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15 August 2022

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

Category: Sports
Episode 32 | Season 2
Mon 15 Aug
11:45pm-1:25am (1 hour 40 minutes)
Starts in 16 hour(s) 51 minutes
420 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
420 votes
12/08/2022 Hard-hitting action from the world of All Elite Wrestling, featuring all of the biggest stars on the roster, including Adam Page, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Jon Moxley

Category: Sports

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

The show continues to improve with an expanding rooster of great talent & a Great commentary team infront of crowds not seen in America for an alternative since WCW
NoVaxx$Me   11:28am Thu 30 Jun Report Abuse

AEW has reignited my love for wrestling
Ever since Wwe (world wimps entertainment) started going down hill, i stoped watching until these past few weeks AEW is what wrestling should be... Looks like the stats matter no same person going for the title all the time (reighns, brock), but I've only seen a few so it's kinda hard for me to tell atm but I've enjoyed what I've seen
PheneX   8:15pm Fri 9 Jul Report Abuse

love AWE
AWE is the future WWE is over it’s a great Show no idea why it’s on Tuesdays now ? as Friday was cool with me Love it thank you itv for having it on
bb   8:23pm Tue 8 Jun Report Abuse

Change the times to this show
I love this show. Better then Wwe and reminds me of the attitude ere when Wwf went up against wcw and ecw. Great times. Can we please have it back on Fridays tho. Was better when we had it on Friday. Oh well. Whatever happens long live aew
Jat the bull   9:37pm Sat 5 Jun Report Abuse

Sort it out
Please put this on Friday or Saturday night, it’s on late and people want to watch it all! Why is it now on Tuesday nights, this will loose viewings due to viewers work commitments.
R.Wilton   7:55pm Fri 4 Jun Report Abuse

Most disappointing it's not on this Friday
Seems now its going to be a week behind schedule now not a couple of days.
Danfunkindee   10:48pm Fri 28 May Report Abuse

Highlights not complete show.
Why is this only a highlight show why is the full programme not being shown surely it could be shown on Saturday into Sunday morning?
Aew   4:30pm Fri 28 May Report Abuse

eery good
jackdfed   2:38pm Fri 26 Feb Report Abuse

Quality Entertainment!
Much better for adult viewers than WWE. Reminds of of when I used to watch WCW Nitro every Friday on TNT - I even recognise some of the faces (like Chris Jericho and commentator Tony Schiavone). Even the ring looks the same.
HotCalzone   7:26pm Fri 2 Oct Report Abuse

super show love a bit of the bubbly
moxely owns   9:22pm Fri 11 Sep Report Abuse

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