23 October 2019  | 
Traffic Cops Comments
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really cool
but why did they call it "Traffic C 0cks"?
Robert 9:09pm Tue 20 Aug
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New series
When is the new series going to be broadcast and on what channel
Burt 9:46pm Fri 12 Aug
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So fake.
Why is this waste of air time being shown at prime time? It does not warrant a showing at all.
Plod 1:50pm Mon 26 Oct
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Vehicle recognition!!
Fancy a traffic cop not knowing the difference between a Rover Metro, and a Renault Modus, and what sloppy proof reading for the programme!!!
cpochin 7:52pm Mon 7 Apr
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comments of traffic cops
traffic cops are paid by people so that they are not able to be arrested.
kwazi 9:00pm Thu 12 Sep
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Would i be o.k to drive after
16 ciders, a vodka and 3 bottles of wine. I only want to nip to the chippy?
edna 8:01pm Fri 23 Aug
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no doubt the moaners on here have been caught with no road tax / insurance or MOT.. throw the book at people using the phone while driving. Celebs have a certain solicitor to get them off such charges, pay him and he'll give you a chance of such avoidance.. don't moan otherwise. if your road legal , 90% they won't bother with you. hint : darked out windows draw them to you, phantom nose pickers.
blah de blah blah 8:04pm Wed 12 Dec
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The simplest comment I can make is how unprofessional our British police are. Some don't seem able to communicate properly. Very low standards mean law enforcement is low.
Chessman 11:52am Thu 16 Aug
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It's just propaganda
Nothing is real here.
Bill 2:24pm Tue 14 Aug
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thought it was heavy handed to confront an old man who picked up a discarded cat scratching post and made him put it back and then accused him of drinking. His breath test showed zero, infact he was diabetic. When that didn't work they tried to find fault with his vehicle to no avail. Some policing that was. We can all rest easy...not.
doubletake 11:35pm Thu 19 Jul
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Sad state of affairs.
Give an ill-educated thug a uniform and a bit of authority and see it being abused.
Robert Peel 3:34pm Mon 25 Jun
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All these types of shows are so obviously fake that the only people who can possibly think they are any good are the coppers who fake it in the first place.
Nick 5:40pm Wed 9 May
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Couldn't catch a cold
S knees 10:53pm Thu 28 Jul
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These muppets couldn't police a kindergarten.
Toby 6:24pm Thu 28 Jul
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Just been watching this show, the police are like thugs, they manage the tough talk when someones cuffed, or shouting tazer tazer, sad bunch od W's
pedro 8:38pm Thu 21 Jul
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quite odd
its illegal to use a phone whilst driving ,yet the police can drive at xxxmph whilst presenting a tv programme !!! truly amazing !
unbelievable 8:54pm Thu 14 Jul
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Prime Time TV?
Who thought this drivel was worth putting on at this time of day? No chance of them doing any real police work is there? Awful.
Nick 5:09pm Thu 14 Jul
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Traffic cops 23/6/11
Unbelievable. Over six coppers with tazzers drawn to nick someone for spitting.We was burgled and no one available for 24hrs?? Maybe we should have said he was spitting at us.Then one that cant chase a car thief coz hes fasting!! he shouldnt have been at work.This show should be listed as a comedy!!!! What a joke
Mat & Mel 9:35pm Thu 23 Jun
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the british police are the best
so they keep telling us, now would they lie to us?
bloke downt pub 9:26am Sun 5 Jun
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Anyone else notice???
That all the officers that are caught and shamed seem to be foreign?? stealing from drug dealers, protecting gangs etc. they are the 'token' ones hired quickly for the demographic.. Look at what happened to MI6 they didn' have enough 'foreign mi6 agents' so the hired a bunch of 'ethnic Brits' who turned out to be terrorists.. lol its crazy
billy 12:48am Fri 3 Jun
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here we go again. I see comments from may last year
brockle 7:12pm Thu 2 Jun
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Abuse of power at its worst.
Porker 3:15pm Thu 2 Jun
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Useless in every day life.
Take the easy option and nick a motorist. Don't worry about burglars or muggers, that's too difficult. It would spoil the crime figures if people bothered to report these crimes.
Charlie 5:12pm Tue 24 May
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they may be a law unto themselves
but when you want help, who do you call, ghostbusters? 118?, no, you call the boys in blue, because they will sort things out. idiots.
achmed 6:42am Sat 27 Nov
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Catch Me
If You Can
m3 12:57pm Thu 25 Nov
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To use the word "revenge" is unsettling when you are in charge of a dangerous machine. I saw two police cyclists on the pavement yesterday before they inconvenienced a member of the public as they rode onto another path. Hardly an example to the public. Anyway, back to your revenge. How long have you felt this way towards cyclists? The deficit you mention is it your own intellectual deficit?
