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22 January 2022

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Sat 22 Jan
10:30pm-11:50pm (1 hour 20 minutes)
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11582 votes
Gary Lineker presents highlights of the latest Premier League matches, including Manchester United v West Ham United at Old Trafford and Southampton v Manchester City at St Mary's Stadium. City seem well set to ease to another top-flight title, but local rivals United need all the points they can muster to have any hope of a top-four finish, with West Ham one of the clubs challenging them

Category: Sports

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Matches off
So all the premiership matches bar one postponed. What was stopping them showing some championship ones for a change?
Shearer   10:31pm Sat 18 Dec Report Abuse

I'll saves yer Olive
Bluto from Popeye but much nicer   1:34pm Sat 27 Nov Report Abuse

More manly presenters like Gary please
Fitbahfan   1:28pm Sat 27 Nov Report Abuse

Micah Richards
Micah is brilliant his laugh is so infectious, but i am beginning to wonder if he is real as he looks more and more like Bluto from Popeye but much nicer
Doug   4:26pm Wed 27 Oct Report Abuse

More like this.
Much better with the 3 guys on the show. Please keep it like this. It's the men's game so quite right to have men presenting and giving their verdicts.
Tia   8:51pm Mon 18 Oct Report Abuse

It's Footie footie footie
Mrs Marx   11:26am Thu 16 Sep Report Abuse

Commentary Predictions
I make this comment in shear desperation. I don't care how many times it's denied, but I am totally convinced that predictive comments by commentators are retrospectively added, e.g. prediction by Guy Mobray at 2 all in the Everton Newcastle game was YET ANOTHER example. Can they not simply STOP making these predictions, live or not? I've got to the point that it's almost preferable to watch with no sound. It's bad enough that pundits on Football Focus blandly bark out the score of live games without any notice, but for those who can no longer afford to attend matches, all this completely spoils what is left for the likes of us
SpinDoctorGordon   9:16am Sun 10 Mar Report Abuse

I tend to switch off mentally whenever he speaks which is lengthy and often.
giveitarest   5:38pm Sat 19 May Report Abuse

Can any one tell me what Sheared is on about all these questions some one should be asking Its annoying as absolutely every other word
Chaty   5:22pm Sat 19 May Report Abuse

This show plunges to new depths when disgraced ex England manager sam allardyce is on. Ashamed to say he's from dudley, like me.
Harry.   10:54pm Sat 4 Nov Report Abuse

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