20 October 2020  | 
The Deep Comments
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How low can you go?
Glug glug glug glug glug glug glug etc.
Edward J. Smith 1:26am Sun 5 Sep
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There is a reason I do not own a TV!
I refuse to pay for a TV license so only can watch tv on the internet once it's been aired. However after watching this awful show I am so pleased my money wasn't contributed to this! I kept on watching in the hope it would be get better. It had a lot of promise until it was aired!
phew it's over! 6:00pm Wed 1 Sep
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The shallow
Horrendous tosh, shockingly bad acting, they must CRINGE when they see it on tape. Please, no more rubbish like this, spend my licence fee on something else. WHO authorised this twaddle, that is the worrying thing?
suffolkbirdie 9:15am Wed 1 Sep
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BBC take another Dive
Another amazing reason not to watch BBC
joe Public 4:57am Wed 1 Sep
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The (Dreadful) Deep
A show where the only adult was the 8 year old child. Plot sucks, acting sucks, direction sucks. Now I'm going bang my head against the wall for this 5 hours lost.
Honk twice if you liked it 3:21am Wed 1 Sep
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Mindless Drivel Mini Driver
Oh what a sad sad series, its truely a watched it and never again.
Rosey and Jim 10:00pm Tue 31 Aug
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splish splash I'm having a bath
It should be called, "The Shallow". I bet amoebas get bored watching this. Who is it aimed at? -Ignorant clinical imbeciles with a vocabulary of 15 words and the emotions of a kangaroo.
Jed 9:01pm Tue 31 Aug
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Time out
Our dog appears to like it but then she likes water. The plot script and acting are so awful the wife and I do something else
Graham 4:21pm Wed 25 Aug
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Thankfully the last one
First episode wasn't bad, wasn't good and continued watching in the hopes that it would get better. Unfortunately it got worse, storyline has gone from poor to ridiculous and the same for the dialogue. Is on the bbc iplayer if anyone wants to check it out. Only reason I will be watching this episode is because I've started watching and want to see how it ends(very annoying), but am really not expecting anything other than a completely daft ending.
Syrilian 3:58pm Wed 25 Aug
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Woeful. The master tapes for this should be sent to the bottom of the sea. Reminds me of a teen drama. For teens that aren't that bright. Someone pull the plug.
TheBends 10:15pm Tue 24 Aug
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Rock bottom
Utter drivel. Abysmal acting perfectly complements dreadful script. The BBC should be ashamed.
Slob 9:50pm Tue 24 Aug
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er ger der yabby poddloares
It's strange to see people with IQs of less than 40 acting as scientists. I suppose it's like pretending that bab you flush down the bog is alive, like a snake.
sam 9:27pm Tue 24 Aug
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The Deep
The Dull
Mouser 1:16pm Sun 22 Aug
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the deep
a story not as deep as my bathtub, but other than the great new (but short) sherlock series thats already finished s1 & topgear thats also finished faster than it started theres nothing else to watch on bbc other than this..infact nothing on else interests me to even turn the tv on anymore than 3 shows...bbc sucks.
tvpolice 9:39pm Sat 21 Aug
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How can a team of apparently talented actors let themselves be cast in this way. The captain is weak and annoying, in fact all the characters are annoying and not convincing. The plot has more holes than a cheese grater.....
I could write better 7:35pm Fri 20 Aug
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Red October
It's alright....Keeps me and the Mrs' entertained.....
Scotty Dog 10:09pm Wed 18 Aug
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On the Fence in suspence
Agreed it has it's cliches, shorfalls in research and not the best special effects I've seen outside of Hollywood but I'm still watching it. I'd like to say I'm comfortably perched on the fence with this one. It has it's possitives.....It must have if I'm eager to keep watching and I've got the attention span of a gold fish if something's that bad. I'm not usually the aquatic type of Gal.
Aquatic Amateur 2:33pm Wed 18 Aug
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who keeps giving nesbitt work?
... 7:39pm Tue 17 Aug
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water - er H5O7 ah finks
As if these low brain dead cretins are scientists.... They are just trash from RADA. I expect the have IQs about the same as reatrded rats.
Das 7:20pm Tue 17 Aug
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Watchable, but only just
Have to agree with Chris and the previous post. Seen better and seen worse. Poor science and cheap sets slam any sense of drama it manages to build. 7/10 currently on a rough level with seaquest dsv but can get better, or worse.
Syrilian 4:55pm Tue 17 Aug
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Crushing pressure
Well, I've seen worse, but also much better. The potential for an epic conclusion is all that has kept me hanging on for the next episode. There are so many plot holes and contradictions it feels like I am watching an aquatic retelling of the bible. For starters why does the bloody captian refer to an engineer? As for the science and and engineering itself, I think someone just types BS SciFi talk on wikepedia and copypasted.
Chris 11:40am Mon 16 Aug
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Well, it’s a mystery Under the sea In the water. I held on for the first episode but drowned in boredom during the second. So slow, such wet characters, soggy dialogue. Drippy twaddle.
Johnny 9:40pm Tue 10 Aug
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Poor science
Loved the way the computer was working out - to the second - when the oxygen would run out - what BS - never heard of controlled breathing? If this sub was so state-of-the art it would use rebreathers to detoxify the air.
DiverDan 3:24pm Tue 10 Aug
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Great =]
You've all only seen one episode so don't judge it yet, anyway I think it is well good, And don't Anyone say different :)
Dan 8:57am Tue 10 Aug
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Poor Poor Poor...
...Really not up to much. Poor story line/plot. I really think the BBC could do better. I wouldn't bother watching it.
Gerard 6:41pm Fri 6 Aug
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Shout at the screen in frustration
Decent idea, poorly executed. Characters whose behaviours are straight out a 1970s tv movie, only the writer would take them seriously.
krek bristle 10:56pm Wed 4 Aug
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Dive Dive Dive
Perhaps the least convincing sub yarn since Kirk Douglas in 20k leagues under the sea! Orla is the only respite - lets hope she reappears..soon!
Long John Silver 5:59pm Wed 4 Aug
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Pretty good so far
A good little science fiction drama so far. Fingers crossed it keeps up this standard. PS John only the mentally ill believe in god.
Lucifer Morningstar 11:47pm Tue 3 Aug
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Fall asleep with the fishes
A submarine full of cliches encounters life aquatic.
Captain No One 10:32pm Tue 3 Aug
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I want her cheekbones.
Jen42 10:16pm Tue 3 Aug
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At last scifi about our oceans cant want for the next episode
Nuttytart24 10:08pm Tue 3 Aug
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So deeply shallow
Perhaps the most woeful BBC drama in decades. The BBC have plunged to yet unknown depths of un-inventiveness with this turkey.
Rutherglen man. 10:04pm Tue 3 Aug
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Its only just begun
Give it a chance!
Proud Pagan 10:03pm Tue 3 Aug
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Any dramatic effect is lost with a story-line so full of holes the whole thing sinks without trace.
stevieB 9:41pm Tue 3 Aug
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Orla Brady
Yum yum.
Mick the fisherman 9:33pm Tue 3 Aug
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Evolution Sci Fi
Evolution science fiction nonsense.
John 9:27pm Tue 3 Aug
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