC direction is tight and well paced. Excellent production uses special effects to useful means and improves the overall film. Although the acting is a bit hammy and Hollywood over dramatic, it suits the film genre. Not quite judgment day, as there’s another sequel. Nevertheless, a 2 hour, no-brainer, sci-fi film which is good entertainment. P.S. If other commentators think this is an incredible sci-fi film, then I can only say they have a lot to look forward to when they see a really good one. Check out David Lynch’s ‘Dune’, or Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1972 ‘Solaris’ - Quality.
Guzzer 1:15pm Mon 1 Feb
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Good fun
... 10:53pm Wed 23 Dec
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!!! Like Oh My God Awesome !!!
The worrying thing about this list of comments is the amount of American English and US idioms from people who obviously watch far too many American films. Terminator 2 is okay but not the Box Deluxe.
Britannia 11:43pm Wed 23 Sep
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"Seinfeld" W.T.F are you talking about?! This film is amazing for alot of generations; the first time i saw this film was at my nans on VHS! haha! Definately worth the watch, and definately one of the greatest films made to many people. P.s. It would be worth watching T1 like previously mentioned :) Also, it would be worth going to youtube to see behind the scene footage for both T1 & T2
Dr. Dan 2:18pm Wed 23 Sep
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Awesome FILM!
One of the best films ever! Plus Arnie is the best! Decent story, a role made for Arnie with surrounding decent actors. The police scene is still; i think, the biggest police scene in movie history, and one of the best parts of the film! (they actually blow up that REAL building!) Listen out for lines used in T1 in this squeal, there's alot! If you can watch T1 before T2, do it! MUST watch! MUST!
I'll Be Back! 2:12pm Wed 23 Sep
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Spell my name sdrawkcab to learn the identity of a true trailer park imbecile.
woldis 6:38pm Tue 11 Aug
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Pre-adolescent tripe starring (ugh) the Graz Murderer. No more need be said.
Seinfeld 6:36pm Tue 11 Aug
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such a great movie and the special effects are still awesome.
choc 7:24pm Tue 14 Jul
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this movie is one of there all time ulimate classic set of sqeals also can not wait to watch the new movie
sidlow 10:52pm Wed 3 Jun
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Are you crazy!? letting a child watch a film with a 15 certificate, he will be injecting heroin next. But seriously this film is pretty amazing and a true classic. A must watch even if you've seen it loads of times already.
Bob 10:02pm Wed 3 Jun
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To miss Credlington
Its Terminator on at 12:00AM your child shouldnt be watching TV after the water-shed. How silly could you be to let your child watch a film with a "15" certificate.
Iain M 2:58pm Sun 19 Apr
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the Best Of the trilogy really really action-packed.9.5/10.Brilliant. By zed.
zed 9:41pm Wed 10 Dec
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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
I give this 10/10 the best of The Terminators.
zed 12:57pm Sun 7 Dec
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One of the best
Fantastic movie, pure class!
RiCH 8:56pm Thu 18 Sep
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The Greatest Film Ever Made
This is my favourite film of all time.
Ol Whit 4:13pm Thu 18 Sep
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My 3 year old daughter had nightmares after watching this. It's very poor to show something like this on a family television set. We're going to stick to the wireless in future.
Mrs Creddlington 10:10pm Thu 21 Aug
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love the little boy and favourite movie
my favourite movie ever love i love the little boy im in love with him
amy 6:57pm Thu 21 Aug
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Not only a fantastic film but a fantastic SEQUAL. and thats a rare thing indeed.
bobalopamous 12:51am Thu 21 Aug
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the best ever sci-fi action thriller ever created
spoon127 7:14pm Thu 14 Aug
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This is in my opinion the best movie ever made,
Dj Korrupt 8:35pm Sat 29 Mar
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brap!!! 7:18pm Sat 29 Mar
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Whay has this film got a lower rating than Bend it like Beckham? This film is amazing a must watch.
Reveiw Master 6:45pm Thu 10 Jan
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Dont Miss
Arnie at his best!!
Tyke 6:08pm Thu 10 Jan
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When will it end?
Jesus, when will they stop re-running this classic. They're murdering this movie.
spook 7:31pm Tue 4 Sep
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