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19 August 2022

Find It, Fix It, Flog It

Category: Leisure/Hobbies
Sat 20 Aug
5:40am-6:00am (20 minutes)
Starts in 7 hour(s) 36 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
597 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
597 votes
Simon O'Brien brings the fairground to Liverpool in the form of a strength-testing machine, while Henry Cole restores a child's racing car from a sideshow

Category: Leisure/Hobbies

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Love the programme
'Stopped watching anymore' must be watching a different programme than everyone else. I love it and everyone in it.
Mr. Edwards   3:56pm Sun 31 Jul Report Abuse

Outrageous Valuations
Who would buy this tat at such outrageous valuations!
JEB   2:55pm Fri 15 Jul Report Abuse

Tinkerers Not Restorers
Ronnie Archer-Morgan and Jay Blades.....both blaggers ... woke trend though because there was nothing wrong with real experts Elisicia Moore and Adam Partridge? Scouse screecher Gemma 'I'm gonna paint everything in crazy mad colours' Longworth, should never be allowed near a real wood antique - every one knows she totally wreaked an antique doll's house by painting it ... totally busted her credibility - the poor woman's up-cycler. Always suspicious that very few items sell for the valuations but the presenters do make private sales pre valuation so not totally fake.
Stopped Watching Anymore   1:41pm Tue 5 Jul Report Abuse

Tory Troll
Fireman Dave's rant is obviously a result of Rightwing bigotry and lack of education.
trev   4:49pm Mon 14 Feb Report Abuse

Good fun
Doesn't take it's self too seriously. If an item is good the valuer says so, if bad then so be it. So many other similar programmes everything produced is fantastic. Good for Henry Simon and the rest.
Non upcycker   3:48pm Thu 23 Dec Report Abuse

It’s Rhonda Campbell,not Natasha Raskin.
Lizzie.   12:25pm Thu 25 Nov Report Abuse

Simple Simon choosing
Why Does the crap scouse simpleton choose what Henry should take, ? usually something worth a fiver
Nef kelly   8:28pm Fri 29 Oct Report Abuse

Can you get Simon o Brien to make something different than a coffee table
Taz   3:23pm Thu 14 Oct Report Abuse

A fine art degree??????
How in heavens name did the screeching scouse bint get a degree in fine art???? she is a totally talentless product of left wing education, telling everyone that they are wonderful. She throws her toys out of the pram and has a hissy fit whenever there is the slightest difficulty - not what the talented do - overcoming problems is what real artists do Gemma! AND..... SHE TEACHES OTHERS TO PAINT STUFF!!!!!!! WHAT??????
Fireman dave   11:20am Fri 24 Sep Report Abuse

Spoilers JJ
The most annoying thing of this programme is the producers insisting on showing us finished items in advance rather spoils everything I prefer to be surprised and defeats the point of watching the programme. This seems to be the trend these days in programmes to show spoilers. Shame as I love the programme. Not keen on lots of good wood being painted gaudy colours mind.
JJ   2:13pm Sat 4 Sep Report Abuse

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