27 July 2021  | 
The Only Way Is Essex Comments
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This is
P O O.
FedUpViewer9999 3:34pm Sat 27 Mar
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Beyond bad
Worthless TV about people with the mental capacity of a dead fly. Superficial idioys
Proper Bloke 3:47pm Sat 20 Feb
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I pity
anyone who finds this remotely entertaining.
Campaign4BetterTV 3:43pm Wed 13 Jan
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Hate to miss any episode
Gillo 12:27am Sat 19 Dec
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Love glamour
To all you ugly people out there watch Corrie instead !
Angelo 6:13pm Wed 23 Sep
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I can't believe
this poo is STILL being shown on TV! If THIS is the best TV can do it's time to turn off altogether!
Fed Up Viewer 12:18pm Wed 17 Jun
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WOT R U ALL SAYAN?! shat ap!you dont realize who your talkin bout...essex girls r all gorgeous u haterz r all just jel. shataaap n get a real life, we alredi av one you get me? ps amy childs is my idol xoxoxoxoxox
BarbieGirlLovesPuppiesxoxo 9:31am Mon 16 Jan
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Its great tv, take it for what it is, dont go on what the daily mail says.
nigh 8:02pm Wed 4 May
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essex haaaa
I went to essex once was full of chavs in tracksuits.I have never seen to much polyester in one place before good job no one lit a match.
paul 8:43pm Mon 2 May
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This is a Gr8 Show
I watch it every time its on, i dont mikss one episode its a great show and cheers me up after a rubbish day. This program is reem!
TOWIE!! 12:57pm Wed 20 Apr
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its reem like pete the machine's shirt
pete the machine 5:55pm Tue 12 Apr
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i saw that bit it was amazing!And i love this show! keep rocking essex woooooow xxxx
LO LA 6:42pm Mon 11 Apr
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i luv this show
Hannah xxx 9:43pm Sun 10 Apr
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They all died the world would be a much better place.
Chavs are tw@s 9:34pm Sun 10 Apr
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Right they look that good without make-up im sure............ CHAVS!!!
Don Blad 9:11pm Sun 10 Apr
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esesx girl xxxx
I love this show sooo much it is like fab i have posted something on here befor!!!GO ON THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I LOVE YOU XXX
ellie xxx 4:55pm Thu 7 Apr
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Is this
the contents of the top gear audience filmed 24/7? what a bunch of grot all collected together and given a stupid accent.
Mr Doolittle 10:11pm Wed 6 Apr
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da ownlee wheigh iz essix innit bruv
With cretins like this it is no wonder happy slapping and violence is rife in society. The people in this show all need/warrant/deserve a good kicking.
the doorman 3:42am Wed 6 Apr
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Mentally challenged
If you are simple, dim-witted, impeded then I’m afraid you’ll find this too monotonous and droning.
MAC 3:47pm Sun 3 Apr
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Yes they are.
Ed 5:24pm Sat 2 Apr
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one can only shudde at the people in this show
is this the way for common people to behave?
HRH queen mother 6:23pm Fri 1 Apr
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s*** programme
filled with s*** people
tom 9:48pm Wed 30 Mar
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True ?
Please don't tell me this is all set up. Noooooo I want it to be REAL lmao
lavender love 6:38pm Wed 30 Mar
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What a fantastic bunch of people .... truth is stranger than fiction and all the world is a stage. Keeps me in stitches of laughter!!
tbird 10:12pm Sun 27 Mar
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lovveee this program
i love this program i fink mark wright is well fit lol and i love the characters in it well good i couldnt wait when i found out it was comin back on nataional television!!
me luffs mr wright 7:30pm Fri 25 Mar
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I love this program! The people are so real and satisfy a Londoners perspective of Essex people. Love it. Beats the shop riders and not quite so "yummy mummies" of Highgate and Hampstead.
Tarquin 10:51pm Wed 23 Mar
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I don't think you could get any camper if you gave away tents at Glastonbury. I HATE this p!sh!! It utterly frustrates me that TV like this gets made, it reinforces the CULT of celebrity, the cancer of our so called civilisation.
Pete and Repete 10:03pm Tue 22 Mar
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Shut up
low life 8:48pm Tue 22 Mar
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Great for a good laugh.
I'm tryin to brush up on mi eiket, So I fort tha this wud be a grate place ta star'ah. Wiv taranchula legs dipped in Mascara and stuk on the eyes and make up loaded on by tha lorry load, the prog as sumfin goin for it. I like it wen she sez " I'm tryin to fink intalekchuly. Yea and she sez that sheez go'h a jeeceeesee in maffs. Bring i't on. Cud doo wiv subtitles. Pure Fespians.
