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FilmFantastic Four (2005)

Category: Film
Thu 18 Aug
3:15pm-5:15pm (2 hours)
Certificate : Subtitles Audio Described
268 votes
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268 votes
A scientist and four members of his crew develop superhuman powers after exposure to cosmic radiation on a mission to study an energy storm in space. Unfortunately, one of them chooses to use his new-found abilities for evil purposes, compelling the others to join forces to stop him. Sci-fi comic-book adventure, starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon

Category: Film


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hard as
i will batter every one whose commented on this
fantastic four   11:54am Tue 1 Nov Report Abuse

Fairly Reasonable Four
This big budget outing for Marvel's Foursome is something of a mixed bag and seems to reflect that comics and films about Superman and Batman are probably better as well as more popular than these particular Superheroes. Ioan Gruffudd is not convincing in the role of Reed Richards, and whilst Alba adds glamour, I'm not sure about her either. Whilst Evans and Chiklis are well cast, Julian McMahon probably fulfilled one of his acting dreams by playing a big-budget bad-guy on the big screen. Unlike that last sentence, Fantastic Four narrowly avoids being a B movie, and is fairly reasonable - but only just. My guess would be - as I don't count myself amongst them - that fans may find it disappointing.
ajjam1967   8:31pm Fri 28 Jan Report Abuse

nice funbags
nice   5:55pm Sun 4 Jul Report Abuse

fantastic turds
If you think 4 large steaming piles of human faeces can be called fantastic then this movie is for you.
Faeces   8:16pm Fri 23 Apr Report Abuse

it's almost as crap as the movie
f   6:28pm Sat 6 Mar Report Abuse

Give it a chance
Easy 'take your brain out film'. By far the best thing is Chris Evans who steals the show.
BB   6:24pm Mon 1 Mar Report Abuse

Brains of wood
Infantile crap for American tards.
Plumb   8:16pm Sat 13 Feb Report Abuse

Yet more comic-inspired rubbish.
Korruptor   7:59pm Sat 13 Feb Report Abuse

ibelieve its fantastic 3 ;) so im told..
gemma tite   10:49am Tue 9 Feb Report Abuse

C4 As Bad As ITV
How many times are they going to repeat this b100dy film? I thought ITV were bad for repeats: See a program on ITV1 on Monday, ITV2 on Tuesday, ITV3 on Wednesday, ITV4 on Thursday (at least twice), back on ITV2 Friday then back on ITV1 for Saturday,only to be repeated seven times on ITV4 on Sunday! I wish Channel 4 would learn from ITV'smistakes - obviously not! Please, please buy another film....
QContinuum   5:55pm Tue 31 Mar Report Abuse

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