Norman 4:35pm Tue 12 Oct
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A motorists revenge
What a fantastic finish to tonights programme. At long long last a cyclist gets prosecuted for something that goes on ever single day. If we fine each cyclist £750 for every time they cycle on the path, without lights and running red lights the country will clear its deficit with months.
Martino 10:05pm Thu 7 Oct
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When I see traffic cops they are normally trying to catch me for speed so this cannot be a true reflection of their work. Take the program with a pinch of salt.
PKUK 8:20pm Thu 7 Oct
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rule for one and rules for celebraties
how come katie price got away without getting her car seised as she had no insurance OUT OF ORDER
frustrated person 9:48pm Tue 21 Sep
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Traffic Cops Abuse makes me sick
The thrill some of these police expressed at taking cars away from people frankly made me very angry. While I agree people should be fined or dealt with in court etc, taking away somebodies property for a crime not yet even proved(and having to give it back in one extreme example of police abuse in 8/7/10 episode) is draconian and a shocking example of a further move towards a police state. All these resources employed on minor 'crimes' clearly shows why serious criminals go free and violence, rape and robberies continue to rise, whatever the figures say. Police should spend a very small amount of their time with these easy traffic violiation catches and get stuck into perhaps the more difficult crimes to solve. And they smugly sit there with their public pensions costing 70% of their salary while bullying the poorer sections of society...this should be stopped immediately and police pensions cut to the average in the private sector as soon as possible. Wonder how long some police would last in a real-world job ?
paully 10:29am Fri 9 Jul
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like a drug
when you take a step back , you realize how crap it actually is, but until then, you remain absorbed in a world of strangely addictive daytime telly
marylabone 3:04pm Fri 28 May
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more cheap as chips to make propaganda tv .
the most popular is always the worst 6:22pm Sun 7 Feb
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FAO Jobe.
Your use of the word "pig(s)" when describing the police at least allows decent people to form an accurate image of the sort of person you are. I would say you're probably someone who exists at the lower end of society (and deservedly so), somebody who preys upon those weaker than himself (cowardly), on benefits (idle) and has a child that he seldom sees, much less cares about (feckless). Am I right or am I right?
Righteous 3:32pm Sun 6 Dec
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Well he bought that personality on "e" bay, so no great loss!
cousin 6:48pm Mon 16 Nov
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t***k's having a personality meltdown
and talking to himself on the "Antiques Roadshow" board......so many IDs, so much confusion...definitely a white bloke with a grudge, though :)
's'true 3:43pm Mon 16 Nov
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something to do with
you being a troll
or summat 11:14am Sun 15 Nov
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one sided
This show is so fake. it makes it look like pigs catch every chase they go one but in reality the looser pigs only catch 1 in 5 chases, this is probably because they don't want to show the techniques people use to get away from them like hiding under a van which masks your heat signature.
Jobe 7:04pm Mon 19 Oct
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comment title
traffic cops is like totally my most bestest programme....me and me monkey love it like for sure we do
Nick the name 8:13pm Tue 1 Sep
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fredswqa 6:57pm Fri 7 Aug
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Bravery indeed
You can't question the bravery of the Old Bill
hammerhead 9:34pm Mon 13 Jul
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This show is often underestimated. I watched it a few times and it is certainly good solid entertaining and imformative viewing material.
Nick 6:12pm Thu 11 Jun
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question time???
WTF?! Question time is on. so what's on later after the news?? WTF??!
WTF?! 9:11pm Thu 21 May
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They never mention it's a repeat!!!! BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tv licence rip off 8:35pm Thu 21 May
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Change to Original Broadcasrinf
Question Time Special will be on instead :)
Rich 8:01pm Thu 21 May
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Just how many times ?
this must be the 3rd repeat and its only May we sure are paying for the Olympics
Oadbylad 9:08pm Thu 14 May
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custody sgt
The sgt who was interviewed in s. Wales in the police cells was gorgouesssss. what a lovely
rod 10:04pm Sat 2 May
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loving. .
this programme is lovely jubly
nik 8:58pm Thu 16 Apr
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The officers are on camera, hence their polite manner.
anon 9:33am Sun 5 Apr
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Misuse of resources
It seems criminal to spend thousands of pounds using 3 patrol cars, a high performance pursuit car, a helicopter and several officers to chase 2 youths riding a motorbike over some waste land. But then it's the taxpayers who are meeting the bill.
A taxpayer 10:59am Sat 4 Apr
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Good...not as good as interceptors
As i said on the interceptors comment, im in the regular traffic police dept and want to get into an interceptor team. I think this is good, but not as good as the interceptors in their evos and scoobys.
S. Nick Donell 5:12pm Fri 20 Feb
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