Essex undastudee 12:28am Mon 21 Mar
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More Tripe
Why are we being subjected to this nonsense and "Some of these scenes have been created for Entertainment Purposes", isn't that called fiction? Why do we watch stuff masquerading as "reality", are our lives that dull that we need to take an interest in what is allegedly happening in this trivial self obsessed distraction? That's what this TV , a distraction from our boring lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're (not) slowly learning that fact. And we're (should be) very, very pissed off. - Tyler Durden
Pete and Repete 8:12pm Sun 20 Mar
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If there was any justice in this world these people would be harvested for their organs to help people whose lives are worthwhile.
Intelligent Person 6:28pm Sun 20 Mar
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Absolute Garbage
Well, I had to tune in and watch it to at least be able to comment. I'm from Essex and cannot beleive these morons exist!! Lets face it anyone who admits to naming Jack Tweedy as his mate (Mark 'forgotten within a year' Wright) has to be a wrongun' and a complete d**k!! I must say going out in Essex its extremely rare to see so many Jordan lookalikes in one place. Documentary!!?? Its the worst acted dross I have ever seen!! Please don't tell me that theses people truly don't know that Finchley is in North London and thinking Guy Fawkes was American!!! Even the 'token' gays are artificial and so camped up I'm waiting for Matt Lucas' 'Only Gay In the Village' to pop up!! Get this dross off our screens and make some real TV instead of an Essex Dreamworld
Careful 6:17pm Sun 20 Mar
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I love watching it, it is funny to see how stupid some people are can be. It is light hearted and funny.
bob 9:31am Sun 20 Mar
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@ jon Stewarts english cousin
Amen..ITV is absolute tripe. Endless reality phone in scams, pointless lifestyle/celeb obsessed rubbish (This Morning etc) Not forgetting Daybreak lol
Feed The Pigeon 9:39am Sun 5 Dec
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top british tallent?
not, are you trying to mug me off or summit?
fake it 6:27pm Thu 2 Dec
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now i am depressed to be english. shallow chavs.
emigrating 8:10pm Wed 1 Dec
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i just dont watch ITv anymore
jon Stewarts english cousin 7:25pm Wed 1 Dec
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take away the makeup and what have you got??????????????
tosser 6:50am Wed 1 Dec
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This is one amazing programme, when I started to watch it I began to really enjoy it and now I can't wait until it's on again!
Pearchhyyy 7:12pm Mon 29 Nov
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I love this programme its soo funny and entertaining, the UK version on the Hills deffo. Harry is soo fit
Paddy Murdock 7:10pm Sun 21 Nov
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everytime essex is on tv it seems only ever southend or romford. Its like saying GB and only showing one city as the only picture
malc 9:21pm Wed 10 Nov
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I never said I was a role model
I watched it Sunday. It was absoloutley hilarious. 'Vajazzle' is now in my everyday vocabulary, but they're ridiculous. "Where's north London?" Where your brain should be located.
Me. 8:21pm Wed 10 Nov
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i absoblutley love the only way is essex and i am a propa essex girl my self with the fake tan bleech blonde hair and fake eyelashes and layers of makeup! lol and they are total true! and i love them for it when amy said she didnt know where north lundon was i was like i know where your coming from! but i love them alll (espech amy coz i want to be just like her when im older/1 a beaution being in fashion shows and doing vagazilling and pagazilling!! i love her!! :) your all doing good so well done !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tish XxX 6:29pm Wed 10 Nov
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I'm from essex and i dont even understand half of what they say. i thought the programe was like a car crash, you know you shouldnt look but you have to
philius1999 7:25pm Mon 8 Nov
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If 'Essex' is the answer
you shouldn't even be asking the question. Avoid like the plague.
Tunbridge 9:21pm Sun 7 Nov
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Androgynous Essex
I watched it . . . enormously entertaining. Can't tell the boys from the girls and then that very strange androgynous 'thing' appeared in a scene and I was even more confused as to what gender everyone is. A little too much inbreeding me thinks up Essex way. Visit Wales . . . at least we have sheep :))
TIKTOK 8:54pm Sat 6 Nov
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Faking It
It's all totally fake and mostly made up, it has to be I'd be ashamed to be in this programme. I'm so glad I'm not from Essex, cringe tv.
Dede 12:41pm Fri 5 Nov
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Utter Cobblers
This is utter cobblers!
T.C. 8:18pm Wed 3 Nov
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More barrel scraping TV, it's a cheap version of The Hills and belongs to ITV2's archive of the absurd. I don't particularly like Channel 5 but it's better than ITV, i VERY rarely watch ITV 1 let alone ITV 2 and the rest of the repeats of repeats of repeats. Terrible nonsense that highlights everything that's wrong with our so called society. For the people who think "you're just jealous" well first off are you 14? and secondly critical comments are just as valid as the brain dead that praise the show.
Repete 7:58pm Tue 2 Nov
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The only way is Essex
y carnt enyone speek in english proply wen theys writing on the in ter-net. peeples is so fick. LUL
Barry, Bill-errrr-icky 10:57pm Fri 29 Oct
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