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What is the translator app called please
Nickskitt 8:13pm Tue 12 Jun
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Bought travel cash in UK with a credit card. Didn't know this was treated as an Atm withdrawal and I have been charged intetest and also being charged additional daily interest even though I pay my credit card off in full. Should foreign exchange bureaus point this out?
Felicity 7:35pm Tue 12 Jun
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Flight delay
Was delayed for 24 hours on 28th may. Was put up in hotel overnight by jet2 Stansted. Have sent paperwork to them for a claim. How much can I expect as this was a special family holiday that cost nearly 5000 pounds.
Rogers 5:27pm Tue 12 Jun
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Martin you are correct re SMICouncil Tax disregards, however, most councils also require the person to be claiming a qualifying benefit in order to make a claim...AND. it is also dependent on GP agreement as not all GP's will sign the form if they don't feel the persons dementia is severe enough. Great Programne
Stillaura 8:36pm Mon 26 Feb
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£32.80 with trainline.
Dave. 10:54pm Sun 18 Feb
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Cheaper train tickets
Can u beat a single train journey from Ramsgate in Kent to London St Pancreas after 06 for £44.70
Fire ?? 9:22pm Sun 18 Feb
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Jay kay.
If you make an appointment with a benefits advisor at the citizens advice bureau, they will tell you the names of the benefits and what you are entitled to.
Mayanna 8:22pm Mon 12 Feb
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Benefit name for Ms and dementia + carers credit. Please many thanks
Jay jay 8:01pm Mon 12 Feb
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Mr shouty man.
He shouts at us like we are both deaf and stupid.
Lukeskywalker. 8:59am Tue 6 Feb
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Why happens to any ppi money you receive if you are on a debt management plan
Zee 8:38pm Mon 5 Feb
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Deposit refund for holiday when my husband died unexpectedly
Please help, 9 months before sailing and I’m sure they will resell and keep all of our deposit.
Candy 8:37pm Mon 5 Feb
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Hi, we sucsesfully claimed our PPI back and received over 20k. Most of this case from our bank. Well over one year later having been approached by several companies claiming we might of missed something we decided to let them try not thinking we would get anything. It turns out that the bank owed us 7k of which we had to pay 30%. This was nice to get as we wasn’t expected it and would never have know if it wasn’t for them. But, my question is surely the bank should have paid us everything when we claimed. Do you think I could claim compensation for the. Cost incurred having to go through the company?
Joanne 8:27pm Mon 5 Feb
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When you put the advice into practice it is a different story. Stop trying to make it sound so easy. No such thing as a free lunch!
don'tbelieveallyouread 11:25pm Sun 4 Feb
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A programme for
the brain dead who haven't got the sense to think for themselves.
the Critic 7:39am Sun 4 Feb
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My daughter bought me gift cards for costa coffee .im in N.I. After numerous calls and messages between myself and company about not being able to use the cards and even though they said they would sort it out for me this is still not resolved and it has been over a month .Please can you help.x
coffee fan 8:36pm Tue 9 Jan
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To negative people
If you do not like the show, change channels.
A thinker 8:46pm Mon 11 Dec
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We're is it tonight
We're is your show tonight
Gaynor 8:08pm Tue 21 Nov
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mortgage product fees
i have 2 buy to let mortgages with RBS since 3 years ago on a two year fixed term. last year i renewed the term for another two years. i then realised my mortgage balance was rising when i queried this they said product fees has been added to my mortgage, and plus more when i renewed it. i now owe £6000 to RBS which is eating in to my profits. i was under the impression that the product fee was being paid through my repayments not eating into my profit. i complained but they said nothing can be done. can anything be done? Thank you
Sally C 6:44pm Tue 21 Nov
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Slow down !
We love your programme and expertise but you talk so fast that it's difficult to understand what you're saying . Slow down please
Uncle George 8:22pm Tue 20 Jun
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Flight delay
I was delayed 14 hours on a thai airways direct flight to Heathrow. ..am I entitled to compensation
Lucy 8:20pm Tue 20 Jun
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Thanks Martin
Thanks Martin for another great series £1000's saved!! I know it's repetitive and a bit hyper at times but sadly that's what it takes to get some folks to listen. Look beyond this and you too can save a fortune.
MK Tony 11:50am Tue 28 Feb
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Another irritating program with shouting presenters. That annoying presenter woman ‘Whooping’ near the beginning distorted the microphone signal. Will not watch again as they could have said what they wanted in five minutes. Waste of 55 minutes of my life.
Shouting 2:15pm Thu 24 Nov
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Martin's Sidekick
Martin, Your sidekick on the live show last night was REALLY ANNOYING. Time to switch!
