20 October 2019  | 
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Brilliant Program
I think its one of the best programs ever put on the T.V. I watch every program thats on because its great. Great Team
waswigg 12:03pm Thu 3 Jan
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Pity either no-one can be bothered or they don't know the difference between 100 square metres, and 100 metres square. Oh what a sloppy generation.
cpochin 8:32pm Tue 29 Jul
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When there is something interesting on the television, people don't want to watch it, and Tony Robinson presents the history of the programme very well, at least you can understand what he is describing in detail,
Amazon 9:41pm Sat 13 Jul
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dead people
these people have done there bit or duty and have been burried with dignity its sick to dig them up and anelize these poor mortals it should be banned use used to be called grave robbers look that one up baldrick
danny 6:18pm Sat 2 Feb
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Back to normal format'
Got rid of that pointless women. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
... 8:01pm Sun 6 Jan
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Not the same
I miss the incidental music played throughout the episodes that they used in previous series.
Kamchatka 7:17pm Tue 20 Mar
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Repeats, please
Can we have more repeats of rarely repeated episodes? I don't have Discovery channel, so miss many from earlier series. Ditto, last 2 seasons; some are repeated often; others, never. So, a bit of variety would be in order. I'm waiting...
A Fan 5:23pm Thu 8 Mar
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Dig this
Please do the the right thing & re-inter these motley anoraks after their ill decided exumation. Thank you.
Julius, Bury. 1:49am Mon 27 Feb
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Mick was right
I've watched Time Team from day one , this new series has lost the plot and I now see why Mick has left , I prefer to watch the repeats on more 4 than this series . How long till Phil leaves ?, that would be the end in my view .
Goblin 11:37am Sun 26 Feb
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Good programme
But someone desperately needs to give Phil Harding a haircut and they must also throw away his disgusting hat.
Digger 10:38am Sun 19 Feb
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Scheduling, what scheduling?
For weeks time team is on at 6 (ish) in the evening suddenly it is on at 4:20 so the +1 is already 40 minutes in at 6pm. What the heck is going on, I thought the BBC was the only channel to move heaven and earth to suit the whim of its controller
Si 6:20pm Sun 5 Feb
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For all the nay-sayers
If you dislike TT that much, why do you bother watching? Some of us find this fascinating, so can the trash talk!
Brahyih 12:59am Tue 6 Dec
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bury this lot
so that in a thousend years, some other mugs can dig them up and have a good laff.
there was this bloke downt pub 11:56am Sun 4 Sep
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Was that...
Bettany Hughes on the programme??
johnny one 10:35am Sat 3 Sep
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Great Series
Back in your right place as Channel 4's best programme!
Archie 9:19am Sun 6 Mar
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I watch just to see Raksha
I'm happy to report that Raksha is as sexy as ever and She has been Joined By a Fit blond called Faye
Rock hard 4 Raksha 6:32pm Sun 6 Feb
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let the people out of shot do all the work
then film a presenter be filmed finding a 10,000 B.C. claris cliff pot, and pretent to know all about the item.
get real 10:30am Sun 6 Feb
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time tearm
amazing best thing i have ever seen ,time team rock on
emmma 6:29pm Sat 5 Feb
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past history
time team,what is wrong with tonyrobinson he is part andparcel of the program along with the diggers and archaeologists i dont like the past comments about him as i think he is a good presenter along with the all the rest of the team the program would not be time team without tony robinson happy digging all
digger the dog 10:57am Sat 5 Feb
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Brilliant, diggin on sunday again.
Spring is in the air. Lets get out and shake off winter.
Gaz the Dig 1:55pm Fri 4 Feb
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When ?
Wonder when the programme was filmed ? Waiting to see if the Knights Hospitallers and Knights Templars left anything there.
Topaz 6:37pm Sun 7 Nov
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History lives
Time team re awoke my love of history, hope we have another series but would love to know where Bridget and Raksha have gone.
history nut 5:11pm Sun 17 Oct
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The Best
By far the best programme on telly. Can u believe it's Boldrick presenting?
reds26 11:58pm Fri 8 Oct
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Wrong Front Man
Educational and could be better without Tony Robinson flitting about trying to amuse us with banality. The Coast team are better
Lafrowda 10:12am Sat 2 Oct
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Love TT, shame about the awful pot man!!
I have absolutely LOVED Time Team for over 10 years, but it's looking horribly like that awful medieval pottery man is becoming a regular character. Get him off my telly, pleeease, or I might just have to stop watching. More TT - pot man!
Christine 5:04pm Fri 14 May
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More Time Team on More4
Many Time Team are shown on Discovery and Discovery+1. I do not have either of these channels. Please put some of them on More4. SOON! Thanks!
Catherine 3:53pm Tue 23 Mar
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give us more
please sir can we have more time team
paull 7:35pm Wed 2 Dec
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program is so boring.
tony r 5:16pm Thu 19 Nov
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Making history interesting
After years of hating history at school, learning about which king married which queen, it's nice to learn something about the every-day history. Who cooked what in what pots. Top show!
rich 11:35pm Sun 15 Mar
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I enjoy Time Team because it brings to life the times I'm coming across in researching my faimly tree and in some cases the areas my ancestors came from. thanks
Snowflake 8:26pm Mon 2 Feb
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Watch out Tony bleedin Robinson!!!!
Dig me up and I'll kick you in the goolies
Tyrone Assorus-Rex 2:09pm Sat 28 Jun
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Great programme. I agree better than the soaps any day. I did not like history at school but this brings it to life.
Enthusiast 8:18pm Mon 25 Feb
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One of the BEST
This has got to be one of the best shows on TV. I would rather see our history being uncovered than sit through a soap anytime.
Emo 7:53pm Sun 24 Feb
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give generously
lets hava whip round + put this lot out to pasture - which they can dig up til their heats content 'finding mysterious objects' bought half an hour before in oxfam
sacked longhaired scot 12:01am Sat 15 Dec
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