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Great film
It is actually believed that the pilots were still alive after the hijacking and that the portrayal of Christian Adams is inaccurate, but other than that, this movie is informative.
Sam Fraser 12:33am Tue 6 Sep
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stop the heckling
This film is not as bad as some comments would have you believe. Maybe not as much c.g.i as the big blockbusters,made by big studios,but it tells the story well and at this time of year-we bloody should be reminded.
Irish Pete 6:15pm Wed 5 Sep
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yet more of the feel sorry for the yanks.
let it go.
krank caller. 9:01am Sun 11 Sep
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's United 93
United 93 is a fact based chronicle of events on Sept 11th but I feel it is incomplete.
Connectionestablished 2:01am Sun 11 Sep
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If I had died in this aeroplane I would hate to think that this film was the only way I was remembered by anyone. Its rubbish and an insult to those who died.On top of that the script and acting are really not top draw either.
nottmdon 7:07pm Sat 10 Sep
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Oh dear, mawkish and tacky, rushed out like vultures after money with no real thought for anyone who has ever lost their life......don't you just hate the manipulative money grabbing media.....gotta go now, get this tap removed from my phone
FIX 8:26pm Tue 5 Jul
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Have to agree with others
Not really anything more than a propaganda piece desinged to cash in on the destruction of the twin towers. Who do you consider more evil those responsible or those that consider the act nothing more than a money grab??
Syrilian 4:13pm Sat 12 Mar
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Restrained and un-hysterical...
A long and factually accurate build-up to the ending we know is coming, based upon transcripts of the actual mobile phone conversations from the poor people trapped by this madness. Their heroic efforts caused the plane to crash-land in an out of the way field saving thousands of lives. A sombre and moving portrayal of some extremely courageous ordinary Americans.
Bertram P Wooster 8:16pm Wed 8 Dec
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I don't remember the families of the Islamic men who gave their lives being interviewed. Forty years of toxic US foreign policy in the Middle East - nobody's queuing up to make a film about that - so just another predictably narrow view of events with just enough awareness to avoid being totally cardboardy.
Cakeman 7:07pm Wed 8 Dec
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Moslems want to kill Koran burning pastor
Moslems want to kill a pastor for burning the Koran(he didn't in the end). And they expect us to believe that they are peace-loving and 9/11 was an American conspiracy that they had nothing to do with?
John 12:14am Fri 10 Sep
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this films makes a complete movkery of the lives lost that day. It is just a propaganda film to support the whitehouse and knesset's conspiracy
awake human 3:04pm Thu 9 Sep
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Looking at this entire table of transmissions for this week makes me realise how utterly abysmal telly is in this country. It's an outrage.
Nielsen 6:04pm Tue 8 Sep
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Morons keep quiet
This was a very slick and thought provoking peice of cinema. It avoided portraying the americans as overly stoic, brave or heroic and was equally realistic of the hijackers. Made me shudder at times. Please keep the rascist comments to yourselves. Ta.
Jakeyboy 3:32pm Mon 7 Sep
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total gash...
roko 11:39pm Sun 6 Sep
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It never actually happened. America doesn't really exist.
Myth 11:06pm Sun 6 Sep
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A must watch
This film doesn't make you go "oh, look, there's Nicholas Cage with a 'tache" it doesn't add any Hollywood glitz to it for the sake of it. It simply tells the story of what happened in a tense and thought provoking way. The fact that all of the actors and director met the family of the people they were portraying, to gain their permission to shoot the film and to get to know the people involved, speaks volumes. This is a gripping film about a subject still effecting many people today
adders 10:13pm Sun 6 Sep
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joooooooooz did it
Ha ha - dirty evil jooz did it.
jooz are the crims 10:06pm Sun 6 Sep
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Complete garbage, complete fction and complete waste of time.
L.Peters 5:09pm Sun 6 Sep
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This is one of THE most boring films I've ever seen in my whole life... NOTHING happens till the last 10 mins, then the shakey camerwork even makes that unwatchable... Don't waste your time!!
A. Critic 4:56pm Sun 6 Sep
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Very Disturbing
Well worth a watch! I found this film a hard watch, this film does not fall into the trap of becoming a big Hollywood drama, it sticks to the known terrible facts. This is a very tense hijack film ending as we all know in the most terrible circumstances on September the 11th.
Riggers 2:03pm Sun 27 Apr
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