Richard 8:44am Wed 23 Nov
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getting of prepay meters
how do you get off prepay meters when you purchase house that already has them, energy company wont do as say credit risk as been spending a lot lately, bought a house etc nothing on credit agreement or credit card all paid in full but they say have to wait 60 days to try again
becks 8:31pm Tue 22 Nov
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Switching with a smart meter
Can I switch even though my current supplier has installed smart meter
Toastie 8:25pm Tue 22 Nov
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I don't want a smart meter. If I switch can new provider. Haven't switched at all. What happens in future after a switch?
Batman 8:20pm Tue 22 Nov
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Good deal bills
Not happy that broadband, and energy companies can't give customer continuous savings or deals, as every year I have to change my broadband, electricity and gas compamies. The only thing I have not chaged is my mobile phone tariff as it's the cheapest and best allowance. Why can't broadband and energy companies do the same.
Kalvin 7:25pm Tue 22 Nov
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pp clam
ware to go if the bank said no
pam 8:46pm Fri 29 Jan
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Student Finance Wales
If you live in Wales and you pay off £50 of your student loan, the Welsh Government will right off £1,500 of the loan.
Mary 11:18pm Mon 14 Dec
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He is...
...so shouty. Worse than that CillitBang guy.
Stop Shouting! 1:45pm Fri 17 Jan
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this program is a good idea but it repeats everything endlessly. I predict he mentions switching credit cards to 0% finance and taking a packed lunch and a flask to save money at work!
caedle56 8:02pm Fri 3 Jan
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I agree
Superb comment below, You forgot to mention he sold his website with ALL his members details to advertising and marketing companies
ML is a joke 6:48pm Fri 10 May
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Yawn, more tedious repetitive drivel from the most odious and self promoting person on TV. On the plus side his website is even worse, sprinkled with plugs for his commercial partners whilst trying to persuade us he is working in our interests. The perfect reason to turn your TV off and read a good book
Sylvester 8:59pm Fri 3 May
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Irritating presentation
Martin is becoming a bit OTT. Prefer him to stick to the point. Can we have a more traditional style presentation and leave the 'back to the future' show boating behind please?
pam f 8:23pm Fri 26 Apr
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Is he...
...out yet?
Matron 1:17pm Fri 26 Apr
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Calm Down
There is clearly a lot of god information to be had with this programme. However, I couldn't bear to watch more than 10 minutes as I felt as though the presenters thought I had a single brain cell and it all felt so hectic with the woman trying to be funny. thre is lght hearted and manic so please know the diffrence.
Annieo 8:19pm Fri 19 Apr
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what about maxi isas?
An entire programme on Cash ISAs, repeating the same things multipule times, but not a second on Maxi ISAs. A wasted opportunity, I think. thee are people who want to know about these too.
anon 8:41pm Fri 5 Apr
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European Health Insurance Card
Thank you Martin for your advice on updating our cards. After your last money show we discovered that our cards expired on 01.1.2010 and we have travelled to Europe the last three years!
catboat 2:49pm Thu 15 Nov
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A case of
Stating the bleeding obvious Get this rubbish off TV NOW!
HarryT 6:44pm Tue 13 Nov
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He Knows Nothing!
for him to turn up in B Bro or Celeb Get Me Out - cos that's what he's all about.
doubletake 8:51am Tue 13 Nov
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I disagree with Chris
and I agree with The Avenger.
The Mighty Thor 6:39am Tue 13 Nov
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Little People
Comments posted by the bitter and twisted with nothing to offer except their marvel comic screen names. True it not rocket science but that's the point he is making
Chris 3:36pm Wed 31 Oct
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Martin Lewis disaster
Treats his viewers like children . Totally pathetic presentation.So sad as used to admire his financial knowledge. Will never watch again.
Disappointed 7:46pm Tue 30 Oct
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Horrid man
Martin Lewis is a sell out, He sold his Website and EVERY members details for millions. Hardly a money saving expert is he! He is just a poster boy for the big energy companies and instills the illusion you have choice. Wake up people
sell out 5:31pm Tue 30 Oct
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Excellent, entertaining and informative programme, great TV and well worth watching.
Jim 11:45pm Tue 9 Oct
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Nice one
Good to see that Martin practices what he preaches by employing Saira Khan, is she just cheap or did she pay him?
NowWeKnow 7:48pm Tue 9 Oct
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Make it Stop!
This must be one of the most visually inept programs I've had the misfortune to watch - the pain of which is matched by the totally irritating personality of the moronic presenter - don't understand how the usually solid Saira Khan could be involved with this train wreck
ArmchairWarrior 1:07am Wed 26 Sep
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Sold Out
Made a bomb on his website but tells us about money off coupons. Patronising jerk!
doubletake 10:05pm Tue 25 Sep
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Talking down.....
This could not be any more patronising or condescending.
E.Scrooge 7:56pm Tue 25 Sep
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Should be called
"Stating the bleeding obvious" or "money for dummies" presented by a dummy!
The Avenger 5:47pm Tue 25 Sep
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